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  1. _10879
    _10879 Manika Bedi_1
    Manika, when we get the updated PDF of lessons in lms. Could you pls followup with technical team & Rakesh for the same. -- Chetan Jain
  2. Prateek Arora
    Prateek Arora Sathiyan Ganapathi(4909)
    hey, have you started the project yet?
  3. _12154
  4. _12154
  5. _9542
    _9542 Vinutha
    I saw a file during my classes regarding " three steps to fill your pmp application" I don't see this file here anymore
  6. _9542
    _9542 Vinutha
    three steps to fill your pmp application
  7. devadyuti4u(4913109)
    devadyuti4u(4913109) tim jerome
    Hi, I have passed my PMP exams on 5th sept. Thanks a lot for your training/guidance.
  8. Manmeet Dhani
    Manmeet Dhani Neeraj Kheria
    Hi Neeraj, I haven't received any mail to join today's session. I have already contacted the customer support but no one is available. Please help! Manmeet Dhani (DMCA)
  9. Priyanka Kashyap
    Priyanka Kashyap Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, I am facing trouble in installing R on Mac. While installing packages, after typing "Rcmdr" I am getting below messages on Console.. Can you please guide what went wrong?
    During startup - Warning messages:
    1: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using "C"
    2: Setting LC_COLLATE failed, using "C"
    3: Setting LC_TIME failed, using "C"
    4: Setting LC_MESSAGES failed, using "C"
    5: Setting LC_MONETARY failed, using "C"
  10. _6801
    _6801 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, I wrote today and failed. I'd love some suggestions.
  11. Anup D Mishra
    Anup D Mishra Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, Need support for project preparation. I am stuck at "For the required SPI measurement draw the control chart. Here the specification limits are +/- 20%" Waiting for your response.
  12. Shruthi BS
    Shruthi BS Alisha_1
    Hi.. i have issue in accessing the my resources. Please help me out in this issues
  13. Bibhuti Bhushan Panda
    Bibhuti Bhushan Panda Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, Good noon - can you please help me with the recordings for Sep 2 and 3rd for Data science with R. The session were scheduled at 9 am - 1 pm on both the days. Kindly email the recordings link/downloadable videos link to
  14. parshav
    parshav Priyamwada
    Hi Priyamwada, when will samer's PMP session start in this month?
  15. _11443
    Preparing for PMP exam through Self Paced learning mode... Where can i get chapter wise practice questions?
  16. _11443
    Gaurav Warman
  17. anshoo (4176)
    anshoo (4176)
    Helping Businesses grow, avoid pitfalls. Come, learn architecture (TOGAF) - this is not about IT at all !
  18. Aburar Yaseen
    Aburar Yaseen Mohammed Khasim
    Hi Khasim, i submitted my project as images. but is was rejected as it looks not clear. i am unable to upload the Word files contains these images. can u guide me or share me any already submitted projects to get a clear idea. Thanks.
  19. Fred Jordan
  20. yogesh_132
    yogesh_132 Alisha_1
    I had requested for access to simplitalk pls do the needful
  21. NAGARAJA c
    NAGARAJA c Alisha_1
    Hi Alisha, need help, i have attended Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer online course Jul 24 Mon - Aug 9 Wed. But in my dashboard it is showing 0 classes attended. Please help me out in this issue and also what is the last date to submit project.?
  22. yogesh_132
    please guide me for simplitalk access
  23. Deepika Maheshwari
    Deepika Maheshwari Priyamwada
    Hi Priyamwada, I am not able to run any of the videos for Prince 2 with my login. I would also like to book an exam date. Could you please help? Earlier Venu was helping me get the access but I came to know that he has left the organization.
  24. Micheal S Sawicky
    Micheal S Sawicky
    Does it take long to load the WebEx? I have been waiting now 10 minutes, is that normal.
  25. _8371
    Still studying!
  26. Elin Chih Wei Lin
    Elin Chih Wei Lin Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, my DMCA course expired yesterday and I only one quiz away from completing it. Am I able to extend the course for one day?
  27. Geeta Sanikop
    Geeta Sanikop Bipin Deshmukh(3379)
    Hi Bipin, i have completed the Prince2 classes on Aug12/13/19/20. Please let me know who is Award Nominees :-)
    1. Bipin  Deshmukh(3379)
      Bipin Deshmukh(3379)
      the nominee list is already shared with simplilearn team. they will announce the name of the winner
      Aug 24, 2017
    2. Geeta Sanikop
      Geeta Sanikop
      Thank you Bipin
      Sep 1, 2017
  28. Balaji M
    Balaji M Bipin Deshmukh(3379)
    Hi Bipin..I attended Prince2 on 12th Aug batch. This is my mail id :
  29. Neha_134
    I.T Consultant
  30. Mohit Yadav_3
    Mohit Yadav_3
    can you tell me after completing all 10 rounds of mimic pro lab. will I be able to get certificate
  31. _11199
    Growth mindset
    AMRUTHA K K Alisha_1
    Hi , I need access for simplytalk
  33. Valeria Demonte
    Valeria Demonte Neha Jain_1
    Dear Neha hello, What are the dates for turning in my projects?
  34. Prateek Arora
    Prateek Arora
    Safe AI, Safe Humans!
  35. shruti sharma_1
    shruti sharma_1
    data science professional
  36. Rahul Shetty_1
    Rahul Shetty_1 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, I am trying to find the best way to present the mandatory 4500hr of project management experience. Can you guide me with a template which best suits the application? Thanks a in advance.
  37. srinath_a79
    Exploring Technologies
  38. Meera Murali
    Meera Murali Big Data Analytics
    how do i get simplitalk access
  39. Meera Murali
    Meera Murali Mohammed Khasim
    Hello, I am enrolled in the tableau course . I was wondering if we could have access to other data sets related to marketing, geo spatial data , social media to do examples and projects on.? the superstore is a beaten down one.. i know it is widely applicable but still it is past performance data.
  40. _9394
    _9394 tim jerome
    Tim, quick follow up with you ... I competed your PMP training class on July 14 and PASSED the exam (first try), last week. Thanks for your support! ... Ron Frederick
  41. _10144
    Security depends on how updated you are..!
  42. vaibhav gatne
    vaibhav gatne Karthik Shivana
    Hi posted q to you yday reg simulation test1 and even though answers are working in cloudlab they are marked as incorrect.
  43. Surendra Kumar Patnaik
    Surendra Kumar Patnaik Neha Jain_1
    I was pursuing Pg Mp course through Simplilearn. The scheduled time got elapsed. I had requested for for extension of one month. No response from Simplilearn. May pl guide for completion of course. Thanks
  44. Gaurav Shrivastav
    Gaurav Shrivastav Alisha_1
    i need to download syllabus video to watch online,but not getting option ,pl provide me the path(Not classroom video)
  45. vaibhav gatne
    vaibhav gatne Karthik Shivanna
    hi i have attemted Simulation Test 1 of big data hadoop and spark developer. Test does not work properly and marks answer wrong even if they are working correctly in cloudlab. As mentioned in some of your answer i tried to create ticket but it does not allow me to attach file with questions, my answers and alt answers.
  46. Abhishek Singh_22
    Abhishek Singh_22
    I am excited to learn new skills and knowledge by teaming up with thousands of students across the globe.
  47. _6743
    _6743 Alisha_1
    I was in your Machine Learning Course from 21st May to 10th June 2017. They share a link which had all the Source Code. Not sure who to contact to get the same as I seem to have lost that link. Thanks
  48. _10343
    Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school - Albert Einstein
  49. kert
    kert Vinutha
    Hello i want to know about the course in your web. charge or free. because i can note any cost on it
  50. Pallavi Sharma_1
    Pallavi Sharma_1 DeshDeep Singh
    I am getting below error while creatig file in HIVE[pallavi.agrey_gmail@cloudera-edgenode1 ~]$ hdfs dfs -touchz C:\Users\pallavag\Desktop\Hadooptest
    -touchz: Relative path in absolute URI: C:UserspallavagDesktopHadooptest
    Usage: hadoop fs [generic options] -touchz <path> ...
    [pallavi.agrey_gmail@cloudera-edgenode1 ~]$