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  1. _20780
    _20780 Bipin Kul(2336)
    HI, so i found the download for the class sessions just fine, but i am not quite finding where to go for the PDF slide download??
  2. _20598
    A Digital Marketer
  3. _17135
    Open to discuss Agile
  4. _19553
    looking for any diagrams for AWS sample for moving one server/DB to the AWS cloud with one application. Do you have anything like that?
  5. Mukesh Sahu
    Mukesh Sahu Rohit Sanjay Chavan
    Please send your application to
  6. Rohit Sanjay Chavan
    Rohit Sanjay Chavan Alisha_1
    Hello Alisha, I have sent email with my PMP application for review to Mr. Mukesh Sahu 4 days ago, though i have'nt recieved any response on the same. Could you please update on the review process.
  7. Marianne_4
  8. Srinivas Cheekati
    Srinivas Cheekati Mukesh Sahu
    Hi Mukesh, I am planing to write PMP in end of Feb and almost all my preparations done but my simplilearn subscription is ending next week and is it possible to extend at least a month to practice simulation tests. I have yet to complete silmulation tests, hence requesting. Appreciate your help. -Srinivas
  9. Rohit Sanjay Chavan
    Rohit Sanjay Chavan Mukesh Sahu
    Hello Mukesh, I want to get my PMP application reviewed for which I have sent you mail on your mail id 2 days ago. Could you please update on my application review process?
  10. Mukesh Sahu
  11. Piyush Nahar
    Piyush Nahar tim jerome
    Hi Tim, can you explain Predictive & Adoptive life cycle with couple of examples.
  12. Diane_17
    PMaspire is providing a groundbreaking one-stop solution perfectly suited for today’s on the go lifestyle.
  13. _16189
    _16189 Rakesh Deshpande
    Hi Rakesh, recently i have attended devops practioner training,, can you please let me know when do we have project mentoring session ?
    1. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      Hello, We are currently working on the schedule. However, the tentative dates are last week of January 2018. This information will be shared to you 48 hours prior to the session start.
      Jan 18, 2018 at 12:33 PM
  14. Sudharshan_6
    Sudharshan_6 Priyanka_Mehta
    Hi Priyanka, I am trying to do the simulation test for hadoop and facing the error when executing 'from pyspark.context import SparkContext' in spark-shell. I am unable to proceed ahead. Please help !!!!!
  15. kiran_80
    I'm working in bigdata, ETL testing
  16. _17707
    _17707 Priyanka_Mehta
    HI Priyanka , I am Leonor Rivera and I am taking tableau Desktop 10 online training. I want to know if there is a forum for this topic. I cannot find it. I have some questions.Could you please help me with this or direct me to somebody can help me
    1. _17707
      Priyanka, I have several complaints about the customer service I have received and you have offered. Can you contact me
      Jan 19, 2018 at 5:59 PM
  17. Dhananjay Venuri
    Dhananjay Venuri
    Learning is fun with Simplilearn Instructors and tutorials...
  18. _19298
  19. ronak.baheti
    Hi, can someone please advise on doing the projects to complete my DMCA certification?
  20. _17618
    Hi, How do I change my profile display name in Community, please change to " Praveen" instead of ID No
  21. Nilanjan Pal_1
    Nilanjan Pal_1 Alisha_1
    Hi Alisha, Please provide me the simplitalk access.
  22. Natesh Pai
    Natesh Pai Priyamwada
    Hi Priyamwada, I have sent an email, can you please help me in that regard? it would be great help!
    1. Priyamwada
      Hi Natesh, I have replied to your email.Please check your inbox.
      Jan 16, 2018 at 3:47 AM
  23. Francis  Ackah(3638)
    Francis Ackah(3638)
    Can I start my exam registration process whilst I am working on my project submission and my simulation test?
  24. Mukesh Sahu
    Mukesh Sahu _14574
    Hi Pankaj, please send your application to
  25. Mukesh Sahu
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    2. Francis  Ackah(3638)
      Francis Ackah(3638)
      Successful.Many thanks
      Jan 14, 2018
    3. Francis  Ackah(3638)
      Francis Ackah(3638)
      Can I start my exam registration process whilst I am working on my project submission and my simulation test?
      Jan 14, 2018
  26. Sridhar Srinivasan_1
    Sridhar Srinivasan_1 Rakesh Deshpande
    Hi Rakesh, I am a member of the Batch 3 for DevOps practitioner. Chaitanya is the trainer. Having an issue while running the command to check maven version google shell. I used the apt-get command & then clicked Y. Got the following message : Err jessie/updates/main libservlet3.1-java all 8.0.14-1+deb8u6
    404 Not Found [IP: 80]
    1. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      Hello Sridhar, Try with "sudo apt-get" . Let me know if this helps!Kindly do not skip any steps mentioned in the documents.
      Jan 14, 2018
  27. Muhammad Asad Kamran
    Muhammad Asad Kamran Priyamwada
    Greetings Priyamwada,Kindly provide updated PRINCE2 slides & notes as followed by Mr. Bipin on 13 Jan 2018 lectures. As downloaded ebook & slides for self-learning for PRINCE2 isnt updated and its actually quite confusing & time wasting to first read old version & then go through new slides. Infact its been pointed out couple of time on PRINCE2 forum to update slides.
  28. Md_40
  29. Divya Ch
    Divya Ch Vidya Kinagi
    Hi Vidya.. I am Divya and I was the student in Simpli learn. I am currenly doing project. I want some information. Could you please help me.
  30. _5286
    _5286 Mukesh Sahu
    Hi !! I am not able to unlock my certificate please help..
  31. _5286
    _5286 Priyamwada
    Hi Priyamwada, I was in the class of 2017 until Jan 2018. I haven't got my attendance certificate even after successfully attending the online sessions (99%). Please help me
  32. Ajay Krishna Raja Gopal
    Ajay Krishna Raja Gopal Karthik Shivana
    Hi Karthik, I need some guidance in completing Spark Marketing Analysis. Can you guide me in completing the project, can you provide me sample document
  33. Juher Pathan
    Juher Pathan
    Passed PMP in first attempt on 08/01/18.
    as i have joined in simplilearn i have to register for online classes for aws sysops admin , so please provide me the next slot or schedule as i can see registrations closed for online classes
    Hello Alisha please provide simpli talk access and please update on request raised by me 00166107
  36. _17618
    Hi, How do I change my profile display name in Community, please change to Praveen
  37. _17618
  38. _16772
    _16772 Alisha_1
    Hi Alisha, I dont have access to see simpletalk forum. I dont know what to do?
  39. Piyush Nahar
    Piyush Nahar Mukesh Sahu
    Hello Mr. Sahu,

    I have recently started preparation of PMP with simplilearn. Yesterday I have attended my first session which was taken by Mr. Tim. I am looking your support in getting notes which Mr. Tim prepared at the time of session and also looking for help, for using simplilearn forum.
    1. Mukesh Sahu
      Mukesh Sahu
      Tim's session notes shared with you.
      Jan 7, 2018
    2. Piyush Nahar
      Jan 8, 2018
    3. Piyush Nahar
      Piyush Nahar
      Dear Mr. Sahu, Can u Please guide me. How can I get PMBOK 5th Edition soft copy.
      Jan 8, 2018
  40. Mukesh Kakoti
    Mukesh Kakoti Alisha_1
    I do not have Simplitalk access. Could you please help with that.
  41. priyanshu.krishnan.24
    priyanshu.krishnan.24 Neha Jain_1
    hi neha , is it necessary to attend all the session of live virtual class of course to get certification
  42. _17834
    _17834 Neha Jain_1
    Hi, I am completely new and I am looking for the place where I could download course materials for the course I am enrolled in -- "Data Science with R"
  43. _16517
    Devops Course
  44. _19543
    Simpli learn online forum for devops (manika bedi) is not showing on my forum list
  45. Akhila Nadimpalli
    Akhila Nadimpalli _13121
    Hi, I am Akhila, I completed my course BigData Hadoop I heard you wrote your exam and one question got wrong can u help me with my simulation test.i have some queries.Thanks
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    2. Akhila Nadimpalli
      Akhila Nadimpalli
      and i am not getting any idea how to solve Q3 can u give me any hint --Thanks Akhila
      Jan 18, 2018 at 1:31 AM
    3. _13121
      For Q4. you need to use first the Map function & then use normal join between 'ONE' & 'TWO' and store it in JOIN1.
      Jan 18, 2018 at 3:42 PM
    4. _13121
      For Q3. what things / methods have you tried ? Coz there is no more hint I can give. But let me see what have you tried, then we might see :D
      Jan 18, 2018 at 3:44 PM
  46. _15451
    _15451 Neha Jain_1
    Hi, when i am accessing web console its coming " -bash-4.2$ " , i don't know how to make it to my user mode, pls help me.
  47. _15660
    _15660 Neha Jain_1
    hi Neha , my DevOps course is completed but i stuck at project completion because different topics are covered in syllabus and project is different so let me know how to proceed with project initiation.i have chosen the number indexing project in DevOps
  48. Lalesa Awati
    Lalesa Awati
    Learning PMP
  49. _15506
    _15506 Rakesh Deshpande
    Hi Rakesh, I got the sample questions dumps (40) (along with Mike cohn soft copy) emailed to me for ASM. Can I also get the answers so that I can validate that- Email-
    1. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      Hello Ravi, I am afraid to tell you that these questions are only for reference where you can compare or get to know what kind of questions would appear. However, you will find the answers in the E-Book shared. All the best :)
      Dec 28, 2017
  50. Manmeet Dhani
    Manmeet Dhani Moghul.
    hi, I need a little help regarding stukent. I am on round 2, i have already created landing pages for all the cameras from round 1. Now i need to create campaign and ads. I can see already created ad groups regarding cameras from round 1. Do i need to create the ad group for same cameras or do i add new ads for different products? Also, do i need to change the budget of previous campaign from round 1. Please help!