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  1. Jitendra Prabhakar Kakade
  2. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Rakesh Deshpande
    Rakesh please tale me what's the process to refund a fees?? its's horrible experince is goin on with support team...
  3. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Rakesh Deshpande
    what's the process to access the lab???
  4. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Rakesh Deshpande
    I have posted the query but i guess no is interested in that...its really going horrible for me while taking support from you guys .. ....honestly
  5. Daksha Gill
  6. Ann-Marie Robinson
    Ann-Marie Robinson Neha Jain_1
    re DMCA Advanced Mobile Marketing Project 3
    Is it asking me to simply determine the resources needed to answer the 2 bullets in Project Goal statement
    OR, is it asking me provide answers to the final 3 bullet points? i.e. provide a list of vendors and include rationale?
  7. Thomas D Ferguson
    Thomas D Ferguson
    Passed my PMP Exam, thanks!! Starting my new job!
  8. Sunith K
    Sunith K Mukesh Sahu
    Hey Mukesh, you've shared a link a link to the PMP project mentoring session recording. Can you please share this with me? Thanks
  9. _15491
    _15491 tim jerome
    Hi Tim I have given a attempt of PMP on March 15 and failed, NOw i want give a retry next month. Need your suggestion should i have to purchase Rita Mulcahy 9th edition or 8th edition will be sufficient?
  10. _15491
    _15491 Sreidhar D(1820)
    Hi Sridhar, I have give a attempt on PMP 5th edition and could not get through . Now i want to have a second attempt. In this regard i need some personal suggestion and inputs . can you please share your Email / Phone number to contact you in this regard
  11. _22450
    _22450 Ambily Panchen Ullas
    Good afternoon sir,

    Hope you doing good. I would like to change my course type from class room learning to self due to certain consequences .It would be really nice if you could please help me with the procedure .

  12. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Rakesh Deshpande
    Rakesh where should i post my query regarding course so that i get an assistant..please povide me that forum where anyone actually reply????????
    1. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      May 22, 2018 at 12:22 PM
  13. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Alisha_1
    HI please provide me access to simpltalk ...its my 50th request to you..don't know how you guys gonna support me in future .??
  14. adrian_25
    adrian_25 Samridhi Dutta
    hi, can u help me with simpliTalk from forum?i cant acces it (its not visible).i wrote yesterday to Ravi and also to support, ticket nr 00227514.thanks, Adrian
    1. Samridhi Dutta
      May 21, 2018 at 11:54 AM
  15. west
  16. ANU_33
  17. _26504
    _26504 Priyanka_Mehta
    hi, I'm taking the tableau associate course and I can't seem to find where to post, submit assignment, read or get he agenda the instructor uses. I started Tableau last week Sat and it concluded Jun 3. can you point me in the right direction?
  18. adrian_25
    adrian_25 Ravi T
    hi, i cant see in forums - SimpliTalk:online classroom & on demand forum.can u help?thanks.Adrian
  19. sushant_40
    sushant_40 Rakesh Deshpande
    Hi Rakesh, would you please activate my simplytalk access . I have posted it many times but still it wont get recognized by alisa.
    1. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      Sure Sushant, Please share your email ID to me privately. To send me any private message, please go to INFORMATION and click on START CONVERSATION
      May 20, 2018 at 6:19 AM
  20. _30032
    Just for testing
  21. sahil29.5mehta
    sahil29.5mehta Alisha_1
    Just provide me access to simplitalk
  22. linta
  23. terikj
  24. Paras Dunga
    Paras Dunga
    Server : Up...
  25. Paras Dunga
    Paras Dunga
    Waiting for Server !!
  26. mahesh marar
    mahesh marar Ravi T
    Hi!! I am not able to access lab in data science with R and the forum.Please help me out with this.I have raised a ticket as well.
  27. _22240
    _22240 Shalini Rana
    HI There, I request you to please schedule project session in weekends. Best Regards! Saroj Kumar
  28. sushant_40
    Alisha still won't get the simplytalk access?????/
  29. sushant_40
  30. _30008
    _30008 Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, I would like to go for PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (paper based) in Singapore. Is there any possibility for this?Regards,
  31. _19385
    _19385 Karthik Shivana
    Hi Kartik, I logged in to cloudLabs but I cant seem to be getting the cloudera shell.I need to work with spark, hive and hbase. Can you help me?

    Thanks and regards
    Sonymol Koshy
  32. _19385
    _19385 Priyanka_Mehta
    Hello Priyanka, Im registered for Masters program in Data Science. I have finished SAS, R and Big Data and Hadoop. Now I would like to attend the classes for python. I dont see any scheduled classes. When will the clases be available? Thanks! Sonymol Koshy
  33. Thomas D Ferguson
    Thomas D Ferguson
    Studying for my PMP exam. Scheduled for May 17th! Wish me luck!
    I am unable to continue & study my subscribed course i.e. MS Project 2013, Please provide assistance.
  35. _20156
    _20156 Priyanka_Mehta
    Hi Priyanka, I am one of your master program students. I have finished the SAS course and I want to continue with Data Science with R. But there is no class available for me to register. Anita Khatri told me that there is a course beginning today 12th of May but I still can not see the class in my online classes to register. Can you please help me solve this problem. Thank you! -Nassir
  36. Mahesh KR
    Mahesh KR Alisha_1
    Hi Alisha, Please provide me access to SImplitask.
  37. _20156
  38. _19858
    _19858 Rakesh Deshpande
    Hi Rakesh, While submitting my Project PMI-ACP i have submitted all the required (4 Screen shots) in one word file. Is that ok for assessment or do you want to re submit individually. Thanks Naveen
  39. _21478
    _21478 Alisha_1
    Hi Alisha, can you help me with my Source Code in project 3 submission in AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Level?
    Which Control Quality tool is also known as an arrow diagram? A.Matrix diagram B.Affinity diagram C.Tree diagram D.Activity network diagram
  41. Kaushik_33
    I am still not able to run the Dckerfile.. Can you let me know where I am doing the mistake
  42. Vikas Jain_4
    Vikas Jain_4 Ishani_1
    Hi I have watched whole content of CBAP course , how can i download certificate for the same.
  43. _21478
    How can I get my source code for AWS SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE project submission.
  44. David Pickel
    David Pickel Neha Jain_1
    I've checked a number of our competitor's website codes looking for keywords. Most of them do not have key word. Most are using "description" meta data, which just looks like a long tag line. An example is below. Are people no longer using keywords? <meta name="description" content="As a world-class academic and health care system....
  45. _30560
    Better is not something you wish, it's something you become.
  46. _26975
    Sandeep Bohra
  47. _23912
    Data Scientist
  48. _28555
  49. _28555
  50. _28555