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  1. _20197
    _20197 Priyanka_Mehta
    I have sent a mail, u have not responded.
  2. _31850
    _31850 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, What is the difference between 'Perform Integrated Change Control' and 'Get an approval from Change Control Board' -Question 113 - Simulation Test 3. Thanks for your help.
  3. _34735
  4. Nazar Sayed
  5. JadrankaPerc
    JadrankaPerc Ravi T
    Hi Ravi, Please go through our tread and reply to the questions. I think there are couple. One of them that I know for sure is that we need clarification on the process for claiming the exam voucher and scheduling the Exin ASM exam. How we should do it, how long from request to the link that we can do the exam?... Thank you Jadranka
  6. Nitisha Uniyal
    Nitisha Uniyal Alisha_1
    Hello Alisha, I have completed my simulation test . But i can't able to do my project . Can my course validity extended? As i extended more than 2 times but i need more time to finish this. Please consider my request.
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  8. Vishal anand_3
    Vishal anand_3
    I have bought the paid course of financial modelling with excel. Can anyone tell me that how can I learn excel through PPT?
  9. _36093
    _36093 Alisha_1
    Hi, I am doing "Artificial Intelligence Engineer" course Before start "Data Science with Python" which additional course should be complete? right now i was completed "python basics" Please advise... Please provide me complete sequence for same..
  10. _36093
    _36093 Neha Jain_1
    Hi, I am doing "Artificial Intelligence Engineer" course Before start "Data Science with Python" which additional course should be complete? right now i was completed "python basics" Please advise... Please provide me complete sequence for same..
  11. Amit_474
    Amit_474 Praful Jain
    Hi Praful, I am going through Data Science with R course. Iwould like to discuss about the projects in this course. Could you please hsare me your linkedIn id or email so that we can a chat on it
  12. _33394
    New to PMP & lean six sigma course
  13. _34668
    kavitha emani
  14. _36244
    _36244 Neha Jain_1
    Hi All,

    Can i know what are the prerequisites before i am going to attend live classes of Datascience with R.

  15. _11180
    _11180 Priyanka_Mehta
    Hi Priyanka, I am stuck with last 2 questions of attrition analysis project (SAS). 1. Check MAX and MIN values for the probability of churn 2. Create new dataset to add all "churned" employees above the cut-off value .......Could you please help me in completing my project. Thanks
  16. _35622
    _35622 Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha I am doing the data scientist program so I need help in order to use by the better way this plattaform do you have some tutorial in order take advantage this interesting course?
  17. _35469
    _35469 Alisha_1
    Hello Alisha,

    I have created a VPC, private and public subnets, Internet Gateway, Group policy and Route table and Nat gateway. When I launch the EC2 I selected the VPC that I created and assign the EC2 to one of the subnet created and I configure the access rules they don't seem to take effect for the instances. can anyone help me to figure out what would be the issue?


  18. Rajan Kagale
    Rajan Kagale
    Telecom/Network Professional
  19. _34903
    Currently Seeking QA Opportunities in Connecticut of San Francisco Bay Are.
  20. _35665
    Can u pls provie with more practice material for the course of business analytics expert
  21. _31014
  22. Bipin kumar jha
    Bipin kumar jha tim jerome
    can we go with Rita's book
  23. Bipin kumar jha
    Bipin kumar jha tim jerome
    hi TIM can you please tell me the name of book which will help us to do more and more practice for PMP exam
  24. _35137
    _35137 tim jerome
    I am currently attending your classes. As suggested, i have started with the PMP application in PMI. I may request your review on the experience part of it.
  25. Gopakumar V S
    Gopakumar V S INDERJEET_11
    Hello Maam...I have completed my mimic pro.
  26. Kiran_181
    Kiran_181 Rakesh Deshpande
    Rakesh Sir, thank you for your immense support. I had availed the ASM course in Aug 2017 & nearly after an year i.e. July 2018 I was able clear my EXIN ASM certification exam in my first attempt. The live classes and the study videos helped me to prepare well. It was really a very good learning experience.
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    2. Rakesh Deshpande
      Rakesh Deshpande
      Awesome!! very happy to hear about that!!
      Jul 30, 2018
  27. Bharti Jha
    Bharti Jha
    For Project Submission there is mandatory to complete the stukent ...plz support
  28. Bharti Jha
    Bharti Jha
    Please help to complete Stukent round -2 to and also to submit the project.
  29. swati_6515
    Can i get the sample resume of data science ?
  30. swati_6515
  31. Faisal Sultan
    Faisal Sultan Priyanka_Mehta
    Dear Priyanka I am todays class in Tableau but still not able to connect. Kindly guide me what to do the error is appearing Classes yet to start
  32. _33144
    Unable to attend today's (07/21) Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developers class.. Need help from Support team ASAP.
  33. _6710
    _6710 Faisal Sultan
    Hi Faisal...are you able to attend classes???
  34. _6710
    _6710 Priyanka_Mehta
    Hi Priyanka, I am trying to attend Tableau 7.30pm batch but since 7.33 pm its giving following message: Today's class: Completed. Please check next class.
  35. Arpit Singhal
    Arpit Singhal K Manoj
    Hi Manoj, I have registered for DataScience With Python Course(Jun 30 Sat - Aug 4 Sat).I am not able to take class.It is showing that Today's class is completed.
  36. Dario Sosa
    Dario Sosa Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha.. I hope you are fine. I am studying my ASM (Agile Scrum Master) course. I am about to write my Practice Project. I would like to know if there is any Forum related to ASM where I can interchange ideas with the members. I will appreciate any help. Regards. Dario.
  37. Zo Muana
    Zo Muana
    Happy to learn new skills, new area of project management planning!! anyone from social sector background?
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  39. _32737
    _32737 The Novice
    please share the doc of devops very first session for project work.
    1. The Novice
      The Novice
      They are available in your LMS account itself.
      Jul 19, 2018
    Analytics and Modelling Manager| Data Visualisation
  41. _34569
    _34569 Ravi T
    Hai ravi, I attended yesterday class but why its not showing tick mark? I attended frm 7.35 pm to 11.30 pm .. and i went for break 20 min overall .Please look into dat need full..
  42. Zohra
    Zohra Sweety Shimal
    Hi Sweety Shimal, I wanted to know how we can allocate the default budget in round 1 in Stukent mimic pro. 5000K budget is both for AD and Email Campaign or is it just for AD Campaign?
  43. Zohra
    Zohra Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, I have a doubt in Stukent mimic pro. I wanted to know how the default Budget should be managed for Ad Capaign and Email Campaign? If we enter 5000K in round 1 is it for bothe AD and Email Campaign or is it just fro AD Campaign?
  44. Praveen Devar
    Praveen Devar Neha Jain_1
    Dear Simplilearn team,
    Please be informed that i have been asking to refund my money back from past 4 months, but till date there is no proper update on my refundable amount
    kindly do needful in returning my payback amount immediately.

  45. Mukesh Sahu
  46. Danny Jaghab
    Danny Jaghab
    Be Smart, Be Hungry, Be Humble!
  47. _23008
    Cleared CDA exam today with 98% marks
  48. _32123
    Vaani Sridhar
  49. Danny Jaghab
    Danny Jaghab
    Student of Tableau
  50. gaint461(1538146)
    Always Learning Something New....:)