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Jul 21, 2018 at 1:29 PM
    1. Dario Sosa
      Dario Sosa
      Hi Neha.. I hope you are fine. I am studying my ASM (Agile Scrum Master) course. I am about to write my Practice Project. I would like to know if there is any Forum related to ASM where I can interchange ideas with the members. I will appreciate any help. Regards. Dario.
    2. Zohra
      Hi Neha, I have a doubt in Stukent mimic pro. I wanted to know how the default Budget should be managed for Ad Capaign and Email Campaign? If we enter 5000K in round 1 is it for bothe AD and Email Campaign or is it just fro AD Campaign?
    3. Praveen Devar
      Praveen Devar
      Dear Simplilearn team,
      Please be informed that i have been asking to refund my money back from past 4 months, but till date there is no proper update on my refundable amount
      kindly do needful in returning my payback amount immediately.

    4. Thembelani Ntshinga
      Thembelani Ntshinga
      HI there , what are trophy points and how do you earn them?
    5. Surajit khamrai
      Surajit khamrai
      please give me the acess of labondemand
    6. _19742
    7. Dipti Ranjan Pradhan
      Dipti Ranjan Pradhan
      Hi Neha, I am not able to get AWS developer Certificate. Still now my certificate is locked. I have submitted 3 projects (All approved),but I have attended 4 classes out of 7. Please look into this matter, Because I have to submit this certificate to my office.
    8. Ann-Marie Robinson
      Ann-Marie Robinson
      re DMCA Advanced Mobile Marketing Project 3
      Is it asking me to simply determine the resources needed to answer the 2 bullets in Project Goal statement
      OR, is it asking me provide answers to the final 3 bullet points? i.e. provide a list of vendors and include rationale?
    9. _30008
      Hi Neha, I would like to go for PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (paper based) in Singapore. Is there any possibility for this?Regards,
    10. David Pickel
      David Pickel
      I've checked a number of our competitor's website codes looking for keywords. Most of them do not have key word. Most are using "description" meta data, which just looks like a long tag line. An example is below. Are people no longer using keywords? <meta name="description" content="As a world-class academic and health care system....
    11. _22240
      Hi Neha, Please provide source data of all Simulation Tests. File1 and File2 is not there on below path//This is from Simulation Test2. Write the missing Scala program to remove the following text from the file: "is", "course", "best","the"



      val content = sc.textFile("/user/simplilearn/Question5/File1")

      val remove = sc.textFile("/user/simplilearn/Question5/File2")
    12. _30164
      Hi Neha,a newbie to online leaning with simplilearn i have finished the self learning module need to submit the project for the Masters in Business Analytics,can u let me know a few things about project submission ,does the output have to be as shown in the dashboard pic,also is the raw data given in the project the same which needs to be used for the project.Appreciate your Help!!!
    13. Yvette_B
      Hi Neha, I signed up for DMCA in February 2018 but didn't get started on the live classes until April. I'm in the April 21-June 10, 2018 batch. Could I please get an extension to make sure I'm able to finish all I need to do for DMCA? Thanks!
    14. Pooja_116
      Hi Neha, please confirm my attendance as our class ended today. I have attended all the classes (DMCA, Timing:4:30pm-8:30pm, March 9-April 28, 2018 batch). I was given backend registration so hoping it shows in your record I have attended all classes. Please do confirm, thanks
    15. _29218
      Hi Neha, could you pls suggest me how to submit my assignment work to the faculty, he has given a link, to which I could not. I am supposed to submit now itself
    16. _28331
      HI Neha, what is available after the class and certification is done? I would like to practice by doing more than 1 project - possible? timing? access to forums for how long? and can good articles offered in Forum be available in PDf so we can keep them? thanks
    17. _24375
      Hi Neha, I would like to take the Devops simulation test by this weekend so if you would like to share any docs to read before taking the exam would be very helpful. I have submitted my Project and it is passed
    18. _25224
      Hi Mam, still now I have not attended the project session cause of my health issue.please, can you help me.
      Hi neha, can i get data science with python project solutions .if possible mail to ,tq :)
    20. _15334
      Hi Neha. I am doing DevOps Labs. Got stuck in VM instance creation. No region is allowing with 200GB SSH quota. I tried all the regions for the past 3 hours
    21. Soumya Chandra
      Soumya Chandra
      HI Neha! What type of projects we need to submit when I am taking the course Data Science with R.
    22. Kathleen Landa
      Kathleen Landa
      how do i download video classes to my computer to watch when i do not have wifi? windows 10 based.
    23. _22567
      I neha, I have to make refund
    24. _17570
      Dear Neha

      I have completed the lvc classes but, in the windows of certification -to unlock it still shows "yet to start".

      . please clarify this.
    25. Aishwarya Deshpande
      Aishwarya Deshpande
      Hi Neha,
      i have 2.5 years experience in clinical research tools .later i changed my profile to web development .Now i have 1.5 years experience in Angular js . i have recently learnt about the course for masters in data science .Since i have experience in these 2 fields completely different from each other . will Data science be a good move for me ?
    26. _18288
      Hi, I would like to know how the Simulation test work? I happened to click on test 1 started with the test, but i want to go back and take the test from the beginning how do i do that?
    27. _7221
      Hi neha can you help me submit the project on attritiobn analysis in sas
    28. Mayank Johari
      Mayank Johari
      Hello Neha , Can i able to know the next Quarter Schedule for R , tableau , SAS ..
    29. _18893
      Hello Neha! Good evening! I want to know whether Simulation test 1 & 2 in R, is the real test or can I do it as many times I want? Please advice. Thanks!
    30. priyanshu.krishnan.24
      hi neha , is it necessary to attend all the session of live virtual class of course to get certification
    31. _17834
      Hi, I am completely new and I am looking for the place where I could download course materials for the course I am enrolled in -- "Data Science with R"
    32. _15451
      Hi, when i am accessing web console its coming " -bash-4.2$ " , i don't know how to make it to my user mode, pls help me.
    33. _15660
      hi Neha , my DevOps course is completed but i stuck at project completion because different topics are covered in syllabus and project is different so let me know how to proceed with project initiation.i have chosen the number indexing project in DevOps
    34. Harshit Joshi
      Harshit Joshi
      hi neha im not able to study through video lessons in my DMCA course as the keep on hanging. what should i do now?
    35. _12420
      Conversion to Total GB-Months
      5,257,039,970,304 Byte-Hours x (1 GB / 1,073,741,824 bytes) x (1 month / 744 hours) = ? Please show me the calculation step by step
    36. Senthilkumar KS
      Senthilkumar KS
      Hi Neha, I recently joined masters in data science course. I wanted to know that where do I practice the assignments in between the lession ? Regards, Senthilkumar KS, Bangalore
    37. Ambesh_1
      Hi Neha, It was problem to understood this corses so please guide me
    38. praveen dokania
      praveen dokania
      Hi Neha, It will be very helpful for me if u can mail me my credentials i was out of banaglore now i want to clear my exam so that i will get my cerficate.
    39. Natarajan Murugadoss(2842)
      Natarajan Murugadoss(2842)
      i took hadoop and spark develper course. 100 % watched video materials. took simulator exam 1 and passed with 80 %. when i can get course completion certiificate
      1. Ambesh_1 likes this.
    40. _12605
      Hi Neha, I received an e-mail as part of my ASM course about downloading JIRA project content and vedios from lms. However, on my downloads page, I dont see any information regarding ASM/JIRA downloads. Can you please help me on this? E-mail subject that I received is "Simplilearn - Download the reference files - Agile Scrum Master!"
    41. Frantisek Mala
      Frantisek Mala
      Hi Neha, can you please help me with the login to the Stukent account? I am subscribed to the DMCA course already since August 8th, taking the course, however I have received no information for the simulations yet... Thanks, Frantisek
    42. Sanjay Dutt Joshi
      Sanjay Dutt Joshi
      Hi Neha, can you help me with the recordings for 16 & 17th Sept for AWS training session. I am unable to find download links. Also, I have already attended my 3 session's of AWS, however under my account it is still showing no class attended.
    43. Priyanka Kashyap
      Priyanka Kashyap
      Hi Neha, I am facing trouble in installing R on Mac. While installing packages, after typing "Rcmdr" I am getting below messages on Console.. Can you please guide what went wrong?
      During startup - Warning messages:
      1: Setting LC_CTYPE failed, using "C"
      2: Setting LC_COLLATE failed, using "C"
      3: Setting LC_TIME failed, using "C"
      4: Setting LC_MESSAGES failed, using "C"
      5: Setting LC_MONETARY failed, using "C"
    44. Anup D Mishra
      Anup D Mishra
      Hi Neha, Need support for project preparation. I am stuck at "For the required SPI measurement draw the control chart. Here the specification limits are +/- 20%" Waiting for your response.
    45. Bibhuti Bhushan Panda
      Bibhuti Bhushan Panda
      Hi Neha, Good noon - can you please help me with the recordings for Sep 2 and 3rd for Data science with R. The session were scheduled at 9 am - 1 pm on both the days. Kindly email the recordings link/downloadable videos link to
    46. Elin Chih Wei Lin
      Elin Chih Wei Lin
      Hi Neha, my DMCA course expired yesterday and I only one quiz away from completing it. Am I able to extend the course for one day?
    47. Valeria Demonte
      Valeria Demonte
      Dear Neha hello, What are the dates for turning in my projects?
    48. Surendra Kumar Patnaik
      Surendra Kumar Patnaik
      I was pursuing Pg Mp course through Simplilearn. The scheduled time got elapsed. I had requested for for extension of one month. No response from Simplilearn. May pl guide for completion of course. Thanks
    49. anuradha poddar
      anuradha poddar
      hi...where s simplitalk nywhere on your website??
    50. Ajay_190
      Where can we post our query to our trainer Mr. Nick?
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