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Feb 24, 2018 at 12:39 AM
    1. _20878
      Hi Priyanka, This is Leslie Hilliard, I am trying to prepare for my Tableau class which starts in less than 20 minutes, and I can't get to the discussion thread you sent in this mornings email. Please advise. Thank you.
    2. Mukesh Kakoti
      Mukesh Kakoti
      Hello Priyanka - Can you provide the recording of Project mentor class for R conducted on 27th Jan 2018.
    3. Lakshminarayanan_4
      Hi Priyanka, I am trying attrition project in chisquare value and actual inference from the tabular data are contradicting.. further the logistic regression leads to all variables as not significant. what should be done? pls advice . need to submit the project. it would be great if contact is provided so that can discuss over phone.
      1. Casava 52
        Casava 52
        same when i did logistic regression i get all values ablove 0.05 so all variables are insignificant. please help us thanks. Priyanka
        Feb 2, 2018
    4. Sudharshan_6
      Hi Priyanka, I am trying to do the simulation test for hadoop and facing the error when executing 'from pyspark.context import SparkContext' in spark-shell. I am unable to proceed ahead. Please help !!!!!
    5. _17707
      HI Priyanka , I am Leonor Rivera and I am taking tableau Desktop 10 online training. I want to know if there is a forum for this topic. I cannot find it. I have some questions.Could you please help me with this or direct me to somebody can help me
      1. _17707
        Priyanka, I have several complaints about the customer service I have received and you have offered. Can you contact me
        Jan 19, 2018
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