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May 15, 2015
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tim jerome

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Jan 23, 2018 at 2:29 PM
      Hi Tim, I am pursuing PMP V5 and would have a logistic question wise question in case you can help. Considering current time constraints: if I take the first intent and do not pass until March 18, do you happen to know if I can take the remaining 2 intends under V6 or I would loose that privilege and have to apply again and pay again the exam fee? Many thanks in advance!! Teodora
    2. Piyush Nahar
      Piyush Nahar
      Hi Tim, can you explain Predictive & Adoptive life cycle with couple of examples.
    3. Carolyn_9
      Tim - Sorry I forgot to mention that I am on travel until Thursday morning so I may not be able to get back online until then. My goal is to re-engage fully Thursday - Sunday in order to get back on track.
    4. Carolyn_9
      Hi Tim! I attended a set of classes that ended Sunday, November 19th and that day was called into a proposal for my company. This has put me behind in getting my projects and membership set-up in order to get ready to test. Can you assist on who I could speak to on obtaining an extension or the best way to be able to pick up where I left off? Thanks! Carol Wood
    5. parshav
      Post-3 (continue)

      My questions:

      1)Shall I refer Rita's book and its question ?
      2)PMP question are at the same level of dificulty as in RITA'S book
      3) What to do next for better preparation, I can find 3 hours only in working days, 8-10 hours in weekends and planning to appear in exam 2nd week of january ?

    6. parshav
      Post-2 (continue)

      Now I have started to review Rita's Q&A (without referring RITA book),My confidence loose because of the level of RITA questions are too high also when I try to go through the RITA's book I found some topic not even cover in PMBOK but cover in RITA and RITA Q&A based on that.

      I am planning to give headfirst and simplilearn simulation test to evaluate my overall knowledge and try to find gap.
    7. parshav
      Hi Tim

      I am putting my question in three post.

      Post 1

      I need guidance, I have done my preparation with headfirst ( theory + chapter Q&A ), simplilearn pdf (theory + chapter Q&A )and with PMBOK (theory ). I am planning to seat in exam in January 2nd week.

      I have write down all chapters process T&T essence and make them sequence wise in hard copy and get good confidence on Q&A chapter wise.
    8. Deepti Mehrotra
      Deepti Mehrotra
      Hey Tim, Just wanted to share the news with you that I passed PMP exam! I really want to thank you! Your lectures were great help on clearing concepts. Whenever I got stuck, I went back to lectures. Thanks a lot being a wonderful coach! Regards!
      1. parshav
        Hi Deepti, Congratulation, Can you guide on PMP exam questions level of difficulty, It is same as simplilearn simulation test or Rita's Q&A level ? Thank you very much in advance
        Dec 5, 2017
      2. Deepti Mehrotra
        Deepti Mehrotra
        Its in between Rita's and Simplilearn. But if you have done both, you are good to go! Don't look for any other question bank. This should be enough. Conceptual clarity is important.
        Dec 6, 2017
    9. Deepti Mehrotra
      Deepti Mehrotra
      Hi Tim, Need your help with this question- Q) If the Project CPI is 0.8 and the SPI is 1.1, how is the project performance? a)The project has an unfavourable rate of return, b)The project has a positive cost variance, c) The project has a TCPI greater than 1, d) The Project is behind schedule. Answer is c) but I am not able to interpret it.
    10. _11951
      Hi tim.. i am not sure if I am sending you a message at the right place. But your sugesstion for the QMP for the software project 4 is gr8. However, can you help us provide a sample Quality checklist and a quality metrics. I am having trouble in creating those.
    11. _12377
      Hi Tim, I am currently taking the PMP course and I have compelted the live classes. I have registered for another batch again but want to start completion the projects. The project which I have selected says that I need to complete the 2 plan documents from Quality. I am unable to get the link to the template of these documents? Can you please help.
    12. Carolyn_9
      Hi! I am trying to get the notes from Sunday but can not manage to find the correct path to do so....Can you assist?
    13. _12677
      Hi Tim

      My question is an individual having an experience of more than 12 years in selling& marketing the financial products can attend and prepare for the PMP exam , will it add value to his profile and will PMP exam help to change his career and how will he write his work experience in the PMP application description.
    14. Mohsin Sheikh
      Mohsin Sheikh
      Hello Tim, I participated in your batch starting 25th September IST 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM. This batch concluded today. I couldn't save the notes that you must have posted at the end of the session as I got disconnected. Is there a way that you can share them with me (One note and other notes). Email address : sheikhm.0404@gmail.com
    15. devadyuti4u(4913109)
      Hi, I have passed my PMP exams on 5th sept. Thanks a lot for your training/guidance.
    16. _6801
      Hi Tim, I wrote today and failed. I'd love some suggestions.
    17. Rahul Shetty_1
      Rahul Shetty_1
      Hi Tim, I am trying to find the best way to present the mandatory 4500hr of project management experience. Can you guide me with a template which best suits the application? Thanks a in advance.
    18. _9394
      Tim, quick follow up with you ... I competed your PMP training class on July 14 and PASSED the exam (first try), last week. Thanks for your support! ... Ron Frederick
    19. Sulaiman Sakkeer Hussain
      Sulaiman Sakkeer Hussain
      Hi Tim,...I passed my PMP at first attempt. Thank you very much for your support. Your class was not only helping to pass the exam but supporting to build a real professional project manager also.... your phrase " why correct answer is correct and why wrong answer is wrong" very interesting. Simplilearn materials is more than enough to pass exam and your class is more than enough to build a real PMP.
    20. Shraddha Dubey
      Shraddha Dubey
      HI Tim, I am getting a lot of questions on Agile and Scrum methodology in PMChallenge, also leadership questions in SImulation Tests, that are not covered in PMBOK. I am scared if such questions appear in exam. Kindly, tell me, where can I find such content to go through atleast once before my exam next week.
      1. Shraddha Dubey
        Shraddha Dubey
        Waiting for your answer
        Jun 24, 2017
    21. Alok_59
      Hi Tim, I have one question. I am new to Simplilearn. I am interested to work/support as a freelancer. I am unable to find any option from how to start and where? I am a Front End Developer having 7+ years of experience.
    22. _6737
      Hi Tim- I am in Apr 29, 2017 batch. You have asked us to download the PMP ebook. Is it same as PMBOK? Where can I download Brain dump? Also the Apr 30th homework; "Quiz"; where can I find it? I went to lms.simplilearn.com >> PMP Course >> Download tab; but it takes me to regular Lessons. Any help with this respect would help. Thanks!
    23. Jenifer Queen
      Jenifer Queen
      Hello Tim - The exam timing & location. Can you advise where I can locate this information (once I have completed the application process?) I am in your course currently. TY
    24. Ekta Sawhney
      Ekta Sawhney
      Dear Tim, Please could you review my PMI application to advise on the project description, before I submit it. Id appreciate if you could share your mail ID to enable me to send it to you.
    25. Mohammad Azhar Khwaja
      Mohammad Azhar Khwaja
      Is there a pre-requisite for a candidate to have a continuous experience without any gaps? I have 2 years gap as I was pursuing MBA & also of 2 months when I switched companies. Also, can my projects overlap while submitting the application?
    26. _4225
      Hi Tim your classes are very interesting. thank you
    27. ASHISH KUMAR_12
      Hello Tim , just to update i have submitted the application to PMI just now ,followed the instruction given in tips and tricks(Project experience application example) download.I hope to get a positive revert from PMI within a week :) .
    28. ASHISH KUMAR_12
      Hello Tim , I am from batch Nov - Dec 2016 , grately thankful for your training , now i am planning to schedule my exmination ........I have completed PMP application form as per all eligibility criteria but just wanted to be sure if the format is ok , I do have downloaded application form , could you kindly suggest if that is ok so that i can immediately submit and go for scheduling examination ... thanks Ashish
      1. Ashwini Sharma(2189)
        Ashwini Sharma(2189)
        Hi Ashish, I believe I was also in the same batch. Need some help in regards to the preparation, can you share your contact details with me please? My email id is sharashw@hotmail.com
        Mar 28, 2017
    29. Lakh Bagri
      Lakh Bagri
      Hi Tim, I want to thank you for your tutorials and Q&A sessions. I passed the PMP exam today!! Enjoyed your experiential teaching style and deep knowledge base. I was a part of the Nov 21-Dec02 group. Lakh
      1. tim jerome
        tim jerome
        THank you, Lakh. I appreciate your input. Good luck in the next step on your journey,
        Jan 7, 2017
      Hello Tim, Just to inform you that today I have cleared my PMP exam . Thanks for your sessions and sharing your experiences .
      1. tim jerome
        tim jerome
        Thank you, Abishek. Good luck, You earned this -
        Jan 7, 2017
    31. Bernard METZ
      Bernard METZ
      Hello Tim, I took part in your training session earlier this month. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to share my thoughts pertaining to the issue of total assumption with you. Unfortunately the length of my message exceeds the 420 limit. Is there a way to send you a text file.
    32. Stephen M Collins
      Stephen M Collins
      Hi Tim, currently enjoying the Batch 3 weekend sessions. I was curious about the role of Application Development Manager in the scheme of Project Management. I get the "strong" and "weak" matrix concepts, but was wondering where the development resources who report into an App Dev manager might be balancing direction from both the PM and the App dev managers here.
      1. tim jerome
        tim jerome
        THanks, Stephen, and sorry it took so long to respond. An App Development Manager is a Manager of a Supporting Function - A Functional Manager. Everything else about that role applies.
        Jan 7, 2017
    33. Kathleen M Damo
      Kathleen M Damo
      Hi Tim, I just finished listening to the recording for Batch 6. Great lesson, I apologize for not being able to attend live. I have downloaded the e-book and am ready for tonight's session. Many thanks!
    34. inderjit__1
      HI TIM Please help. i have just finished simplilearn ebook and going through other rita's ebook. However i am able understand all but facing difficulty while remembering ITTO. lot of inputs which comes as a output to other knowledge areas. Can u please guide me whats the best way to remember this from exam prospective,
    35. Vipul V Tamhane
      Vipul V Tamhane
      Hi Tim, Pls help...A PM to arrive at date of the project. The PM analyzes schedule using PERT. Arrives at delivery date (June 30), expected value of prj completion (May 30). Is willing to accept a 5% probability of project delivery >June 30, what is the SD of duration of activities on critical path? Assume a 5 day workweek. Ans. 1/2 month .. pls explain.
    36. Vipul V Tamhane
      Vipul V Tamhane
      Hi Tim, Pls help...A PM to arrive at date of the project. The PM analyzes schedule using PERT. Arrives at delivery date (June 30), expected value of prj completion (May 30). Is willing to accept a 5% probability of project delivery >June 30, what is the SD of duration of activities on critical path? Assume a 5 day workweek.
      A. 10D B. 15D C. 1/2 mth D. 1 mth
    37. Emmanuel Ekenyem
      Emmanuel Ekenyem
      Hi Tim, I Cant access the ebook
    38. Sourav Mukherjee(1720)
      Sourav Mukherjee(1720)
      Good Morning Tim, Can you please give me the URL to try to participate in the random PMP questions in www.pmi.org? During the online session you had shown us the place to visit the random questionnaires! Thanks,
    39. Katherine Ulloa
      Katherine Ulloa
      Hi Tim, this is Katherine Ulloa, We finished on 03/24 the PMP classes and after the spring break I am back trying to find the best study options for me. So I was looking at this thread called the top 10 ways to prepare for the test, and it talked about reading the PMI-PMP Handbook and the PMBOK Guide, but I was wondering about the PMP ebook, will that be the same.
    40. mlletech
      Hi Tim, for the PMP application, do you think it is okay to list (3) long projects over a 5 years period ? Is it okay to have any downtime between the projects? Can I email you my application for your review? It is just (3) projects. Thank you.
    41. JIBIN G
      JIBIN G
      Hi Tim...Happy to find you on this platform
    42. Mohamed Nabil
      Mohamed Nabil
      Hi Tim, I would really appreciate if you share your email with me to ask you some questions regarding the PMP... my email is mnabiltawfik@gmail.com
      1. tim jerome
        tim jerome
        Mohamed, thanks for reaching out. Will find respond over the weekend...
        Aug 21, 2015
      2. Mohamed Nabil
        Mohamed Nabil
        I answered you on LinkedIn but haven' got any reply since then
        Sep 10, 2015
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