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    The access is active for 6 months from the date you register

    • Getting acquainted with iLabs – you will be spending a significant amount of time in our lab environment as you progress through your course of study. To get the most out of your time and your purchase, we strongly recommend you launch the “Hyper-V Connectivity Test” Course in your Course offerings prior to starting any labs. (You will need to search the catalog for this module.) This 15-minute session will take you through a full connectivity check as well as a complete orientation to the lab environment and how to navigate our content. (If you choose not to review this module you will miss out on some key features that will make navigating the environment much easier!)

    • For Support: Tier 1 support is available through the “Contact Us” page on the left-hand side. There is a toll free number, email and skype account with a staffed support team ready to assist you with any LMS or Lab related problems. Content related questions should be directed to your instructor. Should you encounter content related, technical issues, contact Tier 1 support and your case will be escalated appropriately. Remember, these are hacking labs; misconfiguration of machines can cause undesirable outcomes. Exiting the lab environment without saving and launching the lab again will “reset” your Virtual Machines back to their working state

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