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  1. Hedaytullah Nawab
    Hedaytullah Nawab
    Please extend My one of the course " DATA SCIENCE WITH R" because i have my PG Exam from 14 Nov so don't have time for learning.
  2. _16650
    I tried downloading NVP. I got error 1730 that I must be an administrator. How to get web recording?
  3. Ajish George
    Ajish George tim jerome
    Tim, Could you please guide me on ITTOs, Do we need to memorize all?
  4. Baba_2
    Learners who are taking CEH V10 exam check the latest practice paper uploaded in the Forum.
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  5. _44061
    _44061 Neha Jain_1
    do I need a development tools set for JavaScript?
  6. _44061
    _44061 Neha Jain_1
    wondering if I just watch the lectures at first and then download a development suite to do classes and labs. So far I'm just been watching videos. Should I be doing something else too?
  7. _44455
  8. _44455
    Kiran PMP
  9. _44455
    Kiran PM
  10. _44455
  11. Manish Sharma_1
    Manish Sharma_1
    Seeking excellence!
  12. _38657
    _38657 tim jerome
    HI Tim, I joined your batch on a weekends that started 1st September 2018, but did not complete the last 2 classes, I have joined other training batches but just didn't like their way of teaching. When is your next session? I would definitely join. Please advise. Thanks
  13. _36831
    _36831 The Novice
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  14. _45134
  15. _42634
    _42634 Prasad
    Hi, Prasad! Can u please provide me with pdf file of book "Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum"? Thank you!
  16. _42634
    _42634 Ravi T
    Hi, Ravi! I didn't get any email from batch-update... containing free pdf book of "Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum". Can you please send it to me too to the email Thanks
  17. _42974
  18. _21843
    Learning AWS
  19. _43385
    working on the classroom project for final requirement
  20. _40088
    _40088 Nishant Singh_3
    Hi Nishant, I have attended the batch of Bhupendra Sinha ,Yesterday was the last day of the batch and Bhupen told us that he will share some slides prepared by him on google drive but upto now i am not having any slides on google drive, maybe he must be forgotten ,Please remind him once that he have to Share his PPT's .
    1. _40088
      Hi Nishant ,I am waiting for your reply.
      Oct 30, 2018
  21. _40416
    I have submitted my project and status is under evaluation, when can I expected my certificate to be unlocked?
  22. Eugene Reuben
    Eugene Reuben
    Keep learning
  23. Eugene Reuben
    Eugene Reuben
    Learning is constent
  24. _33558
    _33558 Neha Jain_1
    hi, how many simulation test do i have to pass in order to get certified for green belt course?
  25. _41105
    Exploring new ideas
  26. _41105
    Exploring new opportunities
    I am unable to process or upload data into Jupyter and I am getting following error:
  28. _44839
  29. Ashley Edge
  30. _6669
    _6669 Akansha Chaurasia
  31. _44714
    on TOGAF 9.2 Training..
  32. MY_1
    Studying PRINCE2 Practitioner from December 2017.
  33. Sanjay Kumar Patel_1
    Sanjay Kumar Patel_1 Priyanka_Mehta
    Any idea Y i m receiving error while opening VM? it says Error relaunching VirtualBox VM process:5 Command line------------------------------"(rc =-104) Please let me know if any one can resolve this issue. Bought new laptop with 16 GB ram but with this error my new laptop is of no use. please help.
  34. _41409
    _41409 Nimisha Pandey
    Hi NImisha,Could you please share the last class tutorial which was conducted on 14th October related to hypothesis testing. (questions and the code) Thanks,
  35. Deeksha_7
    Deeksha_7 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, Is there any deadline for submitting simulation test ? i got my project approved . attended your session from 1oct to 16th oct .
  36. Edson
    Edson Neha Jain_1
    Hello Neha,
    I am Edson Sosten from TAMWA,
    I would like to appreciate the knowledge of digital marketing that I have been receiving from your institution. Currently, I have my digital marketing Certified associate certificate. Thank you!
    The aim of writing this is requesting you to extend my days of training so that I can accomplish all advanced courses. Is this possible?
  37. _41100
    Learner from Sonal Sarda AWS batch 3
  38. _40079
    Head of IT at Handicap International Sierra Leone
  39. Deepali Gokhale
    Deepali Gokhale
    Looking for change
  40. _36884
    Determination and hard work makes a different
  41. _24763
    _24763 tim jerome
    Hello TIM, Hope you are doing good ! , please let me know your immediate next batch - THANK YOU
  42. rchandrasekhar.reddy
    Preparing for PMP certification.. its fun..
  43. Lalitha P
    Lalitha P tim jerome
    Hi Tim, I completed my certification from Simplilearn and now intend to submit my application for PMP. Can you please help me with reviewing my application? The mails are bouncing. Pls lemme know the email ID. thanks!
  44. Lalitha P
    Lalitha P Mukesh Sahu
    Hi Mukesh, Can you please review my application i posted in the discussion forum. Thanks,
  45. _41254
    Devika Nandyala
  46. _30333
    _30333 Mukesh Sahu
    Mukesh your class yesterday 10/12 was great. As a result, I completed my project, unlocked my certificate and I am now moving on with more study, and a planned PMI exam date in December. Thanks again.
  47. _30333
    13 October Just passed Simplilearn PMP Learning Certificate and 35 PDUs. Next PMI PMP certification exam!
  48. Arthur A
    Arthur A
    The marketers shall change the world
  49. Yin Deascentis
    Yin Deascentis Kavana
    Hi Kavana, I completed over 85% of the e-learning class for Machine Learning and also passed the Project. Can I view the Live Class record to unlock my certificate? I have a hard time to attend the live class room since I am always traveling for business trips! Thank you!
  50. _33524
    _33524 Alisha_1
    earlier we used to reach on 8061224507 ,now that no is not reachable ,is the number changed ?