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  2. _56188
  3. _57695
    _57695 Vishesh_8
    Hi Vishseh, I am a student of Tanveer's batch. Can you please help me in getting the notes of the class dated 10.02.2019...Manas Moharana
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  5. Sudipta Kumar Banerjee
  6. _43440
    _43440 Baba_2
    Hi baba iam giving my CEH in April . please help me out to clear exam by getting latest dump. and please get me the log forensics of SIEM tool. (Manjunath M)
  7. _32310
    _32310 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, I'm enrolled in your Sun-Thur (4.30-7.30 PM PT) class. I've completed the PMI application and am hoping you might be able to give it a quick check before I submit. Is there a way to get this to you for a quick review? Thanks!
  8. _29997
    Ashish rohatgi
  9. _30216
    Sunil Tyata
  10. Sreeja Govindan
    Sreeja Govindan Ravi T
    Hi Ravi, Due to my work and personal commitments, i will not be able to submit my project assignment on day 10 which is tomorrow. I was under the assumption that i can complete it any time before the end of my validity with the course. If my assumption is incorrect, please help me with extension of atleast 2 weeks to allow me complete the project assignment.
  11. Sreeja Govindan
    Sreeja Govindan Ravi T
    Hi Ravi, although I have attended most of the live classes and today being the 9th class, My simplilearn portal is showing 0 live classes attended.Could you please help get this corrected? Thanks, Sreeja
  12. Sandeep_6
    Sandeep_6 Nimisha Pandey
    Hi Nimisha, I am attending your previous R session conducted from Oct 1 - Oct 17 , 2018. I enjoyed the sessions and my doubts were clear. Thank you for the wonderful explanation. Regards, Sandeep
  13. _43407
    _43407 Priyamwada
    I would like to review the best format of successful applicants before submitting my PMP application. Advise please.
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  15. _56188
    Do you mind guiding me the place to download the materials, sorry i am lost in the page, apologies for asking again
  16. _48106
    Ruchi Vishnoi
  17. _51238
    _51238 Priyanka_Mehta
    hello priyanka. i am unable to read project movieline data while reading files in google colab.i am getting an error as ParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 1 fields in line 11, saw 2.I am able to open the other two data files
  18. _43407
    _43407 tim jerome
    Tim good day. I am sorry but I lost the link for the recommended PMP simulation tests and for some reason I was searching the PMI site?
  19. Parichay Jain
    Parichay Jain Sreidhar D(1820)
    Hi Sreidhar sir, hope you remember me (Parichay from 2018 Feb Batch). Just wanted to inform you that I have cleared my PMP exam with above target result. Thanks for all your guidance and teaching. They helped a lot.
  20. _57989
    Rameshwar Jaring
  21. sohildeep
    sohildeep Alisha_1
    Hi @Alisha_1,

    I have completed the Power BI course. Please unlock the certificate.

    Thank you,
    - S
  22. _37252
    _37252 The Novice
    Hi, I am unable to copy simplilearn image to GCP. Getting errror. Please help
  23. Disha Batheja
    Disha Batheja
    Disha Batheja
  24. _46524
    _46524 Nimisha Pandey
    Hi Nimisha, may I double check that the Saturday session is the one being cancelled?
  25. _41677
    _41677 Alisha_1

    I tried sample AWS solution architect associate exam. The software has just one option of radio box even for questions requiring multiple answers. How can one select multiple options if the software don't provides you the option of check box to select multiple answers. Its very sad to see such a state of software even after paying such heavy cost.

  26. Ashish_34
  27. _49740
  28. Samir Tayal
    Samir Tayal
    the issue that is coming up is that the file is not being found and I have to explicitly set the engine Can somebody help?
  29. Samir Tayal
    Samir Tayal
    import numpy as np import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt dataset = pd.read_excel ('C:\Users\tayal\Desktop\housing.xlsx')
  30. Samir Tayal
    Samir Tayal
    I am trying to upload an excel file onto the Jupyter notebook lab on Simplilearn. This is the code I am putting in:
  31. _28725
    _28725 Baba_2
    Hello Baba,

    I am giving my CEH in March, need your help with dumps and tips please.

    Thank you,
  32. _55439
    _55439 Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, Could you please help me to get started with stukent simulator. Iam not able to log in. The stukent site is not forwarding any link on my registered email id, when I click on forgot password
  33. Pradeep_215
    Pradeep_215 _47506
    Hi mate, could you please share the practice questions that you used to do the CEHv10 exam.Thanks
  34. _20102
    _20102 tim jerome
    Hi Tim I'm having a problem on answering the projects I think I don't understand please help.Thank you
  35. _20102
    _20102 Richard Raju
    HI Raju I'm having a problem with submission of the projects I think I don't understand the question and the way I have to answer them please help.Thank you
  36. _54988
    _54988 Ravi T
    Hi Ravi, I have enrolled for Block chain Development course, there is some self learning which seems to a part of the course, looks like it by some other training, only 2 videos are accessible. Can we not access the pre-recorded course by other trainers that is a part of self learning videos?
  37. Nishant Jain_14
    Nishant Jain_14 ruhi.jain
    I want to give the test for Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer Simulation Test. Please help me in how to write the code of simulation test on the cloud lab and run it?
  38. Ganesh Nagpure(1575)
    Ganesh Nagpure(1575) Sandeep Souche(4802)
    Please provide book name which need to be refer for exam preparation
  39. _51252
    _51252 tim jerome
    Hi Tim, Wanted to check regarding Project 4 - if answers should be moulded in the specific environment given or we can describe it in the general way, the way we read and understood it. Thanks & Regards, Deepti
  40. _52854
    _52854 tim jerome
    Hello Tim, Just wanted to understand how without any number in Project 4 or 2 how we can calculate SPI and CPI..
  41. Roberto Villamor
    Roberto Villamor Neha Jain_1
    Hi Neha, sorry to bug you, but can I please have the sample project for the DMCA course? I want to start my projects but I'm a little lost on how to begin. Thank you!
  42. _48790
    _48790 tim jerome
    Hello Tim, how are you?.I am working on project 4, and I have some doubts:
    Can I include data for to calculate the SPI and CPI of this project ?, and also, additional information, if I justify the reason?. Thank you and best regards
  43. _43407
    _43407 tim jerome
    Tim good day. Slow learner and just finding my way round the system. Where can I download the PMP guide? Can you also give me the forum link as guidance to submitting my test application. I believe this was well laid out format with the hours laid out across the top?
  44. Bharathi_12
    Devops practitioner
  45. _52874
    So disappointed with Simplilearn
  46. _54204
  47. _53679
  48. krishnagollakota(3636192)
    krishnagollakota(3636192) Priyamwada
    Hi Priyamwada, I need assistance to get the material that was shared Mr. Raj in the classes conducted in January and February 2018 for PRINCE2. Are you able to share the google drive link. Appreciate a quick response on this as I am targeting to complete the certification asap. Thanks! I am reachable on
  49. _54414
    _54414 The Novice
    6th Jan recording is not available
    Please provide link..AWS solution architect
  50. _48388
    Shyam N K