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  • Hi
    I have attended my 30 and 31st August Machine Learning classes but it is showing not attended. Help me here.
    please who do I talk to regarding my project, I got few days left for submission
    Shilpi Saxena_2
    Today is the last day of submission my project, I am trying from last some days for date extension of my project but its not showing and I am unable to raise a ticket also. Please help.
    Why does it show 29% completed, and it doesn't show that I've attended 50% of 2 classes, and attended 100% of 3 classes?! It shows I didn't attend, when I did 50% of the live class.
    Please advise.
    Hello Abhishek,
    I need to know whom should i approach if i have doubt or some help for project making.
    Or any community group on that particular courses.
    where we can discuss and solve the issue.
    this was told while taking up the course.
    Can u Please call on my number 9833997503.
    That will be more convenient.
    On CBAP course.

    Hello @Abhishek_Tripathy ,

    I am from the PG DO - CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins|| Feb 20,21,27,28, Mar 6 cohort. Trainer Nagendra.
    I submitted my project yesterday for evaluation just wanted to check howmuch time it ususally takes for the evaluation to be completed.

    Best regards
    --Sravan Kumar
    Hi - please help, I've been trying for an hour to access my online live class. I can't find how to join. I've already missed the beginning of the class - I do not want to miss any more of it
    Hi Abhishek, I am from Data Analyst course . I have completed Tableau , want to start Power BI but there are no available classes, could you tell me when are the classes starting for Power BI ?
    Hi Abhishek, I need to speak to the support staff regarding the AZ-204 course I have attended from Simplilearn. Can you please help as I am not getting any way to do that
    Hi Abhishek I cannot post my query in PMP Forum .It says waiting moderators approvl . Can you please grant access ?
    Deep learning with Keras and TensorFlow
    Project Guidelines

    Begin by extracting ipynb file and the data in the same folder.
    I have selected project 03 for submission as per the instructions
    the ipynb file and data set are in the zip file.

    but I couldn't find the notebook.

    Please share.
    Hello Abhishek I have done (completed as specified in the problem)two projects in HTML and CSS course in my MAsters program but it is still rejected and could not know the reason for rejection. Kindly help me...
    hello mr abhishek, need your suggestion complete this course and choose electives??? I moved to doha qatar, my contact no is 974 3341 5889
    Hi can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    Hello Abhishek_Tripathy

    I request you to please help me in extending my course validity by 1 more week need to complete the certification exam. so, it's my humble request can you please help me in extending my course validity by 1 week.
    I am enrolled in 6 sigma lean management course doing the self learning. IN spite of completing the sections, the progress tab does not reflect the completions done. Let me now if its the browser issue ?
    Hello Sir, In the last 4 classes, Data Science with R was not completed. Could you please advise on how my class schedule is. If there is any particular forum where in I could get an answer for this, Please advise those as well.
    Please advise which text books to refer for statistics and also enroll me for statistics live classes or self pace classes
    Hi Abhishek, Recently posted a question , it says it is waiting ( since 2 hrs) on moderator.. can u take a look
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