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    1. Mohit Bhati
      Mohit Bhati
      Hello Abhishek_Tripathy

      I request you to please help me in extending my course validity by 1 more week need to complete the certification exam. so, it's my humble request can you please help me in extending my course validity by 1 week.
    2. sofi joseph
      sofi joseph
      I am enrolled in 6 sigma lean management course doing the self learning. IN spite of completing the sections, the progress tab does not reflect the completions done. Let me now if its the browser issue ?
    3. Pinalkumar P Patel
      Pinalkumar P Patel
      Hello sir, I need some advise. I am enrolled in MI course, Just wondering which software should i download.
    4. Anjali Bohra
      Anjali Bohra
      hello i am not getting the content of the curse in the browser please help me fast.....
    5. Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Hello Sir, In the last 4 classes, Data Science with R was not completed. Could you please advise on how my class schedule is. If there is any particular forum where in I could get an answer for this, Please advise those as well.
    6. Akash Raja
      Akash Raja
      sir, I can not play arf formate video on my laptop sir can you guide me, please
    7. Raghu_151
      Please advise which text books to refer for statistics and also enroll me for statistics live classes or self pace classes
    8. _49905
      Hi Abhishek, Recently posted a question , it says it is waiting ( since 2 hrs) on moderator.. can u take a look
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