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Recent content by Adegboyega Adeniran

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    Hello, I have some challenges with my Tableau project which was due for submission yesterday, one of the workbook specified on the instructions to prepare the sales vs target dashboard was not made available amongst the resources. I am talking about the sales_target workbook. I need urgent help...
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    How can i complete the Project under Tableau Training of Master in Data Science course

    Hello, I am having issues with my blended calculations, i keep getting invalid calculation error messages. Please find below the formula: AVG([Sales])>= AVG([CoffeeChain Query (Sample - Cof (Copy of Coffee Chain)].[CoffeeChain Query (Sample - Cof])
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    SQL Training

    I need help with saving files from the resources file to PostgreSql so i can practise importing data from files. Can i please get someone to respond to this request ASAP?
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    Project Guidance for Business Analytics with Excel

    I need help with SUMIFS in the PG Ms Excel class, i put in the correct formula, but its not returning any results