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Oct 20, 2020 at 2:01 PM
    1. Parag Kulkarni_2
      Parag Kulkarni_2
      Hi Alisha,I am CA Parag Kulkarni from Pune, I had completed my batch but till date I am not in receipt of Q & A digital edition books of CISA. I am continuously asking for technical support every day since last 4 weeks with Puja Agrawal and Leenish Kurian. Please help me on that Other wise I am planning for legal action in next week.
      Ms.Alisha,Updated my first assignment on Buisness analytics with Excel, please suggest the right contact person for me, I am in doha, Qatar, not able to contact any faculty. I need to finish this course on priority. expecting your reply early.
    3. Venkatesh S Narayan
      Venkatesh S Narayan
      I have been discussion with 1 of your sales guy thru whom I got enrolled, about having a weekday batch for Module 3. I was been promised that there will be weekday and weekend batches and I can opt for any as per my convenience. I now feel cheated and feel I have wasted my money enrolling with Simplilearn.
      Hi Alisha , I Want the extension of course , I have suffered from COVID-19 for which i was i loosen my 2 months in that.Kindly grant my extension
    5. Anup Thapa
      Anup Thapa
      Hi Alisha , could you please guide me to complete one project for PMI , awaiting for your support
    6. Mohammed Rashid Ahmed
      Mohammed Rashid Ahmed
      Hi Alisha, I paid fees for AWS architect but unfortunately was not able to join course. Reason behind is I was sick for around one month. And later my father also expired. Please let me know if I can get either refund or extension for my course. Looking forward for your reply Thanks & Regards, Rashid Ahmed 9573529021
      1. Mohammed Rashid Ahmed
        Mohammed Rashid Ahmed
        Hi Alisha, Still looking forward for your reply or support
        Oct 2, 2020
    7. Ahmad Adel Izmeqna
      Ahmad Adel Izmeqna
      Hi Alisha, Would you please look at my concern, it was posted in the community last week without any response fro m the support team, I appreciate your positive support.
      What is the process for exam ceh312-50 V10 and how to get exam voucher
    9. _29021
      Ma'am please help me. I joined for Digital Marketing Specialist (Masters program), but due to some major reasons, I did not able to complete the course on time. When I logged in now, It says my course has only limited access. Please give me a solution for it. Hope I will get a complete access and updation too
    10. Gopinath_33
      Hi - i have completed my ComptiaSec+ live classes however unable book exam .Also undergoing my CEH for which i would like to book exam as my 1 year get completes on 9th October20
    11. Amit kumar_77
      Amit kumar_77
      I want to know about the mimic pro simulation in details? Methods for hands-on training on and how much this simulation is important and included under OMCP exam? Kindly reply me
    12. RAJDIP SEN
      in R studo installed on my system has no upload button under file pane,how to get that
    13. _89485
      Hi Alisha ,Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
      could not find function "read_excel"
    14. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      Hi can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    15. Rakshit Rai
      Rakshit Rai
      In the project Sales Performance Analysis under Tableau. How do I submit the assessment as tableau do not allow to save offline and while submitting the assessment it asks for PDF, PPT files
      What should I do?
    16. Suman Singh_5
      Suman Singh_5
      Hi Alisha ! I am the new comer into the domain of IT Training. I get my enrolled for DevOps Master program certification. But I'm facing too much difficulties in terms of grabbing the session what Ajay teaches us. May be is would be good the attendees who do have an experience in the domain of same. But I'm new born baby in this regard. Kindly guide me on Git and Jenkins part very thoroughly please.
    17. Raja Anil Jala
      Raja Anil Jala
      no one take call when i call customer care
    18. Dipesh Deb
      Dipesh Deb
      Hi! Alisha, I have completed the Data Scientist Master Program on 5th Aug 2020 and raised a ticket (Ticket No: 00688163) for a SimpliLearn Master certificate on 07th Aug 2020. But till now I have not received the certificate. Please kindly help me in this regard . Thanks ...
    19. Sivaram B
      Sivaram B
      Hi Alisha. I want to change my course which I was elected earlier as the course does not find to be useful for my carrier. I have chosen Business analytics. Any possibility to change the course that is relevant to my experience? I have Retail Banking sales experience. What is the suitable course I can change?
    20. Arvind CP
      Arvind CP
      Hello Alisha, I am not a coder and i need to do my projects on Jupyterlab, Could you please help or point me towards right direction. Thanks
    21. Rajani Sujatha Mannem
      Rajani Sujatha Mannem
      Hi Alisha, Please provide Simplitalk access, as I am s trucking while practicing my lab sessions
    22. Geddam Rishika
      Geddam Rishika
      Hi Alisha, My course is going to be completed in 2months so I need sample resumes in order to build my resume and add to the linked in profile.
    23. Ravi sher
      Ravi sher
      Hi Alisha , I have completed Round 1 in MIMIC Pro and have uploaded results in Project 1 assigments and now i have completed round 2 also and want to upload can you please guide where to upload as Project 1 is not allowing me to upload and Project 2 has some different assigments.
      Hi Alisha, am getting 503 service unavailable error on opening Lab. always getting this error even after enabling cookies and refreshing. The help button in lms does not work. Please help me on my issues.Thanks
    25. Sainath Ithabhojana
      Sainath Ithabhojana
      Hello Alisha, Could you please advise which book do we need to prepare to pass CAPM exam please. Thanks..!!
    26. manigandan_5
      Hello Alisha. I have completed my selflearning in Data science, Can you help me in completing the project assignment in Data science requirements and unlock my certificate
    27. Dipesh Deb
      Dipesh Deb
      Hi! I have log a support ticket on 25th June 2020 regarding my AI master certificate. Support Ticket no is #00663339. But till now I did not get any response and the ticket is in Open status. Over 15 days I tried to communicate through 1800 212 7688. But I can't as the IVR system drop call when press '9'. Please kindly do the needful. Thanks in advance.
      1. Dipesh Deb
        Dipesh Deb
        Hi! Alisha, Support ticket: #00663339 till not resolved. Please kindly help. Thanks in advance....
        Jul 19, 2020
    28. _83355
      Can you help to get PRINCE2 Manual.
    29. Abrar Suhail
      Abrar Suhail
      Hi, I have submitted my project 3 days back and I have not yet received the feedback of it. Pls do the needful. Thanks in advance.
    30. Sandeep Sharma_21
      Sandeep Sharma_21
      Hi, can you help to extend the duration for my course for PMI-ACP. Thanks in Advance.
    31. Sajay Balan
      Sajay Balan
      Hi I am currently pursuing PMI-ACP course, when I registered for the live classes the only option available was from Jun 20 to Jul 11. The problem is the course expires on July 4. Please help in resolving the same. The last day of the class (July 11th) is very important since we are supposed to the project on that day.
      Mam I have a issue with my live classes . Actually i cant hear the voice of the faculty in my laptop. This is my ticket no. 00603425
    33. Anish Patel
      Anish Patel
      I have recently joined the Masters certificate for Data Analyst, I needed more advice on related careers when I complete the course
      HI , my master course is completed tried to get certification by calling 1800 212 7688 but this number is not working and not getting response from support team please help
    35. Akintayo Fajimi
      Akintayo Fajimi
      Please can you help change my profile name from Akintayo Fajimi to Akinniyi Fajimi .. thank you
    36. Priyanka Jha_1
      Priyanka Jha_1
      could you please help me withR lab? it is not working properly. i am not able to install packages.
    37. Tanu Verma_1
      Tanu Verma_1
      Hello Alisha, My course will expire on 29 May. there is one last live class is pending which is scheduled on 30 May. Will i be able to to attend the session? Regards Tanu Verma
    38. _42560
      Hi i am facin issue in login to stukent a/c. can you help me in that?
    39. Jitendra Patil_1
      Jitendra Patil_1
      Hello mam, what is source code? while submission of project.
    40. zzeine
      Hi Alisha we were informed that there will be an extension for the marketing course "Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and digital analytics". But no one got back to us regarding this... Can you assist? I'm highly concerned.
    41. Adarsh Iyer
      Adarsh Iyer
      Please Provide me access to Simplitalk Access as i am unable to see that section in the Community.
      Please resolve the same as soon as possible.
    42. Rahul Dhanuk_1
      Rahul Dhanuk_1
      Hello maam, I am a new learner here and I have completed my first lecture and to the end submitting the project there are 3-files needed to upload Write ups, Screenshot and Source code.
      I dunno how to upload file to source code.
      Make me right if i am wrong SOURCE CODE is a complete project file which contains write ups and screenshots? and if i am wrong please guide me through it.
    43. Babu Chakraborty
      Babu Chakraborty
      Hi, when will I get Stuken Access for Digital Marketing Masters certification? There's no update and the trainer is asking to buy domain and website. That was never the case. Can you please reply?
    44. Benedict Sefa Ziorklui
      Benedict Sefa Ziorklui
      Hi where can I send my assignment for the ASM course? There is no information regarding this.
    45. Bikash Kumar Mahato
      Bikash Kumar Mahato
      Hello Alisha_1 I need help for my LSSGB course Project submission, as I was going through the support forum, I thought might You or anyone from ur team member could help me on this. Before submission I need to be sure that m on right track, So, as you are on staff member list with other remarks more than anyone else, please help or guide me on my Project submission. Thank You
    46. Sudhakar_52
      I am working on BigData Hadoop and Spark Develop course project which is due in weeks time..I need assistance to complete the project.. Please guide me with SME contact as I did my course using virtual training..
    47. Apeksha_6
      hello Alisha , Can you tell me how to download Self Learning Course videos of Digital Marketing?
      I need your help to join me in to the community …?
    49. Jehangir Ali
      Jehangir Ali
      Hi Alisha, Hope you are doing well. Is there a way to open downloaded sessions in MP4, Window Media Player or Chrome because the .ARF files can only be opened in cisco webex player and that player is not working properly in my computer due to which instructors voice becomes bleak and some times not audible. Your kind advise will truly be appreciated
    50. Krishana Kupppa
      Krishana Kupppa
      Alisha, My display name is incorrect in Community though it is correct in LMS profile page. Can you help?
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