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Oct 18, 2018 at 4:21 AM
    1. _33524
      earlier we used to reach on 8061224507 ,now that no is not reachable ,is the number changed ?
    2. _33524
      Hi Alisha , I attended July Batch ,Have some Queries, Need to speak to the simpli learn team
    3. _40167
      Neha Jain replied to me that attached screenshot but i didn't find any screenshot for my class recording.. so please let me know all in detail about pop up enable with screen shot. I didn't find any pop up in advanced setting in google chrome. please explain in detail with screen shot. about pop up and download class recordings.
      waiting for the reply..
    4. _37516
      Hi Alisha....The downloaded file doesn't have audio. The volume bar is inactive. How can I hear the audio?...
    5. _33258
      Hi Alisha I am not sure how to join my first class online could you please help, is there any link I should get
    6. Nitisha Uniyal
      Nitisha Uniyal
      Hello Alisha, I have completed my simulation test . But i can't able to do my project . Can my course validity extended? As i extended more than 2 times but i need more time to finish this. Please consider my request.
    7. _36093
      Hi, I am doing "Artificial Intelligence Engineer" course Before start "Data Science with Python" which additional course should be complete? right now i was completed "python basics" Please advise... Please provide me complete sequence for same..
    8. _35469
      Hello Alisha,

      I have created a VPC, private and public subnets, Internet Gateway, Group policy and Route table and Nat gateway. When I launch the EC2 I selected the VPC that I created and assign the EC2 to one of the subnet created and I configure the access rules they don't seem to take effect for the instances. can anyone help me to figure out what would be the issue?


    9. Mahesh KR
      Mahesh KR
      Hi Alisha, Mahesh here, please clarify me, I am doing - "Integrated Program in Big Data and Data Science", I have submitted the project for Data science with R, which has been approved. So once am confident with concepts and projects, I will take the test. Is that okay? or Is there any time frame for giving test? I have attended May 14th to May 30th Data Science with R programme. Thank you.
    10. _31720
      Hi Alishaa.. Its Abhishek here. I have taken Masters in AI Engineering Program. I was not able to Register for the fisrt week classes. But I need the videos of the same. How And WHERE Will I be able to download the videos ?? PLEASE DO HELP.
    11. _19742
      Hi Alisha, I am pursuing DevOps Architect course and dedicating this week starting 10-Jun to 16-Jun to complete the course and certification. Appreciate if I can get any point of contact from simplielearn to support my exercise/queries
    12. _29526
      Hello Alisha I'm facing the issue to download the certificate because It's still locked after submitting the project. I think simulation test is still pending but simulation radio button is disabled. Kindly resolve this issue.
    13. sushant_40
      HI please provide me access to simpltalk ...its my 50th request to you..don't know how you guys gonna support me in future .??
    14. sahil29.5mehta
      Just provide me access to simplitalk
    15. Mahesh KR
      Mahesh KR
      Hi Alisha, Please provide me access to SImplitask.
    16. _21478
      Hi Alisha, can you help me with my Source Code in project 3 submission in AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Level?
    17. _31037
      hi Alisha , I cant access to PMI-RMP which I pay and clear every thing today , I open it in my desktop in work , now in home in my laptop I cant access to the course please could you help me I have only 1 week for the exam
    18. _23062
      Hi Alisha. Can you please let me know how an I access job assist facility?
    19. _25598
      My name Rajendra Marathe I have joined the course on Machine Learning starting April14th. Our tutor Sonal is doing an excellent job and has promised to share a data file on Logistic regression and a python code for the same.She said she would share it in Google drive .Can you help me locate this? I am at a loss to find out.Sorry about the botheration but i need this help Have a nice day R V Marathe
      Hi Alisha, I have completed online course of SIxsigma greenbelt. Based on what data and topic should i submit project to get certificate.
    21. _24375
      Hi Alisha, I would like to take the Devops simulation test by this weekend so if you would like to share any docs to read before taking the exam would be very helpful. I have submitted my Project and it is passed
    22. _25224
      Hi Mam, can you provide Resume for AWS Solution Architect Associate level.I have enrolled in this course and it will complete on 8 April.
    23. _20917
      Hi Alisha, I forgot my pearsonvue account password and also the security question for password recovery/reset that was set during the registration,Can you please help me how it can be done now.
    24. Soumya Chandra
      Soumya Chandra
      HI Alisha! What type of projects we need to submit when I am taking the course Data Science with R.
    25. Nitisha Uniyal
      Nitisha Uniyal
      Hello Mam, I want to ask you that till when i would be continued with my course? Because my course validity is going to expire on 14th March 2018. What i have to do for continue the same?
    26. Siva Kumar Koppala
      Siva Kumar Koppala
      Hi team, i want to check whether we have class today.
    27. Praveen Devar
      Praveen Devar
      Hi, could you please display my name in community form as a " Praveen"
    28. Rahul P I
      Rahul P I
      How much I need to pay to extend my course validity to April.It is going to expire within 35 days.Please reply if there is any provision for the same.
    29. raju.ramgiri(1777412)
      Hi Alisha, I need to take PMP exam in Feb, Looking for your help on Application form submission.
    30. Rohit Sanjay Chavan
      Rohit Sanjay Chavan
      Hello Alisha, I have sent email with my PMP application for review to Mr. Mukesh Sahu 4 days ago, though i have'nt recieved any response on the same. Could you please update on the review process.
    31. Nilanjan Pal_1
      Nilanjan Pal_1
      Hi Alisha, Please provide me the simplitalk access.
      as i have joined in simplilearn i have to register for online classes for aws sysops admin , so please provide me the next slot or schedule as i can see registrations closed for online classes
      Hello Alisha please provide simpli talk access and please update on request raised by me 00166107
    34. _16772
      Hi Alisha, I dont have access to see simpletalk forum. I dont know what to do?
    35. Mukesh Kakoti
      Mukesh Kakoti
      I do not have Simplitalk access. Could you please help with that.
    36. Rohit Sanjay Chavan
      Rohit Sanjay Chavan
      Hello Alisha,

      My PMP course has expired and i have not submitted project and simulation test yet. I had requested to extend my course for few days as i had been on site for my assignments , so that i can complete project and test.

      But i have not received any response from simplilearn team.

      Request simplilearn team to consider my extension.

    37. _16340
      Hello Alisha, I have paid 14k for ITIL course and completed this in last weekend, Now i want to enroll the same for exam, could someone of you assist me on this.
    38. _17209
      Please enable my Simplitalk access.
    39. Kalaivani Srinivasan_1
      Kalaivani Srinivasan_1
      Hi, I have a difficulty in accessing my course on Six Sigma Green Belt
    40. Kiran S Iyengar
      Kiran S Iyengar
      Hi Alisha, I had applied for LSSGB course about a year back but could not complete my course and examinations due to my personal problems and now I want to pursue it, can I do it now with in the same course. Pls help me to advise or pls let me know whom to contact for to get right answer. thanks
    41. Athul V
      Athul V
      Hi, during my all in one python development program i found some difficulties. In the 3 rd module of the django course i cant create a default user registration form using django-registration-redux . Please help me with that !
    42. Andrew Bennett
      Andrew Bennett
      Hey Alisha, I am trying to find the data that I should use to do my Attrition Analysis for the Data Science with SAS class but I do not see any Dataset with the variables that are listed. What do I do?
    43. _14966
      Hi Alisha we are not able to attend the TOGAF evening session starting at 8 PM IST Webx is giving errorRohinton
    44. _14548
      Dear Alisha,

      I have attended CISSP course and completed as well. Please unlock the certificate.

      Best Regards,
    45. Ritwik_2
      Hi, my course duration is about to end in 5 days. But I have 6 modules yet to be finished. Had a mail conversation with Neha regarding this. I came to know that 45 days can be extended. Requesting you to kindly do that.
      Hello Alisha, could you please get me the access for simplitalk.
    47. _3461

      Please help me to find out my TOGAF link to downloag G116

      in LMS portal , nothing showing !
    48. Poulomi Mukherjee
      Poulomi Mukherjee
      Hi Alisha,

      I completed the Data analytics with R course in July. However, due to some personal issues and family crisis I could not take the time out for the project and test. Can you please let me know whether I'll be able to submit the same now and get the certificate or not?
    49. saurabh jaiswal
      saurabh jaiswal
      Hi Alisha_1, I have enrolled for DATA Science with SAS course. Have a query regarding project technicality part?
    50. Nirja
      hello Alisha I had enroled for the advanced excel course on december 29 but had a mojor medical physical problem and could not complete the same. Is it possible u activate the same and i can now complete the course
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