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Nov 13, 2020
    1. Adarsh Iyer
      Adarsh Iyer
      Please Provide me access to Simplitalk Access as i am unable to see that section in the Community.
      Please resolve the same as soon as possible.
    2. Rahul Dhanuk_1
      Rahul Dhanuk_1
      Hello maam, I am a new learner here and I have completed my first lecture and to the end submitting the project there are 3-files needed to upload Write ups, Screenshot and Source code.
      I dunno how to upload file to source code.
      Make me right if i am wrong SOURCE CODE is a complete project file which contains write ups and screenshots? and if i am wrong please guide me through it.
    3. Babu Chakraborty
      Babu Chakraborty
      Hi, when will I get Stuken Access for Digital Marketing Masters certification? There's no update and the trainer is asking to buy domain and website. That was never the case. Can you please reply?
    4. Benedict Sefa Ziorklui
      Benedict Sefa Ziorklui
      Hi where can I send my assignment for the ASM course? There is no information regarding this.
    5. Bikash Kumar Mahato
      Bikash Kumar Mahato
      Hello Alisha_1 I need help for my LSSGB course Project submission, as I was going through the support forum, I thought might You or anyone from ur team member could help me on this. Before submission I need to be sure that m on right track, So, as you are on staff member list with other remarks more than anyone else, please help or guide me on my Project submission. Thank You
    6. Sudhakar_52
      I am working on BigData Hadoop and Spark Develop course project which is due in weeks time..I need assistance to complete the project.. Please guide me with SME contact as I did my course using virtual training..
    7. Apeksha_6
      hello Alisha , Can you tell me how to download Self Learning Course videos of Digital Marketing?
      I need your help to join me in to the community …?
    9. Jehangir Ali
      Jehangir Ali
      Hi Alisha, Hope you are doing well. Is there a way to open downloaded sessions in MP4, Window Media Player or Chrome because the .ARF files can only be opened in cisco webex player and that player is not working properly in my computer due to which instructors voice becomes bleak and some times not audible. Your kind advise will truly be appreciated
    10. Krishana Kupppa
      Krishana Kupppa
      Alisha, My display name is incorrect in Community though it is correct in LMS profile page. Can you help?
      Hi Alisha, Can you guide me to download the slides of PMP lessons?
    12. jignesh bhavsar
      jignesh bhavsar
      Hi, Alisha I have completed Vivek sir live class fundamentals of marketing ( the Digital Marketing specialist course) on Tuesday 28th Jan 2020. that day one of chat support manager Nagama had announced about some free course offer email but still, I have not received any email from Nagma so please check it
    13. Rajeshsivaram G P
      Rajeshsivaram G P
      Hello Alisha, I'm doing Digital Marketing specialist course. How to take OMCP certification Exam? please guide me.
    14. Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Hello Madam, In the last 4 classes, Datascience with R was not completed. Could you please advise on how my class schedule is. If there is any particular forum where in I could get an answer for this, Please advise those as well.
    15. ATUL_289
      i have created ticket on 31/December/2019. still no solution from yr team. will share more require more info if require. false commitment from ur team
    16. shankar_49
      Hi Anyone,

      Please guide/Help me, I want to learn DevOps but before applied simplilearn online course I need to know the faculty explanation so please share anyone videos to

      I appreciate in advance

      K R Shankar
    17. Madhava Rao(3770)
      Madhava Rao(3770)
      Hi, I am trying to submit my application for PMI SP and I would like to know if there is any particular training which is related to only SP which will give me the required 30 PDU's to submit my application. There are many cources which are giving required PDU's for PMP,ACP and RMP in both simplilearn and Udemy but I am searching something specific for PMI SP with PDU's credit mandate. Please suggest.
    18. Ann Mary K
      Ann Mary K
      Hi Alisha..I had registered for RPA course on Sep 21 and had registered for one more session which was about to start from NOV 9th which got postponded to Nov 23.Now I have only 25 days of Live class sessions left .1)Can i please extend the classes for a one more month.2)Also what is the deadline for certification completion
    19. _50507
      I have enrolled Master Program last year but i have not completed my course because i was too busy with my official duty and tours. So i would like to extend my course for next six months. Thanks
    20. _66148
      I submitted my python report with an html format and I'm worried because I didn't get any confirmation that it was received. Is there any other way I can submit my report with a pdf format. Or it will be evaluated?
    21. Bikash prasad_1
      Bikash prasad_1
      Hlo..mam Iam new to simplilearn and today I enrolled for CEH traning but now when I login with my ims. Account I didn't show anything in my dashboard and now iam worry about it... my ticket number is 00448763
    22. Sreesathiyapriya
      Hi Alisha, I need some information about raise the support ticket for fixing the issue in LMS
    23. Prudvi Nayak
      Prudvi Nayak
      Hi Alisha, I have registered for Ethical hacking classes from 21st Sep and i have attended 4 classes. But i want to start the course from beginning now. Can i register for new batch now? please suggest me.
    24. _34487
      I had registered for DevOps Architect course in 2018 and missed it out completely due to unavoidable circumstances, is there a way to get it extended as nearly full course is pending.
    25. _24809
      Hi Alisha, I have received an email about my certificate expiry date and redeem through a request. Just wanted to check if this is a genuine email from Simplilearn ? AS per yur website it says certificate can be unlocked and accessed for lifetime?? (My course is Togaf 1 & 2 combined.
    26. _19662
      Hi Alisha, i am not able to attend the live class. I am not getting the meeting schedule link .
      Hi Alisha , i am not able use dplyr functions . I installed 2 times , still its not working in my R. I i will appreciate you help. BR//
    28. Viral shah_3
      Viral shah_3
      hi Alisha can you please send me the procedure on how to download the recordings for project
    29. Venkateshwarlu Sadu
      Venkateshwarlu Sadu
      what are the credentials that i need to use to login to ilabs VM's for lab access ?
    30. Meher Hasanth
      Meher Hasanth
      hi i need a link to submit my project where can i get it
    31. Jithin James
      Jithin James
      weekend classes are not suits for me. all the weekdays batches closed, can you give me a slot on weekdays
    32. Mohammed Abdul Hamed
      Mohammed Abdul Hamed
      Hi Alisha, I need Project assistance on the course Business Analytics with Excel
      Hello, I am having problem i launching live session. Kindly help me out to fix webex which is used in simplilearn for live classess
    34. _35545
      can any one tell where is CEH used ?
      Not a single job is there after doing CEH ?
      waste of money....
      and we didn't provide any software for hacking .
      and we can't hack any think ?
      even a single website ?
      only waste of money
    35. Amreesh kumar
      Amreesh kumar
      can we add extra features in the project or not?
    36. Nidhi_62
      How to use excel solver in spreadsheet to calculate IRR and many other problems what is excel solver
    37. Barbara Yuson
      Barbara Yuson
      How do I upload the projects for the OMCP® Digital Analytics and Conversion Professional class?
    38. _56664
      Hello Alisha. I am unable to view classes in live classes section which I had registered. Can you please help me
    39. Nidhi_62
      Please help me out i need each ane every lectures practically examples then only ill able to understand the topic
    40. Nidhi_62
      Hello alisha mam i am pursuing financial modelling with ms-excel foundation course and i have a lots of doubts spl in excel how to apply formula how to practice all fhe yhings that has been given in lectures
    41. _39444
      Hi Alisha, Due to some reasons I couldn't access ilabs which got expired now, are there any tools through which I can practice CEH lab programs.Kindly help me in this regards
    42. _57510
      Hi Alisha, I have completed my ITIL v4 training and got the certificate for training. Kindly guide me how do i get appear for the exam
    43. _23583
      Hi, I am about to work on the project Automating Workloads with ARM Templates which is part of Microsoft AZ300 & AZ301 exam. I am not sure what to submit in Writeup ,Screenshots & Source Code. Could you please help?
    44. Rajesh_349
      where is Learning Tools in lms?
    45. Rajesh_349
      How and where to get live class video, ppt and other material
    46. _57541
      HI Can you please guide on completion of projects for Advanced Web Analytics Course. I have completed the classes and passed the simulation test, only project submission is pending.
    47. _12590
      Pls. guide me for Project work completion how to write guide
    48. CS200318
      Hi Alisha, I do not have access to to finish my projects for the DMCA class. It has been more than 14 days since I started the class and I still do not have access and my instructor is telling me to ask support and create tickets. I created support tickets two times in simplilearn support and one ticket with website. but no help till now
      hi Alisha, i had registered for CEHv10 course so i intent to ask when do voucher code for exam be provided, please do guide.
    50. _10652
      Hi ALisha seeking your support, as I registered in two courses ITIL CSI and Service transition one year ago, that time Simplilearn representer promised and send email that the second course could be postponed until i finish the CSI, now i am requesting to open that course and provide the voucher but they are not accepting and asking for paying extra money however i haven't acknowledged that any price would change.
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