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Nov 13, 2020
    1. Ritwik_2
      Hi, my course duration is about to end in 5 days. But I have 6 modules yet to be finished. Had a mail conversation with Neha regarding this. I came to know that 45 days can be extended. Requesting you to kindly do that.
      Hello Alisha, could you please get me the access for simplitalk.
    3. _3461

      Please help me to find out my TOGAF link to downloag G116

      in LMS portal , nothing showing !
    4. Poulomi Mukherjee
      Poulomi Mukherjee
      Hi Alisha,

      I completed the Data analytics with R course in July. However, due to some personal issues and family crisis I could not take the time out for the project and test. Can you please let me know whether I'll be able to submit the same now and get the certificate or not?
    5. saurabh jaiswal
      saurabh jaiswal
      Hi Alisha_1, I have enrolled for DATA Science with SAS course. Have a query regarding project technicality part?
    6. Nirja
      hello Alisha I had enroled for the advanced excel course on december 29 but had a mojor medical physical problem and could not complete the same. Is it possible u activate the same and i can now complete the course
      1. Poulomi Mukherjee and Ambesh_1 like this.
    7. praveen dokania
      praveen dokania
      Hi Alisha I complete my dmcs course in Aug i was out from bangalore now i m not able to access lms portal can you please provide my credentials so that i will complete my exam and get the certificate. Kindly do needful asap. Waiting for your response.
    8. Ram_107
      Hello Alisha, Can i get the password for the documents downloaded for Togaf certification?
    9. Sastry Pidaparthi
      Sastry Pidaparthi
      hi, I have enrolled for the digital marketing program in august and after that attended the online sessions...after that did not really get any schedule as to what is to be done....can you pl list out what next ... what all to be completed to finish the program - thanks
    10. Shruthi BS
      Shruthi BS
      Hi.. i have issue in accessing the my resources. Please help me out in this issues
    11. yogesh_132
      I had requested for access to simplitalk pls do the needful
    12. NAGARAJA c
      NAGARAJA c
      Hi Alisha, need help, i have attended Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer online course Jul 24 Mon - Aug 9 Wed. But in my dashboard it is showing 0 classes attended. Please help me out in this issue and also what is the last date to submit project.?
    13. AMRUTHA K K
      Hi , I need access for simplytalk
    14. Gaurav Shrivastav
      Gaurav Shrivastav
      i need to download syllabus video to watch online,but not getting option ,pl provide me the path(Not classroom video)
    15. _6743
      I was in your Machine Learning Course from 21st May to 10th June 2017. They share a link which had all the Source Code. Not sure who to contact to get the same as I seem to have lost that link. Thanks
    16. Manish_6977
      Hi, I want to develop a revenue forecast file. I have many contracts for which we have start date, End Date, Billing Schedule (Like monthly, Quarterly etc…), billing period (Like for monthly from 1st Jan to 31st Jan), Billing Date ( like billing will be done on 1st Jan or 31st Jan) and billing amount. How can I forecast revenue.
    17. Manish_6977
      Hi, There is a table on sheet 1 in which we have 3 columns. In A column customer name, B Industry Name and C contains value. On sheet 2 I have a drop down which contains all Industries name. I want to use a formula that If Column B "Sheet 1" = value of drop down on sheet 2 that max value will be chosen from Column C and Name of the customer from Column A will be populated. Will anyone help on this
      Hi Team, I am going through R tutorials and did not find any in depth material on R programming concepts. Request you to provide tutorials/materials/practice materials to get complete knowledge on all the concepts
    19. Alok_59
      Hi Alisha, I have one question. I am new to Simplilearn. I am interested to work/support as a freelancer. I am unable to find any option from how to start and where? I am a Front End Developer having 7+ years of experience.
    20. Gbolahan Olaniyi
      Gbolahan Olaniyi
      Hi Alisha My AWS Solution Architect associate course is inactive. Can you activate it?
      Hi Alisha,I want to know what is my last date of project submission? can you please email me
    22. _5837
      Hi Alisha, I am unable to access simplitak which inturn has prevented from accessing the forum pages. Kindly provide access to simplitalk
    23. Innocent_1
      hie I am taking the online Machine learning Course. I need to access the note book we used in class so I can practice. The instructor referred to a shared folder but I do not no how to access it.
    24. Himanish Bhattacharjee
      Himanish Bhattacharjee
      My name is Himanish Bhattacharjee.Not Himanoish Bhattacharjee.kindly rectify....
    25. Himanish Bhattacharjee
      Himanish Bhattacharjee
      Hi Alisha I downloaded the projects for R certificate.I am not understanding data variables in project 2.Kindly explain the meaning of data variables in csv file germancredit.Thanks..
    26. MUKUL JAIN_2
      MUKUL JAIN_2
      hi alisha,
      due to some paersonal circumstances ,i am not able to complete my basic sas course.could you please extend its time period,i need only 15 days.
      i would be highly obliged to you.
      mukul jain
    27. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      Hi Alisha, I am getting an error while trying to access Lab. I am getting Error: "Some error occurred. Please try again." I tried multiple times but still, the issue is there. I raised a ticket but not response yet. Could you please help.
    28. Deepak Gupta_5
      Deepak Gupta_5
      Hi Alisha, Kindly confirm that how much internet data does one weekend class of 4 hours consumed
    29. Mahmood Ali Tailor
      Mahmood Ali Tailor
      from where I can download PMP Memorization Chart, pls share the link.
    30. Pooja Agrawalla
      Pooja Agrawalla
      Alisha - Please give me access to Simplitalk
    31. Alexandru Magereanu
      Alexandru Magereanu
      Hi Alisha. I'm checking the Certificate tab in my account on lms and i see that it says: Batches attended: 0 OF 2 . I've attended 100% one of the Batches, batch3 from 10dec-15jan. I haven't finished the other two conditions for the certificate but still, it should say that i've attended 1 batch . Is it a problem? Could yo check?
    32. ASHISH KUMAR_12
      Hello Alisha , just to update i have submitted the application to PMI followed the instruction given in tips and tricks download...i hope to get positive revert from PMI within a week :)
    33. ASHISH KUMAR_12
      Hello Alisha ,I have completed PMP application form as per all eligibility criteria but just wanted to be sure if the format is ok , I do have downloaded application form , could somebody kindly suggest if that is ok so that i can immediately submit and go for scheduling examination ... thanks Ashish
    34. Madhav_14
      Dont have access to Simplitalk could you please help me getting the access. Thanks
    35. imoniofficial(4386154)
      pls provide me some help how i do retail project..
    36. Donna Hodges
      Donna Hodges
      I posted in support forum yesterday and it was awaiting approval. Today it is gone and I have posted it again. I need access to SimpliTalk for a class I am starting on Monday. Can someone help me? Thanks!
    37. Justin Estrada
      Justin Estrada
      Hello, I would like some help and feedback related to digital marketing project.
    38. Noel Gomes
      Noel Gomes
      Hello Alisha, I'd like to learn Media Buying please help.
    39. chintan oza
      chintan oza
      hi can you help me out related digital marketing projects
    40. Mula Kiran Kumar
      Mula Kiran Kumar
      Can you please connect me to Samarjit Mishra faculty for Agile Scrum Master
    41. siddhesh_7
      Hi, can you connect me to a R instructure , i am getting errors in importing file which is pre requisite for all other hands on. Any help would be highly appreciated
    42. mustafa_20
      How to set your 5 years goal in data science? Need your guidance
    43. Nitin Mittal
      Nitin Mittal
      Hi, I am not able to login into Ambari. although I am able to login into Webconsole and Hue with same credentials.
      hi, Alisha, Can you guide us how can i start the course of Digital Marketing...and also share the details of subjects and contents.
    45. shariq saad_1
      shariq saad_1
      Hello Alisha, I have started Hadoop virtual class training. It says to use "HadoopPseudoServer.vmdk" Where can I find HadoopPseudoServer.vmdk file.
    46. vinay_158
      Dear Alisha, Greetings! Pls. let me know how can I view the video tutors. With Regards, Vinay
    47. Manoj kumar_18
      Manoj kumar_18
      What's CAPTCHA verification. how to complete this?
    48. Manoj kumar_18
      Manoj kumar_18
      i am not able reply to other member
    49. Manoj kumar_18
      Manoj kumar_18
      Hello Everyone! I am Manoj kumar. I am working with Teleperformace as Assistant Manager in MIS/Data analyst & Reporting.. I have 6 years of work ex in MIS Reporting and data management on various domain. i have just join simlilearn (master data Science ) for upgrade my knowledge and idea's with you guy's.

      My interests is gardening at free time.
    50. Arben Ahmati
      Arben Ahmati
      Hi, I am enrolled at Project Management Expert Masters Program. The learning process started with ITIL Foundation. I thought that it should start with PMP or Prince2 Agile. Is the queue important or not?
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