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  • Hi Anjana. I believe I sent you a message yesterday but I don't see it in this list. And. I see that the last time you were in this forum was 6Feb. Is there some way that someone is going to respond to my posts?
    Hello Anjanaji, this is Chandramouli Bharadwaj. I have signed up for the PMP Renewal pack and completed all the 3 courses. For the LSGGB course, I had submitted the project yesterday. Want to know when it will be assessed. It says under assessment. I already got the certificate for the other 2 courses.
    Hello Anjana, As per our mentor Deepti, we suppose to have class today Jan 16, 2021. I could not got any link to join the class. Please help
    Hi Anjana, I am from Data Analyst course . I have completed Tableau , want to start Power BI but there are no available classes, could you tell me when are the classes starting for Power BI ?
    Hi Anjana, I am part of PG BA course and on Nov 15 2020 in the welcome class with you I registered for my next class PG BA - Agile Scrum master beginning on Jan 9 2021. But after the recent migration, my registered classes are not showing. Could you help in fixing this so that I can attend the class this Saturday? Thanks for your help
    Hi Anjana. I'm from PGCP program which started on September 5th and for which classes are starting from this weekend 26th September. I'm having few queries regarding the Lab Activity for the pre-course study. Who shall be able to help here?
    hello, I am sorry to bother you. when i ran 4.30 project, flume.conf, the screen showed the error code to say unable to load org.apche. flume.source.kafka.kafkasource, i created the ticket several times, but the assistant can not solve the problem. Can you please take a look why there is the error message? thank you
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