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CEH Trainer, Male, from INDIA


Learners who are taking CEH V10 exam check the latest practice paper uploaded in the Forum. Nov 9, 2018

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Mar 26, 2020
    1. Piyush gattani
      Piyush gattani
      baba can i get dumped question and some refference guide for exam . can you mail me on my mail id
    2. Ram Charitra Dwivedi
      Ram Charitra Dwivedi
      hi baba,

      i have question

      without using metasploit how i can get root level of access of vul machines, pls help
    3. Mohit Kulshreshtha
      Mohit Kulshreshtha
      I have downloaded the "tools" (comprising of compressed files around 10GB) from the aspen ec-council website (CEH v10 course).
      Please supply with step-by-step instructions on how to convert this data (in its uncompressed form, comprising of iso files etc.) into a home lab (configured on our PC/ Laptop) suitable for carrying out experiments mentioned in the manuals.
    4. Bikash prasad_3
      Bikash prasad_3
      Hlo....sir iam ur CEHV10 batch 3 nov30 to Jan 5 .... sir iam interested in website hacking and mobile hacking so sir for this do u have any kind of good books to go for it .... would u please share the books with me .... and sir CEHV10 certificate value these days for any jobs roles .... thinks...
    5. _51578
      Hi Baba, I m unable to find the way to schedule my exam date. I have a valid exam voucher code. please guide me how to schedule the exam date. what all actions are to be taken on the exam day?
    6. Dhaval Chheda
      Dhaval Chheda
      Hello Baba. We are awaiting for the mock links for CEH. Kindly provide us with those.
    7. Dhaval Chheda
      Dhaval Chheda
      hi Baba, I am required to give the CEH exam by this week due to some contingency. As specified earlier, i couldn't access the mock test due to non accesability of link provided from my end. Kindly provide me with the mock exam links. Looking for a prompt response from your end,
    8. Prudvi Nayak
      Prudvi Nayak
      Hi Baba, i forgot to note down the topics which we need to learn for tomorrow class. could you please send me the topic names.
    9. Chandrama Mukherjee
      Chandrama Mukherjee
      Good evening baba, could you please post the code for tonight's mock exam?
    10. Vijay_328
      Good evening Baba, could you please send the code for tonight's mock, thanks
    11. Franklin Nyarko Donkr
      Franklin Nyarko Donkr
      Hi Baba when is the next mock exams? I missed last week's mock because the code did not work for me
      1. Dhaval Chheda likes this.
    12. Franklin Nyarko Donkr
      Franklin Nyarko Donkr
      Good evening Baba, could you please send the code for tonight's mock, thanks
    13. _42284
      Hi baba, can you please provide mock exam links
    14. _42284
      Hi baba, kindly help in attending APRIL 6TH - MAY 11TH EVENING BATCH mock exam
    15. _53084
      Hi Baba , i didnt get the Code for today's Mock exam . please share me so that i can attend atleast tomorrow. thanks regards, Babu Rajesh Kumar
    16. Tushar Deorukhkar
      Tushar Deorukhkar
      I have completed the first mock exam, Is it possible for your to share these questions so that I can practice more..
    17. Tushar Deorukhkar
      Tushar Deorukhkar
      Hi Baba, I have lost exam link. Can you help me with the same
    18. Vikas Singh_15
      Vikas Singh_15
      Hello Sir, any good book for Python for writing scripts?
    19. ashish.khante(4208838)
      Hi Baba, i have scheduled my exam for Saturday 16th March. Though i have gone through the syllabus i would like to know if there are changes in the latest dumps? if so kindly share the lates one.
    20. _43440
      Hi baba iam giving my CEH in April . please help me out to clear exam by getting latest dump. and please get me the log forensics of SIEM tool. (Manjunath M)
    21. _28725
      Hello Baba,

      I am giving my CEH in March, need your help with dumps and tips please.

      Thank you,
    22. _41314
      hi Baba, plan to take the exam on Jan 20 2019, if possible please share the latest dump (my name is john peter batch is Sep 29 Sat - Oct 28 Sun 9am to 1PM) regards,john
    23. _50794
      Hi Shaheer can I get the notes for log forensics in SIEM?
    24. rizwanhasan08
      Please share for dec,,, my exam is on 29 dec
    25. rizwanhasan08
      Hi Baba,, I am going to give exam on 30 Dec,, please guide / provide any important sheet for practice
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    26. Baba_2
      Learners who are taking CEH V10 exam check the latest practice paper uploaded in the Forum.
      1. rizwanhasan08
        Hello Baba,, I am going to give exam on 30 dec.. Please share doc for that or any practice paper for Dec exam.
        Nov 26, 2018
      2. _30435
        how to get the papers. I am not able to get. Please guide
        Nov 30, 2018
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