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Jul 7, 2018
Sep 22, 2015
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Jul 7, 2018
    1. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      hi desh can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    2. akhlaq
      I did not unlock my certificate due to the requirement of at least one simulation test passed. Please guide me how to memorize ITTO and to understand sceniros for the right answers. Is it really tough or am I missing or skipped something.Thanks
    3. Anuj Sharma_1
      Anuj Sharma_1
      H. I am getting error while doing hdfe namenode -format. COuld you please help me in that
    4. _12420
      Conversion to Total GB-Months
      5,257,039,970,304 Byte-Hours x (1 GB / 1,073,741,824 bytes) x (1 month / 744 hours) =? please show me the calculation step by step
    5. Aashish Kumar Bhagat
      Aashish Kumar Bhagat
      Please help me regarding Slide No 29 for regarding todays Morning session
    6. Natarajan Murugadoss(2842)
      Natarajan Murugadoss(2842)
      val bankDF = BankRec.toDF()

      val whereDF = bankDF.where(($"poutcome" === "unknown") . no rerror, while running , but i get zero value
    7. Pallavi Sharma_1
      Pallavi Sharma_1
      I am getting below error while creatig file in HIVE[pallavi.agrey_gmail@cloudera-edgenode1 ~]$ hdfs dfs -touchz C:\Users\pallavag\Desktop\Hadooptest
      -touchz: Relative path in absolute URI: C:UserspallavagDesktopHadooptest
      Usage: hadoop fs [generic options] -touchz <path> ...
      [pallavi.agrey_gmail@cloudera-edgenode1 ~]$
    8. Pallavi Sharma_1
      Pallavi Sharma_1
      Hi Deshdeep I just done with our week end session can you please suggest from where I can get Q&A link to discuss issues with Amit(Faculty)
    9. anuradha poddar
      anuradha poddar
      hi help me with simplitalk...gv me the link not able to locate it nd help me with the installation of hadoop on my windows
    10. Sameer Aggarwal
      Sameer Aggarwal
      Hi, I am enrolled in Hadoop & Spark Developer course. I need some help in resolving some code error which I tried a lot but unable to fix those. Whom should I contact for this??
    11. Suhasini Ganesan_1
      Suhasini Ganesan_1
      Hi Desh, I dont have access to Simplitalk.. Plz let me know how to get the same..thanks, Suhasini
    12. Kavya Nagarajan
      Kavya Nagarajan
      Hope you are doing good. I have a doubt with respect to Marketing Project:

      4. Check quality of customers by checking average balance, median balance of customers
      -------------In this question, how do we calculate median?

      5. Check if age matters in marketing subscription for deposit
      -------------In this question, what do they expect?
    13. ISHAN_16
      Hi Deshdeep, can you please help me with access to study material provided by Shivank ? My id:
    14. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      How to work on Impala in CloudLab?
    15. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      How to copy Excel file into HDFS? I tried using copyFromLocal and put but I am getting the error: No such file or directory exists.
      I have one file in my local system saved under C:/ drive and I want to copy that file into HDFS. How to do that? any help?
    16. Winnifred
      hello please i have been online since 3.30 which i was told the online class starts, aand i cant seem to locate the class, how do i join the class now please. thanks
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        Hi Winnifred, I request you to call on our toll free support number in such cases as they will surely be able to help you out.
        Feb 21, 2017
    17. Abishek Gupta
      Abishek Gupta
      i am not able to connect to the mysql server and sqoop also
    18. Abishek Gupta
      Abishek Gupta
      hi deshdeep , i want your help i am doing big data and spark developer course. i am accessing lab whenever i am creating a directory in web console i have got a error message mkdir :permission denied. please help me out..
    19. _4128
      Hi, I don't have access to simplitalk. Yay, you told me that you have given access. Kindly send me the link as well to access simplitalk.
      Hi Deshdeep,
      I am working on the Hadoop 'Social Media' project. The second question is confusing me a bit.
      The question says, "Average time to answer questions"
      Now, is it asking for AVG time per Question ID or AVG of all Question IDs in the given csv file ?
    21. vijai bhatia
      vijai bhatia
      Hi how can we run pig shell from command line in cloud lab environment
      Hi deshdeep my webconsole is unable to access hive command and open the console can u please help me
    23. Anandita Choudhury
      Anandita Choudhury
      Hi Deshdeep, can you kindly share the community link for Wipro batch.
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        Dec 21, 2016
    24. Junaid Patel
      Junaid Patel
      Hi Deshdeep, Can you please let me know which Spark batch will be conducted by Shivank as I am looking forward to attend his class in particular. Please let me know. Thank you
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        HI Juanid,Shivank is not going to take any batch till Jan end atleast. I request you to go ahead register with some other trainer or you can go ahead and ask our customer delight team to share the the recordings.
        Dec 22, 2016
      Hi,I cleared my doubt with your reference manual on the project in pig.My doubt is for working in hive we should create the tables.If the given data in the form of tables i.e; excel file then how the table need to be created and how the data is loaded into the hive table.
    26. Manas Polisetty
      Manas Polisetty
      Hi DeshDeep, I am trying to complete the hadoop admin course certification and I am completing the simulation tests but the questions asked in this test are too far away from the course I have went through in simplilearn. Any help/suggestions to complete the certification in smooth manner ? Or please provide any helpful documents to complete these tests ? Thanks in advance.
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        Any book or a course will not be enough for all round knowledge. I request you to go deep into the course using other materials too.
        Dec 1, 2016
      Hi sir I am viswanath I want you help before performing the mapreduce we should first upload the data into hdfs .when i tried to insert the data in web console always there is an error called permission denied.Tell me the process of inserting data into hdfs and use them in running mapreduce and pig scripts
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        can you share the steps you performed because this will never give error in case you are doing it with correct steps.
        Dec 1, 2016
    28. Gagan Deep Bakhshi
      Gagan Deep Bakhshi
      Hi Deshdeep, I sent you an email regarding Flume access on the Cloud Lab, Please look into the matter ASAP, and another mail regarding the project classes was sent as well.
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        HI Gagan , I will get back to you in mail
        Nov 28, 2016
    29. Yamini_12
      Hi Deshdeep, when will hadoop developer project mentoring classes are held? Can I get the retail project mentoring video(In any) for the reference? Thanks, Yamini
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        next class is around 27 Nov, please confirm with support team and register for the same.
        Nov 21, 2016
    30. Rizwana Khan
      Rizwana Khan
      HI Deshdeep
      Need help. i am working on social media project using Hive. i am having issues loading data into hive table.
      how do i use delimiter for ["php,error,gd,image-processing"], Is there way to set a text delimiter or make Hive ignore the ',' in string? Using ',' as delimiter, it treats "php,error,gd,image-processing" as four different values.
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        You have to consider complete 4 tags as one.
        Nov 13, 2016
    31. prashant nargundkar
      prashant nargundkar
      Hi DeshDeep, can u help in Hadoop installation. my problem is i had installed hadoop cluster of 2.7.2 on one namenode and one datanode but when i upload data in hdfs it stores in /tmp dir not in the location where i defined. so please help me out in this regard. Thanks . Prashant
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        I request you to go to simplitalk and check the installation document for hadoop psuedo distributed mode as that will be able to help you.
        Nov 12, 2016
      2. prashant nargundkar
        prashant nargundkar
        Hi thanks for the reply but i had solved the issue.
        Nov 28, 2016
    32. Rizwana Khan
      Rizwana Khan
      Hi Deshdeep, can you please help me with access to study material provided by Shivank? My ID - THanks..
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        Yes, I have given you access..
        Oct 7, 2016
      2. Rizwana Khan
        Rizwana Khan
        Thank you
        Oct 7, 2016
    33. _2413
      Hi Desh, What command do you use to set CLASSPATH in cloudlab? Thanks
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        I request you to write post as I am not able to post complete answer here.
        Oct 7, 2016
    34. Rakesh Kumar(1144)
      Rakesh Kumar(1144)
      HI Deep ,Rakesh Here .Do we have to complete all real time projects for Hadoop certification or any one of those. I am really findinf difficult to Download Insurance and Retail Project data. can U help me regarding this.
      1. DeshDeep Singh
        DeshDeep Singh
        You have to complete all but submit atleast one for certificate.
        Jul 14, 2016
    35. Muhammad Azher Khaleel
      Muhammad Azher Khaleel
      Working on the Social Media project. I need some clarification on this question - Tags of questions which got answered within 1 hour. Does this mean I need to take all tags as one value in the tags column or take each tag separately from the tags column? Unfortunately, the questions statements are not very clear. Please clarify. Thanks. Example: php,error,gd,image-processing
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