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Recent content by Edgar Mohnfeld

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    Need help in completing Course 3 Conversion and Strategy

    I can't solve the assesments for Course 3 as the required assessments (1 live class and 1 simulation test) don't show up under the assessments-tab). If I remember correctly, if have read somewhere that Course 3 is no longer valid, as it was integrated into Course 2 (which I completed before)...
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    NewBie Questions

    Hi Nagma, I tried to raise a new ticket, but there is no possibility to open an new ticket. It only shows up one ticket thats resolved. So how to open a new ticket? Thank you so much for helping me out. Kind regards, Edgar
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    NewBie Questions

    Hi, my name is Edgar an I am participating in the Digital Marketing Course and I have some basic questions. Within my self learning lessons there is one course that doesn't count to 100% although I have finished all sections. Which is the best way to fix it? And secondly: what about the...