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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. Mar 29, 2016

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Sep 1, 2018
    1. Chirag_42
      Hello Girish sir, I am unable to make dragon N drop . Please help me out sir . What can i do?
    2. Bhuvana_5
      Hello Girish, I am not able to upload the jar file to the thread, I don't see the thread for Java. Pls help. Thanx.
    3. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      I followed the instruction from developers site and now enabled both Map and Place API , but still this whole 'Key' concept is little bit confusing for me. so when I am working on such project, how to generate key for both Map and Place Api , please provide some guideline.
    4. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      one more thing is, while using Map api we generate key as per we discussed in our session, now when I want to use Place Api I have to generate key again or should I somehow update earlier one. I want to use both these Api's in single project
    5. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      I am posting only related code as we have size limit here, I have posted detail code regarding Place Api on forum. please help me because I am stuck with this issue from long time.
    6. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      Task<PlaceLikelihoodBufferResponse> placeResult =mPlaceDetectionClient.getCurrentPlace(null);

      placeResult.addOnCompleteListener(new OnCompleteListener<PlaceLikelihoodBufferResponse>() {
      @Override public void onComplete(@NonNull Task<PlaceLikelihoodBufferResponse> task) {

      if(task.isSuccessful() && task.getResult() != null) {
      PlaceLikelihoodBufferResponse likelyPlaces = task.getResult();

    7. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      private void setAddressView (double longi, double lati) {
      String address = "";
      if(mMap == null) {

      if(mGoogleApiClient == null){
      mGoogleApiClient = new GoogleApiClient
    8. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      hello sir, I am working on a project where I am showing user's current location on map and it's working fine. Now I want to show Place details so I am using PlaceDetectionClient.getCurrentPlaces(), which returns PlaceLikelihoodBufferResponse, but it returns null. here is my code
    9. Siddhesh_14
      HELLO sir. . . I want to build an android app like mysmartprice which shows product list for comparison of prices...(from amazon, snapdeal etc) please help me... Its my B.E. project...:)
    10. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      prior to this I had used requestLocationUpdates(), but it was not working so I used getLastKnownLocation
    11. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      Hi Sir , I am done with weather app, I checked it on physical device , it was working fine when I run it first time, but when I restarted the location service it is not working, it gets location null, I reinstall it n tried again but still not working, why it is not getting location, I have used getLastKnownLocation()
    12. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      Hi Sir, Emulator problem solved, I dont know how, I have tried so many things but didn't work and after three days of trying it started automatically. so no problem regarding emulator
    13. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      06/23 12:51:50: Launching app
      Error while waiting for device: Timed out after 300seconds waiting for emulator to come online.

      Total time: 2 mins 21.943 secs
      1. Girish Kumar S
        Girish Kumar S
        I smita still getting the same error
        Jun 25, 2017
      2. Girish Kumar S
        Girish Kumar S
        let me know please
        Jun 25, 2017
    14. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      Also I am getting error while i fetch the image using ASYNCTask. As we discussed , I used the ICON value we got in JSONObject , and append it to url to fetch corresponding image , but it is giving error ' Trying to draw too large image'. I have tried volly also but getting same problem
      1. Girish Kumar S
        Girish Kumar S
        Jun 25, 2017
    15. Smita Gulavani
      Smita Gulavani
      Hello sir , I am having problem with Emulator, when i run the app n select the virtual device say Nexus 5X API 25, it starts to build, but Emulator is not visible. it was working fine till yesterday. The problem occoured after i connect physical device.
    16. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      Hi Girish, I am getting an error while trying to access Lab. I am getting Error: "Some error occurred. Please try again." I tried multiple times but still, the issue is there. I raised a ticket but not response yet. Could you please help.
    17. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      How to copy Excel file into HDFS? I tried using copyFromLocal and put but I am getting the error: No such file or directory exists.
      I have one file in my local system saved under C:/ drive and I want to copy that file into HDFS. How to do that? any help?
    18. Nikita Arun Parab
      Nikita Arun Parab
      Hi Girish, i have added fragment in the main activities xml layout and i want to send a object to this fragment from main activity as n when the data in main activity is updated. how should i do this? i tried adding a public method in fragment and created instance of fragment in mainactivity but i am not able to acess this public method. :(
    19. Sulabh
      I posted this message last week as personal message to you. But I did not get any response so, I am posting it again. Thank you.
    20. Sulabh
      Hello Girish,

      Please find the link to the code that is provided by simplilearn as course material and these projects are not compiling. I have uploaded the whole directory which has many of these projects, but nothing gets compiled, or Please let me know, if I am making some mistake, we have already discussed this in project mentoring session.
    21. Ashutosh_43
      hi sir , can you provide the link of the 5th june source code of the Location and Web services
    22. Girish Kumar S
      Girish Kumar S
      Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
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