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  • If it was for sales and asking money, you people are very prompt and diligent and no matter what you do everything to collect money. t makes me feel so humiliated and cheated. Kindly either reply to email or for heaven sake please ba available for a call. I will call you but please get on the call. (2/2)
    Dear Kavana, I have been trying to reach you from past one week. Call center (+65-3159 3839) always lie that they are going to call me back but there is no such call. In fact, I had called them and asked them to call me back since call rates to your call center are around USD 7.99 for a minute which is pretty costly. Yet, they very conveniently ignore and never call me back. (1/2)
    This project is a part of your assessment.
    The required dataset for this project is available in the Downloads section (Learning Tools >
    Downloads > Projects). There is not any folder Like Learning tools
    Hi Kavana, I completed over 85% of the e-learning class for Machine Learning and also passed the Project. Can I view the Live Class record to unlock my certificate? I have a hard time to attend the live class room since I am always traveling for business trips! Thank you!
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