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Kunal Guwalani
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  • Hi Kunal, I completed my live classes for RBEI-NIPUN ML Sep -05 to Oct - 10 batch. Now I'm looking to submit my project but facing format error. Would you please help me on this regard. Thank you so much in advance!

    I am completing my course on Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python|Deepak|25th Jul - 29 th Aug.

    I need 1 week time extra for my project submission.

    kindly do the needful.
    hi, i have a question which i created ticket several times still can not be solved. I would like to ask you. In kafka, flume.conf was set up, and run, producer ran to read the message, however the message can not be written into HDFS. and there is error code showing when running flume.conf, it says"failed to load org.apache.flume.source.kafkas.kafkasource".
    hello,i'm your student iwant to do my project bu i don't know what's happened when i open the assessment to see the project i chose with walmart then when i want to start i don't understant how i can to start?!!! please help me ,i'm very nervous if you can give it to me any websiteor example so that the idea is clear to me. thanks
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