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Recent content by Miguel Price

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of organization type

    I believe it depends on the Organization overall level, what industry are they in. My organization and team follows in Functional direction and that is because our industry demands for the same.
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    Most important formulas to memorize for PMP exam

    Here's a brief summary of the most important formulas to memorize for your PMP exam. Variance Calculation 1. CV = EV – AC 2. SV = EV – PV 3. CPI = EV / AC 4. SPI = EV/PV 5. VAC = BAC – EAC Forecasting 1. EAC = AC + ETC ( Re-estimating at NORMAL scenarios) 2. EAC = AC + (BAC-EV) ( Re-estimating...
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    How many years as a project manager before certification?

    PMP certification means you passed the test, but it also means that you have training & experience. The PMP exam is a bench mark for your project management career and before you can even sit for this exam, ensuring that you already have the real world job experience as a project manager that...
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of organization type

    Advantages and Disadvantages of organization type Functional Organization: Advantages: 1) Specialist can be grouped together. 2) Clearly defined career paths. 3) Only one manager so no confusion. Disadvantages: 1) Departmental work get more priority than project work. 2) No career path in...
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    Standard Deviation tricks

    Most of us know by now that standard deviation is the square root of variance, is a measure of dispersion and it is also represented as the difference from the mean. Now, with that bit of knowledge can we explain the difference between Sample Standard Deviation and Sampling Standard Deviation...
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    Simplilearn Reviews

    I recently completed my PMP training from Simplilearn. I enrolled myself for Classroom Training in Philadelphia. I felt that this workshop was everything that was promised - a great over review packed with a lot of helpful advice on how to prepare for the certification exam. Ultimately it is up...
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    Why can't I pass the practice exams?

    For everyone here who have actually taken and passed the PMP exam, I have a few questions. So far, I have read and studied the PMBOK twice. Each time, I cover all concepts thoroughly. I have already memorized the ITTO and the Formulas. However, I'm stuck at 60% on practice exams. What am I...
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    I have a question about using the bell curve

    I don't understand the PERT example given in the training. I've had no problems understanding the expected duration and standard deviation of an activity formula, but I don’t understand how to use the bell curve and likelihood of actual time lying between sigmas.