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Mukesh Sahu
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  • In online PMP application form Project Start & Through date are the dates when candidate joined and left working on the project or these are some other dates.
    Hi once my Live Class gets over for a particular section of the course, how much more time will I have to submit the project post the completion of the Live Classes. In case if I am not very clear and need more time to redo the topic once again what are the options and hence again the timelines for the project completion... Do let me know
    hi i would like to book ITIL foundation Exam , just wanna know if it is possible to give it from home , also would like to know if any specific requirements for as where and how this exam can be given
    HI Mukesh, I have unlocked all my simplilearn certs but still waiting for the exam voucher for almost 2 weeks? can you please look into it?
    Hi I have submitted my DS with R project but it said "You are almost there! Try again

    Hi Learner, Good Project work. However, I can see that you have completed only 40% of your project. Kindly complete all the given tasks and resubmit it again." How do i understand which part I need to complete?
    Hi Mukesh , I have submitted ML and DS projects 3-4 ago, could you please tell me when this will be evaluated ? Many Thanks!!! Noor.
    Hello Mukesh, I have purchased Sales Force Administrator and App builder course . I am planning to appear for the Sales Force Administrator certification. Can you please share the dumps if you have. Thanks in advance
    i am doing Computer science masters program and i saw peoples are get extra elective so what's are requirement for additional electives
    Hi I have took Agile scrum master course. I have also completed the assessment exams but not sure how to do projects can you please help
    can any one tell where is CEH used ?
    Not a single job is there after doing CEH ?
    waste of money....
    and we didn't provide any software for hacking .
    and we can't hack any think ?
    even a single website ?
    only waste of money
    How to use excel solver in spreadsheet to calculate I6RR and many other problems what is excel solver... i am jst not getting only how to use this simplilearn there is no live classes showing there are no mock test showing it jst a worse thing i am experiencing
    hi I want to buy pmp exam prep book 9th edition by rita mulcahy.can anyone help to buy book. Even used book in good condition for sale is also preferable to buy.
    Hi Mukesh, I do not have access to stukent.com to finish my projects for the DMCA class. It has been more than 14 days since I started the class and I still do not have access and my instructor is telling me to ask support and create tickets. I created support tickets two times in simplilearn support and one ticket with stukent.com website. No help from anyone. Please help.
    Hi Mukesh, Thank you for your time today, I have one question , I attend all live classes and it is showing that I have 0 completed.
    Mukesh your class yesterday 10/12 was great. As a result, I completed my project, unlocked my certificate and I am now moving on with more study, and a planned PMI exam date in December. Thanks again.
    hy mukesh....i need to get my project date extended (project due today 21 Aug 18) as i had been really busy with work....please help..
    I have filled up the mock application, i would like you or some expert to just look at it once and verify, Please let me know
    Hey Mukesh, you've shared a link a link to the PMP project mentoring session recording. Can you please share this with me? Thanks
    Hi Mukesh, In today's PMP session, the trainer - Sachin Goswani mentioned that he has shared around 35-40 Project Management Templates (e.g Scope Management Template, Schedule Management Template, PMP Template etc. & so on). He said you can share it with us. Can you please send me the templates to karthik.yuvaraj@yahoo.com
    Dear Mr. Mukesh, Please advise how lean six sigma help us in our career and how valid is the certificate provided by Simplilearn
    Hi Mukesh, am looking for the 29th March Project submission details for PMP course, can you send me the recording for the same, as I need to submit the project.
    Dear Mukesh,
    I am struggling to figure out how to put information into a Gage R&R study when I am comparing 2 operators doing 2 trials. Is there anyone I can reach out to? My minitab is about to expire in couple of days. I am really struggling. Maybe I am just thinking to hard.

    Amanda Cross
    Hi Mukesh,

    I have a few queries

    1. What's the deadline for submitting the project

    2. I am planning to give the exam with PMBOK6 - like once its launched so would these 35 PDUs be considered then since these PDUs I would have earned on the basis of training for PMBOK5

    Please suggest and advise
    Hey Mukesh, you've shared a link a link to the PMP project mentoring session recording. Can you please also share this with me? Regards, Dustin
    Hi, Can you please share 28th Jan'18 session notes. Session was taken by Mr. Tim. Due to technical issue I was not able to download.
    Hi Mukesh, I am planing to write PMP in end of Feb and almost all my preparations done but my simplilearn subscription is ending next week and is it possible to extend at least a month to practice simulation tests. I have yet to complete silmulation tests, hence requesting. Appreciate your help. -Srinivas
    Hello Mukesh, I want to get my PMP application reviewed for which I have sent you mail on your mail id 2 days ago. Could you please update on my application review process?
    Hello Mr. Sahu,

    I have recently started preparation of PMP with simplilearn. Yesterday I have attended my first session which was taken by Mr. Tim. I am looking your support in getting notes which Mr. Tim prepared at the time of session and also looking for help, for using simplilearn forum.
    hi, Mr sahu i am a member of simplilearn , I could not find a sollution to my connection of android in adb " more that one devices further no emulater
    Hi Mukesh,i completed project and received acknowledgement regarding project completion. I also completed simulation test criteria yesterday.Please let me know if there is any query.
    Hi Mukesh, Could you please help me to get certificate from simplilearn ,i am unable to unlock the certificate.
    Mukesh Sahu
    Mukesh Sahu
    Hi Ashmitha, To get your certificate please complete the project and Simulation test criteria.
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