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Sep 22, 2015
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Neha Jain_1

Learning Consultant, Female, from Bangalore

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Apr 3, 2020 at 12:16 AM
    1. Apeksha_6
      hello Neha, I am Apeksha enrolled for DMCA course. I have some questions regarding DMCA Project. Can you share me some sample projects of DMCA for better understanding? Or Can you guide me to create DMCA Project? Thank you.
    2. JAI PRAKASH_2
      Hi Please help me in Completing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project .Project related to Holistic Health Systems.What is to be submitted as project report.
      can i access self placed training course after 1 year period
    4. Nilakshi Mukherji
      Nilakshi Mukherji
      Dear Simplilearn Team, I am Nilakshi Mukherji enrolled for the DMCA course in Digital Marketing. I can see 2 courses on my home page - one is Digital Marketing Associate while the other is Digital Marketing Specialist . Which one I need to follow? Also if I am already doing a LIVE project, do I need to undergo Stukent project? Can I submit the Live project in it?
    5. Anand Hegde_1
      Anand Hegde_1
      Dear Sir/mam,
      wanted to know in my course which angular version would be teaching..?
    6. John B Misquith
      John B Misquith
      Online Classroom related - CSTM_2F4M9DX44XC
      The audio of The downloaded recordings of live class could is not audible. My laptop's audio is working fine as I have tested with the earlier live class recording. I have raised the ticket on 24th Feb. So far the issue is not resolved. I have missed the previous live class and so I have to study the contents before my next live class day after tomorrow
    7. Lata Vishwanath
      Lata Vishwanath
      I am trying to do Apache Spark and Scala elective course work, where can I download the data from and where is the installation of Apache spark and scala that I can use to carry out this project?
    8. Shumaila shahid
      Shumaila shahid
      Hi, I have completed the course Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ:103 and submitted 2 projects. One project is assessed and certificate is unlocked. On the certificate, it is written Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate AZ (100 and 101) with exam which is different from the course title. Soon, 103 will be replaced with 104 and m getting below that. Why is it so?
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    9. Saima_3
      hi Neha , i have started learning Prince2 now, please send me links or discussion forum so that i can get better understanding of this course, i am struggling in basic points of lessons as i am not connected with studies for 15 years due to family life and also i used to be art student , i really need help to understand n to complete this course. thank you ,saaima
    10. jignesh bhavsar
      jignesh bhavsar
      Hi can you share please sample project of " fundamental of marketing "
    11. Akanksha Chaudhary
      Akanksha Chaudhary
      Hi Neha , how r u ?? i am fully suffocated by Tableau training , please introduce me to forum discussion link on class :14dec-15-21-22-4-5-11-12jan of Tableau _/\_
    12. K PRASATH
      mam, I getting parser error while trying to open datasets through pandas, I don't know what mistake I did so kindly replay as soon as possible!
    13. nilesh prakash manjrekar
      nilesh prakash manjrekar
      i need help in coding
      can you guide me how to start for the classes
    15. _56179
      Hi, Can i have an access to a sample DMCA project for an effective understanding ?
    16. Arvind Kumar Gupta_1
      Arvind Kumar Gupta_1
      I want to ask about technical issue. So can i ask on community forum? if yes then how to upload the screen shot?
    17. shankar_49
      Hi Anyone,

      Please guide/Help me, I want to learn DevOps but before applied simplilearn online course I need to know the faculty explanation so please share anyone videos to

      I appreciate in advance

      K R Shankar
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      2. Jayadev Prabhu
        Jayadev Prabhu
        mr.vaibhav is the right councillor to guide you call him on 9561267173. he guided me the course and a good package i joined.
        Mar 29, 2020 at 7:16 AM
    18. Madhava Rao(3770)
      Madhava Rao(3770)
      Hi, I am trying to submit my application for PMI SP and I would like to know if there is any particular training which is related to only SP which will give me the required 30 PDU's to submit my application. There are many cources which are giving required PDU's for PMP,ACP and RMP in both simplilearn and Udemy but I am searching something specific for PMI SP with PDU's credit mandate. Please suggest.
    19. Shaikh_19
      Hi, I have almost completed PMP self learning , but i have question related project submission , i want to know exactly the requirement of project submission . please your advice .
    20. Ibou Badiane
      Ibou Badiane
      Hi Neha, I have completed the Black Belt self learning and passed assessments, but I have issues with the project. I don't understand what I have to do.
    21. Purnima Shekhar
      Purnima Shekhar
      Hi Neha, Please share with me project samples for Advance courses of SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Analytics, Content Marketing.
    22. John Patole
      John Patole
      Hi Neha, I am unable to access project work for my Lean six sigma green belt course in LMS. Please guide me.
    23. Anubhav Saxena_1
      Anubhav Saxena_1
      I am unable to find where is project content on the salesforce course.
      Hi Neha , i am not able use dplyr functions . I installed 2 times , still its not working in my R. I iwill appreciate you help. BR//
    25. Britney
      hello, I was wondering if I can get project samples 1-5 for advanced content marketing . my email is
    26. Kemal Mudie Tosora
      Kemal Mudie Tosora
      how to Specify the URL for your Simplilearn account??
    27. kirantiwari.83
      Hi Neha, Could you please share the Advanced Content Marketing project, please, My email Id- Thank you
    28. kirantiwari.83
      Hi Neha, Could you please share some Advanced Content Marketing project sample. Thank you
    29. Mohit Chourasia
      Mohit Chourasia
      Hi Neha, When I click on my course ( DevOps Certification training), nothing get displayed. ( Until yesterday everything was fine). Could you please help me fix it. Thanks !
    30. Mohammed Abdul Hamed
      Mohammed Abdul Hamed
      Hi Neha, I need your help on Business Analytics with Excel Project
    31. Sanoj kumar
      Sanoj kumar
      i completed my DMCA last year but never been able to use this there any ad agency where i can physical have some training or may be online to use these skill sets what i have learned
    32. _35545
      can any one tell where is CEH used ?
      Not a single job is there after doing CEH ?
      waste of money....
      and we didn't provide any software for hacking .
      and we can't hack any think ?
      even a single website ?
      only waste of money
    33. Tuhinanshu Shrivastava
      Tuhinanshu Shrivastava
      Can i get free extension for 30days for my both courses DMCA and ASM. I have already completed around 90% of both courses. Need some extension for projects. I completed agile scrum course as well from simplilearn.
      How to practice more dataset problems in R programming?
    35. Nidhi_62
      How to use excel solver in spreadsheet to calculate IRR and many other problems what is excel solver
    36. Barbara Yuson
      Barbara Yuson
      How do I upload the projects for the OMCP® Digital Analytics and Conversion Professional class?
    37. Amreesh kumar
      Amreesh kumar
      hello in python data science program in logistic regression lecture he use single array to predict in jupyter notebook and it runs but when i use the same code it shows me error to use 2d array instead of using single array??why
    38. Nidhi_62
      in excel how to do spreadsheet macros excel workbook charts and dashboards and in finance letcure what is price bond valuation and lots off doubts are there...etc please help me out asap
    39. Nidhi_62
      Mam i have take a course of financial modelling with ms-excel foundation i am preparing offline i have lots of doubts in excel related to formula how to use them practically and also in finance how do they solve the sums using formula
    40. Aimé Kandu
      Aimé Kandu
      Hi, I am looking for someone who has already passed the ITIL4 exam to help me
    41. Aimé Kandu
      Aimé Kandu
      Can someone tell me if with what questions can I prepare my exam for ITIL4 certication?
    42. Aimé Kandu
      Aimé Kandu
      Hi everybody!
      Who is already ITIL4 certified?
    43. _57115

      My user id saikatmkj. order # CSTM_GBPYJYDW5AN.

      I have cleared 1 simulation test with 60+ marks and appeared 80% in the class. My stukent mimic pro round 3 is also complete before.

      Only the project is left. Can you suggest by which date do I need to submit 1 project? An if it is within next 30 days, Can I please get an extension?

      Best Regards,
      1. _57115
        submitted. but there are problems with the file uploading. Cant take a file size of 4.20 MB where the limit is 10 MB. Have mailed the original project to Syed and Vivek. Please check
        Jun 30, 2019
    44. Saji Pillai
      Saji Pillai
      Hello Neha, My CBAP course will expire in a day's time. Can you please extend it by a week. Thank you
    45. Chhaya Chadha
      Chhaya Chadha
      Hi Neha I need assistance on completing the project on Robotic Process Automation using UiPath
    46. Ruchir Srivastava
      Ruchir Srivastava
      As I am a member of AI master program, I was told that you will be assisting me in my resume building and further helping me in grabbing a job.
    47. Sumeshbabu
      Where should I ask to clear the doubts that may appear while practising offline ? I have already posted an issue related to Google Analytics along with screen shot as attachment, but not yet received any reply or comments. Need help.

    48. Sumeshbabu
      Where should I ask to clear the doubts that may appear while practising offline ?
    49. Rajesh_349
      where is Learning Tools in lms
    50. Rajesh Kumar Rajak
      Rajesh Kumar Rajak
      Hey, my email mob & whats up; 9804380792
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