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Feb 22, 2019 at 6:22 AM
    1. Tena Yatroussis
      Tena Yatroussis
      Hi, Neha. I did not receive an email with login access for the simulations we will begin tomorrow in DMCA. Would you share with me before class tomorrow so I can set up the account and be ready for learning? I will be up at 5am Pacific Time and can complete the setup before the class begins at 6am my time. Thank you for your help. Tena
      1. Tena Yatroussis
        Tena Yatroussis
        Found it. My mistake. It was sent in June and I did not look back far enough in my files.
        Feb 22, 2019 at 10:20 AM
    2. Naveen_178
      Hi Neha; Could you please share some sample projects for the following courses that may give more better idea and guideline to go through.

      1. Advanced Content Marketing
      2. Advanced Email Marketing
      3. Advanced Mobile Marketing
      4. Advanced PPC
      5. Advanced Search Engine Optimation
      6. Advanced Social Media Marketing
      7. Advanced Web Analytics Course
      8. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
    3. _55439
      Hi Neha, Could you please help me to get started with stukent simulator. Iam not able to log in. The stukent site is not forwarding any link on my registered email id, when I click on forgot password
    4. Roberto Villamor
      Roberto Villamor
      Hi Neha, sorry to bug you, but can I please have the sample project for the DMCA course? I want to start my projects but I'm a little lost on how to begin. Thank you!
    5. _42891
      Hi Neha , I am waiting for MONGODB recording for yesterday and day before session 7:30pm batch sat-sun .If possible plz upload asap.
    6. _35907
      Hi Neha, My PMP application got picked for PMI audit. Is there any specific format for verification of the audit which my manager can sign. Kindly guide me through this.
    7. _45718
      Hi Neha, Have a query on the time PMI takes to review and confirm the application. The website says it takes upto 5 calendar days, however more than 10 days have passed and have not received any response from PMI. Thanks
    8. Pavan Kumar_25
      Pavan Kumar_25
      Hi Neha, I have completed CEH(v10). I am interested to take simulation tests which are provided by simplilearn. Can you please provide me the exact path to take the Tests and I didn't receive the exam vocher code too, I am interested to go for certification exam after clearing the simulation tests...So please help me.
    9. Varsha syam sundar
      Varsha syam sundar
      Hi Neha, I have completed the masters program in data science and machine learning course. I would like to get some help with resume preparation. I am looking for a role change. Kindly direct me to the concerned staff.
    10. _19385
      Hi Neha, Im a student of Masters program in Data Science. I have finished all the six modules and also downloaded all the certificates . I would like to know when I will recieve the the main Certificate for Data Science along with the project Certificate.
      1. _46187 likes this.
    11. Syed Munawer
      Syed Munawer
      Hi Neha, Need help with PMP application. My application is picked for audit and failed with outcome:- Eligibility not met- Domains are not included. Please refer a consultant in simplilearn to get through.
      Syed Munawer
    12. Heather Dennebaum
      Heather Dennebaum
      Hi Neha. I was not aware that I had to do a project to get the Scrum Certification. The Project tab does not provide much direction. Is there a coach you could recommend who could help me please? Thank you, Heather
    13. _51422
      Hi Neha , Im new in big data master program where can I start? How can I create true schedule for me ?
    14. Marsh2929
      Hello Neha, I believe I have completed Digital Marketing Certified Associate program yet "My Courses" says I've completed 11% (not sure if that based on a schedule set early on).. I been to all but the first 2 on-line sessions with Mr. Campman and completed the slides from t he sessions I missed. What else is needed for the certificate? Thank you for your help with this. William Marsh
    15. Rohit Wagh
      Rohit Wagh
      I have finished my course Comptia+ however, my certificate is still locked. can u guide?
    16. AYMAN EL BADAWY(2844)
      AYMAN EL BADAWY(2844)
      Hi Neha, I have an urgent question please.. I just finished all the requirements for the Master (Digital Marketing Specialist are unlocked all) and also the elective. How can I get Simplilearn final certificate of my Master in Digital Marketing. your quick response is highly appreciated because I need to deliver the certificate to my company asap. Thanks.
    17. _43909

      I have enrolled to Full stack web developer course.

      Currently MongoDB class is going on which ends on December 9th where as Node.js starts on December 8th.

      How do you expect me to attend both classes scheduled during same time ? Please help me understand
    18. _44061
      do I need a development tools set for JavaScript?
    19. _44061
      wondering if I just watch the lectures at first and then download a development suite to do classes and labs. So far I'm just been watching videos. Should I be doing something else too?
    20. _33558
      hi, how many simulation test do i have to pass in order to get certified for green belt course?
    21. Edson
      Hello Neha,
      I am Edson Sosten from TAMWA,
      I would like to appreciate the knowledge of digital marketing that I have been receiving from your institution. Currently, I have my digital marketing Certified associate certificate. Thank you!
      The aim of writing this is requesting you to extend my days of training so that I can accomplish all advanced courses. Is this possible?
    22. _40167
      Dear Mam you replied to me that attached screenshot but i didn't find any screenshot for my class recording.. so please let me know all in detail about pop up enable with screen shot. I didn't find any pop up in advanced setting in google chrome. please explain in detail with screen shot. about pop up and download class recordings.
      waiting for the reply..
    23. _40167
      Where i can get my class recordings ?
    24. _30508
      Hi Neha - I am trying to upload the machine learning project in HTML format, it is not allowing to do so, I am not getting any error either. When I click on ADD and select the file and click OPEN, nothing happens. Please advise asap. It is urgent.
    25. V Chakrapani
      V Chakrapani
      Hi Neha, How do i submit the project report to unlock the certificate.
    26. _26272
      Hi Neha,
      I am working on the real time project in DMCA course. As of now i have created a website in zoho which is yet to publish but i do not understand what you mean by setting up lead capture on my site..Can you please elaborate on that and also it would be helpful if you could pass on the sample project which you have prepared for this.
    27. _38436
      Hi Neha, please i need your help. I am unable to download my live classes. if any suggestions or how can i fix this problem?
    28. _38436
      Hi Neha, please i need your help. I am unable to download my live classes. if any suggestions or how can i fix this problem?
    29. _38971
      Hi Neha, I had a query regarding my learning venture. I have recently joined 2 -4 weeks ago. I was looking ahead to up skill my self with Data Science. There are subjects listed under profile they are 6 and below are electives. The subjects for Data Science 3 of them are in electives. I am in a puzzle could be please help me to understand all about learning Data Science.
    30. _39055
      hi neha , can you help me , i would like to post some doubts what is the procedure
    31. _38604
      neha who provide assistance to the student i need no. to call
    32. _17204
      Hi Neha. I've recently finished the Digital Marketing Master Course and want to apply for Job Assist. The link given in the forum doesn't work and redirects me to some other page. Can you please help me out?
    33. _36093
      Hi, I am doing "Artificial Intelligence Engineer" course Before start "Data Science with Python" which additional course should be complete? right now i was completed "python basics" Please advise... Please provide me complete sequence for same..
    34. _36244
      Hi All,

      Can i know what are the prerequisites before i am going to attend live classes of Datascience with R.

    35. _35622
      Hi Neha I am doing the data scientist program so I need help in order to use by the better way this plattaform do you have some tutorial in order take advantage this interesting course?
    36. Dario Sosa
      Dario Sosa
      Hi Neha.. I hope you are fine. I am studying my ASM (Agile Scrum Master) course. I am about to write my Practice Project. I would like to know if there is any Forum related to ASM where I can interchange ideas with the members. I will appreciate any help. Regards. Dario.
    37. Zohra
      Hi Neha, I have a doubt in Stukent mimic pro. I wanted to know how the default Budget should be managed for Ad Capaign and Email Campaign? If we enter 5000K in round 1 is it for bothe AD and Email Campaign or is it just fro AD Campaign?
    38. Praveen Devar
      Praveen Devar
      Dear Simplilearn team,
      Please be informed that i have been asking to refund my money back from past 4 months, but till date there is no proper update on my refundable amount
      kindly do needful in returning my payback amount immediately.

    39. Thembelani Ntshinga
      Thembelani Ntshinga
      HI there , what are trophy points and how do you earn them?
    40. Surajit khamrai
      Surajit khamrai
      please give me the acess of labondemand
    41. _19742
    42. Dipti Ranjan Pradhan
      Dipti Ranjan Pradhan
      Hi Neha, I am not able to get AWS developer Certificate. Still now my certificate is locked. I have submitted 3 projects (All approved),but I have attended 4 classes out of 7. Please look into this matter, Because I have to submit this certificate to my office.
    43. Ann-Marie Robinson
      Ann-Marie Robinson
      re DMCA Advanced Mobile Marketing Project 3
      Is it asking me to simply determine the resources needed to answer the 2 bullets in Project Goal statement
      OR, is it asking me provide answers to the final 3 bullet points? i.e. provide a list of vendors and include rationale?
    44. _30008
      Hi Neha, I would like to go for PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (paper based) in Singapore. Is there any possibility for this?Regards,
    45. David Pickel
      David Pickel
      I've checked a number of our competitor's website codes looking for keywords. Most of them do not have key word. Most are using "description" meta data, which just looks like a long tag line. An example is below. Are people no longer using keywords? <meta name="description" content="As a world-class academic and health care system....
    46. _22240
      Hi Neha, Please provide source data of all Simulation Tests. File1 and File2 is not there on below path//This is from Simulation Test2. Write the missing Scala program to remove the following text from the file: "is", "course", "best","the"



      val content = sc.textFile("/user/simplilearn/Question5/File1")

      val remove = sc.textFile("/user/simplilearn/Question5/File2")
    47. _30164
      Hi Neha,a newbie to online leaning with simplilearn i have finished the self learning module need to submit the project for the Masters in Business Analytics,can u let me know a few things about project submission ,does the output have to be as shown in the dashboard pic,also is the raw data given in the project the same which needs to be used for the project.Appreciate your Help!!!
    48. Yvette_B
      Hi Neha, I signed up for DMCA in February 2018 but didn't get started on the live classes until April. I'm in the April 21-June 10, 2018 batch. Could I please get an extension to make sure I'm able to finish all I need to do for DMCA? Thanks!
    49. Pooja_116
      Hi Neha, please confirm my attendance as our class ended today. I have attended all the classes (DMCA, Timing:4:30pm-8:30pm, March 9-April 28, 2018 batch). I was given backend registration so hoping it shows in your record I have attended all classes. Please do confirm, thanks
    50. _29218
      Hi Neha, could you pls suggest me how to submit my assignment work to the faculty, he has given a link, to which I could not. I am supposed to submit now itself
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