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Sep 22, 2015
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Neha Jain_1

Learning Consultant, Female, from Bangalore

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Oct 18, 2020 at 7:54 AM
    1. Yogesh_174
      Hi neha , can you please help me where the dataset for the project of business analytics with excel .
    2. Bhavya V Nair
      Bhavya V Nair
      hello Neha, I have completed my course Masters in Data Science now looking for placement support.Kindly help mob:8056214522
    3. Parag Kulkarni_2
      Parag Kulkarni_2
      Hello Neha,I am CA Parag Kulkarni from Pune, I had completed my batch but till date I am not in receipt of Q & A digital edition books of CISA. I am continuously asking for technical support every day since last 4 weeks with Puja Agrawal and Leenish Kurian. Please help me on that Other wise I am planning for legal action in next week.Mobile No:-+919890165555
    4. Carter Smith
      Carter Smith
      HI! I am in the middle of my course and have been given the Project to complete. Is there anyone I can work with on this so I learn the process better? I understnad we are supposed to do it on our own but it would be so helpful to talk it through!
    5. Praveen_4
      I have finished PMI ACP course & the certification. I want to apply the PDUs to recertify my PMP. I would like to know the distribution of PDUs across Technical - Strategy - Leadership. Thank you!
    6. Melanie_18
      Hi! Where might I connect to Exercises_Solution.doc?
    7. Adnan Ahmed
      Adnan Ahmed
      I need help with my Business Analysis CBAP Exam Preparation.
    8. Ankita Gupta_3
      Ankita Gupta_3
      Hi,, Can u help me with handling of time stamp data, how to handle them and how to extract information from them using R, or Python, Suppose we need to extract some information from a time stamp for a single day. .. looking forward to your response
    9. Naga Lakkoju
      Naga Lakkoju
      could you please also share a code to count the no of times a name appears in a vector
    10. Naga Lakkoju
      Naga Lakkoju
      Hi neha ...library(readxl)
      USA_cars_df <- read_excel("USA_cars_datasets.csv.xlsx")
      toyota = subset(USA_cars_df,brand==ford)


      grouped <- aggregate(x = USA_cars_df$price,
      by = list(US_Car_df$brand),
      FUN = sum)
    11. _89485
      Hi Neha,Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
      could not find function "read_excel"
    12. Kishore Nath
      Kishore Nath
      Hi Neha, How do I download my projects in Data Science with Python?
      Hi Neha, I am not able to see request for course extension for my enrolled course. Please help. What I am doing wrong
    14. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      hi neha can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    15. Abdullah Salem Bugshan
      Abdullah Salem Bugshan
      Can we take assessment of PMP more than 3 attempts ?
    16. Arvind kumar patel
      Arvind kumar patel
      i couldn't my machine learning classes , when i tap the attend button it says something went wrong. Is there any problem?
    17. akhlaq
      what is the next date of PMP exam before 31st Dec2020 with 6th edition.
    18. akhlaq
      Hi Neha , I did not unlock my certificate due to the requirement of at least one simulation test passed, could you please suggest how to memorize ITTO and to understand sceniros for the right answers. Is it really tough or I am missing or skipped something.Thanks
    19. Christopher Wolters
      Christopher Wolters
      Hi, I am new to Simplilearn/Caltech. I am in the DevOps cohort. Should self-learning be completed before the live classes? Thank you.
    20. Nupur Patel
      Nupur Patel
      Hi Neha. Could you please suggest me whether i have to go for IASSC certification or not? Although, i am certified for Lean six sigma green belt from simplilearn.
      Hi Neha, Could you give some guidence over Salesforce project?
    22. Lisa Obermeyer
      Lisa Obermeyer
      Neha - can you help me? I met all requirements for the 2nd Course in Online Marketing Digital Specialist and have requested help from my consultant 4 times. She finally got back to me to suggest I raise a ticket. But these have moved or at least, I can no longer find them in Help where the new Arva or Arya is there. This is no help. Can you advise how I can raise a ticket, please? Thank you.
    23. Sivaram B
      Sivaram B
      Hi Neha. I want to change my course which I was elected earlier as the course does not find to be useful for my carrier. I have chosen Business analytics. Any possibility to change the course that is relevant to my experience? I have Retail Banking sales experience. What is the suitable course I can change?
    24. Arvind CP
      Arvind CP
      Hello Neha, I am not a coder and i need to do my projects on Jupyterlab, Could you please help or point me towards right direction. Thanks
    25. Subramanya Devanira
      Subramanya Devanira
      Hi Neha, can you please let me know how do I contact Bipin on this forum as I have left many messages on the community and I havent heard back from him. I wanted to know if he would share the pdf of the process model he showed in the class as he said he would be doing so and wanted to knw how. the pdf available in the download section is not the same model that was shown in the class. Regards Subbu
    26. Richard Chhetri
      Richard Chhetri
      Hello Neha, I am not being able to access the map of Yandex Metrica, although the code is added to the header of my website. Can you please help me here or direct me to someone who has been using Yandex Metrica for a while.
    27. Stefanny Ekawati Gunawan
      Stefanny Ekawati Gunawan
      Hi Neha, i am not able to raise ticket for asking question about my project. Could you help me?
    28. K Bindu_1
      K Bindu_1
      Hi Neha,I am new to simplilearn having AWS classes.Having few doubts and stuck on it. Who will help me out asap
    29. Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Hi neha,I cant able to access practice labs since last week.Could you please help me to solve this problem with my account.
    30. Kumara Swamy Karnati
      Kumara Swamy Karnati
      Hi neha, Just now I booked my live class. How can I attend the session.Do I get any link or what will be the process
    31. manigandan_5
      Hello Neha. I have completed my selflearning in Data science can you help me to complete the project assignment in Data science. Could you please help me to understand the exact requirements and unlock my certificate
    32. Sanjana_18
      Hi. This is Sanjana. I had given two projects for evaluation but they have not yet been evaluated. My course expires on 13th July . Please provide me with an extension so that I will be able to view my results
      Hi Neha, i got the second project result but first project is still pending for evaluation. Can you please help.
    34. Tushar Sharma_3
      Tushar Sharma_3
      Hi Neha, I am unable to raise a support ticket for unlocking my Course Certificate can you please help me here? Thanks
    35. Amit Agrahari
      Amit Agrahari
      I need help for project for Data Science with R module.
      Please do reply
      Hi Neha - This is Deepaak...Raghavendra took my Demo session on Sat. I received the workshop recording links for Tableau on mail but they had a validity of only 24 hours. I could download only 2 of theme and missed to download the remaining during the 24 hours. Can you please help me get the links again so that I can download all of them..thanks so much.
    37. Abdul Rahuman A
      Abdul Rahuman A
      Hi Neha , Whom do I contact for knowing about my certification exam for Prince2 Foundation and Practioner? I havee completed the Simplilearn Exam and got my PDU certificate. Need to know if I use the Coupon provided then how long do I have before closing the exam
    38. Amrit Sengupta
      Amrit Sengupta
      Main eya Project kar nehi Para hoon madam, Can I Help from U...??? Because iska Tutorial Nehi Mil raha hai, jo upload kiya hai.
      I mean Main ye Samaj nehi parahun jo Flowchart maindiya hain Project Submission Folder main
    39. Aaditya Jain
      Aaditya Jain
      I am having dual boot pc for kali and windows so how to use webex and simplilearn live classes on kali? My PC is unable to use virtualisation option
      I need assist for Project completion query
    41. _39412
      Hi Please assit me with the Advanced Pay Per click projects
    42. Someswar Silla
      Someswar Silla
      Hi, need your help regarding my AWS account billing. Please reach out to me on 9861795010
    43. Santhosh A_2
      Santhosh A_2
      Hi Neha, I had attended the May 24 Sunday session for Mastring SEO but my attendance is didn't marked. I do dropped in between due to connection issues. But I had attended the session. Please check and do the needful.
    44. _56358
      hadoop live classs are not showing in simplearn account can u solve this problem
    45. Gaurav Jain(1393)
      Gaurav Jain(1393)
      Hello Neha. I have completed my selflearning in Agile. I am not from software background. Cant understand project assignment in Agile workshop. Could you please help me to understand the exact requirements and unlock my certificate
    46. Pijush Debnath
      Pijush Debnath
      what should i put on the writeup section on tableau 10 project 2
    47. Abdulrahman_11
      Hi.. I'm attending PMP Course. Where can I find samples of quality metrics?
    48. Purnima Rani
      Purnima Rani
      Hi Neha, I have submitted project work for
      Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate: AZ-203 three days back but still its showing-Your project is under assessment. You will hear from us soon., so when can i expect this to resolve?
    49. Ragiman Shiva Kumar
      Ragiman Shiva Kumar
      Hi, I have few doubts, I am posting in community but no one is responding for post. can you help where to report for this?
    50. _4616
      WebEx Player Can you help me with the link to open the learning class file sessions that have recorded with my instructor Vivek. Thankyou, Best Regards, James Roughton
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