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Neha Jain_1
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  • Hi, I need assistance to better understand some concepts in the PG BA CBAP course. Could you help me answer some questions about it please?
    Thank you.
    Will we get any answers and codes for the projects? I am a little bit uncertain what to do with the projects.
    HI! I'm Ashwini.

    I recently completed my LSGB (Green belt) looking for a JOB change

    experience in Banking , customer support and Supply chain management

    Kindly keep me posted if there is any openings

    Thank You!
    Hello Neha,
    Can you please help with the Sample projects of Digital Marketing Master Program for each module . It would be of great help. Thank you
    Hello Neha,

    As I am new to DevOps, I have completed my Live Class for DevOps Training Certifications 2-3 Weeks ago, But I am struggling badly to understand the Project Requirement. Requesting you to please help me with some mentoring. So that I can understand and participate to submit the Project Assessment.

    How to extend access to the course? so that I can submit my project, please help to extend the course for 15-30 days it will be very helpful.​

    same things I need to do please help me if you get an idea from the team.
    Pungamuru Siva
    Pungamuru Siva
    hai sir extrnd access
    Neha, this is kiran, My Capstone project has not yet been unlocked please need help here and my access will expire in 3 days, I have raised ticket also no proper response recieved.
    hi, Arfath from Simplilearn is not responding and I have already opened 3 support tickets:

    Its been weeks. Anybody knows how to wake the support up?
    Hi, I want to unlock my master's certification in Artificial Intelligence Engineer Program. I tried raising a support request and I am still not able to unlock my certificate. Please provide help regarding this matter.
    Pungamuru Siva
    Pungamuru Siva
    Hi, I want to unlock my master's certification in Artificial Intelligence Engineer Program. I tried raising a support request and I am still not able to unlock my certificate. Please provide help regarding this matter.
    Hi Neha, I had attended PMP training with Jerome and sridhar, and downloaded live classes on my personal laptop. Due to some technical issue, I had to recently reimage my laptop due to which all the live videos were nuked. Can you please share me any of those trainers live session vidoes.I had raised a help ticket for same on Monday but I have not still received any response from the technical team. Please help.
    Hi there, I'm struggling with downloading NBR player, everytime I download it doesn't work. it's been night mare and I can't keep up with my classes because of this issue.
    I completed my Masters in Data Scientist and recently i received a my Master Certificate on 20 Jan 2021 from simplilearn so im eagerly waiting for Job Assist program and when will i receive the Job Assist. Please reply.
    Is there any you can share the steps/link to view the recorded session.?
    Archana Kumari_2
    go to my course>live classes> past classes
    Note: 1st u have to register for the session then only u will be able to download the session.
    hello, i'm enrolled in the advanced search engine class and looking to see previous projects for i am having difficulty in starting them. I would like some guidance my self learning classes and live classes are not enough for me to techinically be able to do it.
    Hi Neha, I am from Data Analyst course . I have completed Tableau , want to start Power BI but there are no available classes, could you tell me when are the classes starting for Power BI ?
    Nevil Paul Perry
    you have a course called analysis with excel ,you can check that out ,it has power bi ,
    00796506-I gave the CEH exam now i want to know which version it was exam code - 312-50 as i have paid for CEHv10 and gave Exam for CEHv11 because of which i did not passed provide me with the solution.
    Live Classes Disappeared (#00787840)
    My upcoming class supposed to be on Jan 9. Last Class, I had before Christmas. After Christmas vacation when I log into my LMS I see there is nothing under live classes. I opened a ticket but it's more than 24hr there is not a single response. I posted on the support forum no response. I feel terrified. Please Help. How do I attend my next Live Class?
    I raised a request for moving cohort 12 to 13 (#00758134), I have registered for the welcome session for the cohort 13th batch which scheduled for 19th Dec 2020, but due to a personal emergency, I couldn't join that session. I am aware of classes to be registered so recently I logged into the LMS portal and tried to register for the classes but I couldn't find the classes in the portal.
    Live Classes disappeared after Christmas Vacation. I started Phase -2 of the Web Development post-graduation course after the first week of Christmas vacation started and now there are no live Classes anymore. I don't see any live classes they are just gone. Caltech CTME PG FSD - Phase-2: Become a back-end expert.
    Analysis Tasks Use the Saved Sample – E-Commerce database. Create a histogram to analyze a number of shipping days.
    Prepare a table of Sales and Profit month-wise in one sheet, named it as ‘Working Sheet’.
    Prepare the sales table region-wise in the working sheet.
    Project Related-assistance/guidance-Business Analytics with Excel

    I need to understand the above points and also wants to know "Do I need to create sperate Excel file for the same or need to perform the project in same file provided by Simplilearn".

    Thank You
    Im not able to find the recorded videos in the Network Recording Player which I have attended the class yesterday 12th Dec 2020.

    After downloading the player, anything I have to do to view the recorded videos?

    Is there any specific time will be taken to upload the recorded videos into the Network Recording Player?
    Hi.. Neha , I have taken master program DATA SCIENCE Course in march 2020.and i am not completed even singal project .so my access has expair in march .could please extend my access another 2 months .if its possible ..thank u
    I request your answer to the following questions.
    1. Is there any deadline for the submission of the project?
    2. If I attend the classes of saying Mastering SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Digital Analytics, and in the first batch I didn't find it much helpful and want to attend the other batches as well. Is it fine If I attend multiple batches for a particular course and then I submit the project?
    Though I didn't miss single Live class but I'm still seeing... "0 Classes completed" in my login
    Hi Neha,I have taken master program AWS course and recently completed aws solution architect training by Neeraj Kashikar,Required help from your side to clear AWS Solution architect exam,can you share any dump or exam related doc??
    I joined six sigma green belt on 16/11/2020. Mr Josh from bangalore promised for evening slot. But yesterday is chocked to see no evening slot. So please refund my fees. To proceed further with another supporting course
    Hello Neha,Can you please help me in providing some sample resumes or CV for azure administration job.Manikanta my mobile number 9666964643
    hello Neha, I have completed my course Masters in Data Science now looking for placement support.Kindly help mob:8056214522
    Hello Neha,I am CA Parag Kulkarni from Pune, I had completed my batch but till date I am not in receipt of Q & A digital edition books of CISA. I am continuously asking for technical support every day since last 4 weeks with Puja Agrawal and Leenish Kurian. Please help me on that Other wise I am planning for legal action in next week.Mobile No:-+919890165555
    HI! I am in the middle of my course and have been given the Project to complete. Is there anyone I can work with on this so I learn the process better? I understnad we are supposed to do it on our own but it would be so helpful to talk it through!
    I have finished PMI ACP course & the certification. I want to apply the PDUs to recertify my PMP. I would like to know the distribution of PDUs across Technical - Strategy - Leadership. Thank you!
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