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  • Hello mam, is your class available in data science with python on the upcoming date? If it is available kindly suggest the date.
    Hi Nimisha, I am the member of Data science with R programming training batch ( Mar 1 to Mar 17 ). So far I did not get any link for today's class. Can you please confirm on this?
    Mam I joined your classes in Jan 4- Jan 25 but we didn't get any solution regarding the live class recording No audio is available on Jan 22. I was asking this particularly because in that several topics were discussed based on project 6. Can I get any solution regarding it.
    Query regarding finding dependency of variables. For ex., I have 50 variables Q1, Q2, Q3,...Q50. where if Q1=1 then Asked Q2-Q10 else Asked Q11-Q20 and remaining are common for everyone.
    Is any package will help us to identify variable dependency and found various branch options to draw flow diagram as in actual, filtering will be more complex.
    Hello Nimisha I have a doubt regarding outliers . How can I get the information of outliers in the case study of Zomato data? I mean we can show the outliers in box plot and scatter plot but how can we get their entire data? Please respond
    Hello mam myself seshubabu i'm practicing your code but i have some trouble import graphviz means its make a module error showing . so please help me.
    Hello mam myself gurambi from one of ur recent batch i was unable attend ur classes on time due health issues so...i have downloaded and go thru all ur sessions and i need ur help to verify my project so......could u please provide me ur mail id so that i can sent u my project file to ur mail mam...
    that code that I wrote to check if a number is prime(b) check wther number is prime
    Number = 5
    for i in range(2, Number):
    if (Number % i) ==0:
    print(Number, "is not a prime number")
    print (Number, "is a prime number")
    the code I wrote for the getting list of prime numbers from 1 to 100(a) prime number betweeen 1 and 100
    for num in range(2, 101, 1):
    for i in range(2, num):
    if(num % i) == 0:
    Hi Nimisha. Need a help. can you help with the exact community page created for our batch? I will post the codes there. As discussed on the session, I need help with the coding for the first N prime numbers
    Hey Nimisha, i have a problem i don't see the link to my batch anymore. i just updated my enrollment to AI engineer today and suddenly i don't see the class anymore....they knew already that i was going to update to AI because that was my goal when joining Simplilearn, so it must be an error but now i am stuck outside the class...need help.
    Hello, How do i post my homework? is there a way to communicate with you outside of class? where is the link for the google shared drive? This is Philippe from your Data Science with Python Class.
    Hi Nimisha, I am attending your previous R session conducted from Oct 1 - Oct 17 , 2018. I enjoyed the sessions and my doubts were clear. Thank you for the wonderful explanation. Regards, Sandeep
    Hello Nimisha, I have created program with fam function from 3 days it was working fine and suddenly its giving me error as Fam is not define.
    Hi NImisha,Could you please share the last class tutorial which was conducted on 14th October related to hypothesis testing. (questions and the code) Thanks,
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