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Aug 15, 2020 at 5:30 AM
    1. Ajitha Manoj
      Ajitha Manoj
      Greetings, Due to lack of assistance from Simplilearn i have not submitted the project for the LSSGB - batch July 4th - August 2nd 2020! Can the submission date be extended? During the registration process i was told that the package includes additional attendance for online training sessions, Can you please confirm?
    2. Kishore Nath
      Kishore Nath
      I am concerned. Completed my assignment a day before the deadline, Submitted it , Received no confirmation. Raised a ticket. Is there anything I can do as I am really worried
    3. Souptik Saha
      Souptik Saha
      Can you please provide me the Community link and the google drive link for Natural Language Processing class for July 25 to Aug 23
    4. Ryan Jordan
      Ryan Jordan
      Hello Nishant, I am currently working on the Comcast Customer complaints Data Set in Python. I have noticed there are two date columns and I was wondering how to check if they are dependent or different? It would appear that the dates in both formats are the same but I want to be sure. Any assistance or a reference is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    5. Vinay Sharma_9
      Vinay Sharma_9
      Hii Nishant , i have completed my DS with python class and i have also submitted assignments which are in the self learning videos and final project as well but i didn't get any confirmation of assignments and project on mail . So , how could i know it was successfully submitted or not please help me out with this .
    6. _71974
      Hello Mr. Nishant, I have attended Akshata shetty session on DS with Python. Kind request on extension in submitting the final project . as i will be busy with office work for 2 weeks (24hrs) starting from 21st may 2020. with restriction on accessibility for own laptops other electronic devices. Once the work is over i will be forward the projects.
    7. Babatunde_5
      Hello, I am touching base to see if you got my response emails. I am still having challenges with the Jupyter lab. Kindly assist
    8. Surendra Kumar Sarki
      Surendra Kumar Sarki
      Hello Sir ! I am doing my Assessment task but i am not able to perform one task please kindly guide me!! i can share my note if needed. please!!!
    9. akshaypradhan
      Hi Nishant, I am not able to complete project it seems for machine Learning. I can share my doc if needed. Let me know.
    10. Rahul Chaubey
      Rahul Chaubey
      Hi Nishant, could you please share the learning path for Data Science course
    11. Amarshree V
      Amarshree V
      Hello Sir, I need project guidance for Comcast Telecom Complaints project in R programming
    12. Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Sanjay Krishnan N R
      Hello Sir, In the last 4 classes, Data Science with R was not completed and I don't see any classes in near future. I assume that next classes are for other topics. Could you please advise on how my class schedule is. If there is any particular forum where in I could get an answer for this, Please advise those as well.
    13. sheikh shreen
      sheikh shreen
      Hi ,I am trying to solve comcast projec but dont understand how to get the column name name and value together
      as i an giving below command then outpt is only count and i ned both count and column name
      df["Received Via"].value_counts().max()--- o/p 1119
      df["Received Via"].groupby([df['Received Via']]).agg('count')
    14. Sathish Kumar_14
      Sathish Kumar_14
      hi nishath, not able to download the project dataset. In DS with python course, Movielens Case Study
    15. _47991
      If you ask this guy for any help, he won't respond. Very nasty attitude.
    16. _26245
      Hi Nishant, I am enrolled in Datascience with SAS . Can you please share me the google drive link. Many thanks!.
    17. _40088
      Hi Nishant, I have attended the batch of Bhupendra Sinha ,Yesterday was the last day of the batch and Bhupen told us that he will share some slides prepared by him on google drive but upto now i am not having any slides on google drive, maybe he must be forgotten ,Please remind him once that he have to Share his PPT's .
      1. _40088
        Hi Nishant ,I am waiting for your reply.
        Oct 30, 2018
      I am unable to process or upload data into Jupyter and I am getting following error:
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