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Mar 14, 2019
      0796506-I gave the CEH exam now i want to know which version it was exam code - 312-50 as i have paid for CEHv10 and gave Exam for CEHv11 because of which i did not passed provide me with the solution.
    2. Kandula Yaswanth
      Kandula Yaswanth
      I believe that may be if the content inside the assignments are good then may be it will help me in some way. Hopefully I must get some answer from some one with quite better knowledge and understanding about AWS & SimpliLearn. Today I called up 2 persons but they don't know the SimpliLearn live classes. Please educate the employees who are working for you. . I'm extremely sorry if I hurt anybody.
      Hi SimpliLearn I'm feeling very low after attending today's session. Can you tell me if there can be any good use of earning a certificate from SimpliLearn? I may get the same knowledge after googling it out. If I know the question I know the answer and moreover I feel sometimes that the knowledge distribution is quite abnormal and irregular. The same answers can be find out by googling them up?
    5. Shruthi_39
    6. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      Hi can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    7. JAI PRAKASH_2
      Hi Please help me in Completing Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project .Project related to Holistic Health Systems.What is to be submitted as project report.
    8. Madhava Rao(3770)
      Madhava Rao(3770)
      Hi, I am trying to submit my application for PMI SP and I would like to know if there is any particular training which is related to only SP which will give me the required 30 PDU's to submit my application. There are many cources which are giving required PDU's for PMP, ACP and RMP in both simplilearn and Udemy but I am searching something specific for PMI SP with PDU's credit mandate. Please suggest.
    9. _12590
      hi Pls help in completing Project ; The project involves Risk Management prior to the effort, and throughout the construction to identify potential issues, opportunities, challenges, and strategies.
    10. _46589
      Hi Priyamwada.. Can you please help me out: A project you are managing had a starting budget of 180,000 USD and an expected duration of 1 year and 3 months. The work and budget are spread equally over the duration.

      You are currently 8 months into the project, the work is on schedule, and so far you have spent 102,000 USD.

      What is the cost variance of the project?
    11. _43407
      I would like to review the best format of successful applicants before submitting my PMP application. Advise please.
    12. krishnagollakota(3636192)
      Hi Priyamwada, I need assistance to get the material that was shared Mr. Raj in the classes conducted in January and February 2018 for PRINCE2. Are you able to share the google drive link. Appreciate a quick response on this as I am targeting to complete the certification asap. Thanks! I am reachable on
    13. _40167
      Neha Jain replied to me that attached screenshot but i didn't find any screenshot for my class recording.. so please let me know all in detail about pop up enable with screen shot. I didn't find any pop up in advanced setting in google chrome. please explain in detail with screen shot. about pop up and download class recordings.
      waiting for the reply..
    14. _15491
      Hi Priyamwada, can you please share the Project Management Templates to my mail Id .
    15. Karthik Yuvaraj
      Karthik Yuvaraj
      Hi Priyamwada, In today's PMP session, the trainer - Sachin Goswani mentioned that he has shared around 35-40 Project Management Templates (e.g Scope Management Template, Schedule Management Template, PMP Template etc. & so on). He said you can share it with us. Can you please send me the templates to
    16. Rajesh Kumar_25
      Rajesh Kumar_25
      Suggest PMP best book to purchase?
    17. Rajesh Kumar_25
    18. Mirdash Kercishta
      Mirdash Kercishta
      Hi Priyamwada, I was in the class of 2017 until Feb 2018. I haven't got my attendance certificate even after successfully attending the online sessions. Please help me and thanks for support. . My email
    19. Dustin Buhr
      Dustin Buhr
      Hey Priyamwada, you've shared a link a link to the PMP project mentoring session recording. Can you please also share this with me? Regards, Dustin
    20. Natesh Pai
      Natesh Pai
      Hi Priyamwada, I have sent an email, can you please help me in that regard? it would be great help!
      1. Priyamwada
        Hi Natesh, I have replied to your email.Please check your inbox.
        Jan 16, 2018
      2. Natesh Pai
        Natesh Pai
        Hi Priyamwada, I again need your help. i have sent email to you regarding the same. Kindly HELP!
        Feb 14, 2018
      3. Natesh Pai
        Natesh Pai
        Hi Priyamwada, please help!!
        Feb 15, 2018
    21. Muhammad Asad Kamran
      Muhammad Asad Kamran
      Greetings Priyamwada,Kindly provide updated PRINCE2 slides & notes as followed by Mr. Bipin on 13 Jan 2018 lectures. As downloaded ebook & slides for self-learning for PRINCE2 isnt updated and its actually quite confusing & time wasting to first read old version & then go through new slides. Infact its been pointed out couple of time on PRINCE2 forum to update slides.
    22. _5286
      Hi Priyamwada, I was in the class of 2017 until Jan 2018. I haven't got my attendance certificate even after successfully attending the online sessions (99%). Please help me
    23. _11788
      I have watched the downloaded recording of Prince-2 classes. But my account shows that I did not attend classes. Will that impact possibility to give the foundation, practice exams?
    24. _12105
      I have downloaded the PMP 35 hours PDU certificate of simplilearn.But there is no REP ID of PMI is mentioned .Please Mention it and I want to download it with that data .
    25. Megha Joshi
      Megha Joshi
      Hi Priyamawada, Please let me know how should i upload the project for review? Please consider this on urgency.Thanks Megha
    26. Deepti Mehrotra
      Deepti Mehrotra
      Hi Priyamwada, I am filling my PMP application form. We were told that we can send our filled application for review to simplilearn, before final submission? How to send?
      Hi Priyamwada, how do i access my mock tests?
    28. parshav
      Hi Priyamwada, when will samer's PMP session start in this month?
    29. Deepika Maheshwari
      Deepika Maheshwari
      Hi Priyamwada, I am not able to run any of the videos for Prince 2 with my login. I would also like to book an exam date. Could you please help? Earlier Venu was helping me get the access but I came to know that he has left the organization.
    30. Vishesh tomar
      Vishesh tomar
      Hi Priayamwadm, Could you please let me know the process to download the PMP Videos of previous session
    31. Megha Joshi
      Megha Joshi
      Hi Priyamwada, Do we have module based questions? i would like to complete chapter by chapter and then answer sample question. Thanks Megha
    32. Ajoy Kumar Majumdar
      Ajoy Kumar Majumdar
      Hi Priyamwada, I need your help to submit the PMP application form, could you please share your phone number. Thanks Ajoy
    33. Sulaiman Sakkeer Hussain
      Sulaiman Sakkeer Hussain
      Hi Priyamwada, I passed my PMP exam yesterday at first attempt. Thank you all for supporting. Simplilearn materials was more than enough to prepare PMP. looking for further related certification for carrier path.
    34. _7106
      Hi Priya, I have completed PMP certification yesterday successfully.Just pass a message to you and Bhawesh for your guidance and support - Thanks Sreenivasulu Tadooru
    35. _7106
      Hi Priya, I have completed PMP certification yesterday successfully.Just pass a message to you and Bhawesh for your guidance and support - Thanks Sreeni.
    36. Alok_59
      Hi Priyamwada, I have one question. I am new to Simplilearn. I am interested to work/support as a freelancer. I am unable to find any option from how to start and where? I am a Front End Developer having 7+ years of experience.
    37. Dilip_27
    38. _5451
      Hi Priyamwada - Please could you have a trainer help me on questions posted on this thread RISK MANAGEMENT QUESTIONS Discussion in 'PMP' started by _5451, Apr 25, 2017.
    39. sachin juneja
      sachin juneja
      How to copy Excel file into HDFS? I tried using copyFromLocal and put but I am getting the error: No such file or directory exists.
      I have one file in my local system saved under C:/ drive and I want to copy that file into HDFS. How to do that? any help?
    40. Nithyalakshmi J
      Nithyalakshmi J
      Hi Priya, In our first PMP session(Apr 8th and 9th) you guided us on how to download the PMBOK and other material. Could you let me know steps how to download it? I am unable to find theses options
    41. sudipta mondal(2027)
      sudipta mondal(2027)
      Hi Priyamwada, My PMP application form has been selected for Audit. It is talking about Experience verification form but i couldn't found them in the PMI site. Could you please guide me where l get the Experience verification form and how to proceed with the audit process...
    42. Chethanvn
      I have 35 PDU's from Simplelearn in Aug-2015. Will the same PDU's be valid to take the PMP certificate now.
    43. Mohammad Azhar Khwaja
      Mohammad Azhar Khwaja
      Is there a requirement for a candidate need to have a continuous experience without any gaps? Also, can my projects overlap while submitting the application?
    44. _4225
      Hi I am unable to play video recordings on my laptop please help
    45. dkashish
      Hi dear ..I am going to submit application for PMP ... but having some doubt like PM education n exp ...i tried to call for support but lines were too busy .. need assistance regarding that plz help
    46. Porkodi J
      Porkodi J
      Hi Priyamwada, Greetings to you! Could you please let me know what the top three attendees in a batch will get after completing the PMP course as mentioned in the first session?
      1. Priyamwada
        Hi Porkodi, you will get 60 days of free access of any course in Self-Paced Learning format.
        Feb 24, 2017
    47. Reshma_19
      Please could you let me know how we earn PDUs during PMP training. As I understand, we earn it as we go on with the live classroom sessions. Please let me know how the PDU concept works.
    48. Reshma_19
      Hi Priyamwada, Could I get the maild id of any of the participants from Virtual Classroom training for PMP/ Batch 4 / Dec 17,18, Jan 7,8,14,15,21,22 ? I lost the mail id shared by a member in the chat.
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