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  • Hi Mam, I have attended online classes however on portal its shows 0 class attended. Please update the class attendance at my portal to complete the certification. i have completed all the projects. Please help me as i have left only days
    00796506 I gave the CEH exam now i want to know which version it was exam code - 312-50 as i have paid for CEHv10 and gave Exam for CEHv11 because of which i did not passed provide me with the solution
    Hi Priya ,Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
    could not find function "read_excel"
    Hi can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    Hi Priyanka_Mehta.. can u plz help me in completing the project assignment in "Comparative study of Countries" in Tableau and unlock my certificate.. I have only 1 day left.
    I have completed my course Data science with R Can you help me in completing the project assignment in Data science
    Hello Priyanka. I have completed my selflearning in Data science, Can you help me in completing the project assignment in Data science requirements and unlock my certificate.
    Hello Priyanka, I need some help with the projects for the Data Science with R course. I have opted for Data Analyst Master program. Please do respond and mail me on amit.agrahari77@gmail.com
    Hii Priyanka , I'm completing the Data Science Capstone ,i completed python coding but after what we do, i cannot understand properly please tell me what we do??
    Hi priyanka this is soundarya, I have recently enrolled in data analyst and data science course, so i need some basics understanding support from who are already into these courses, how should i connect with them
    @Priyanka_Mehta I see a message when I login to Simplilearn that all classes on 26th and 27th are postponed by a week. Please confirm if this is true, I will plan my Diwali weekend accordingly.
    Hi Priyanka , i am not able use dplyr functions . I installed 2 times , still its not working in my R. I iwill appreciate you help. BR// bimal.1038@gmail.com
    For blending data i have added two datasets, Sample supersotr and Target file. Could you please help me what i do the next step. Thanks
    Hello, Can you please help me in tableau Project - i want calculated filed for Color code the chart to identify Categories and Segments that are above or below target.
    Mam i have take a course of financial modelling with ms-excel foundation i am preparing offline i have lots of doubts in excel related to formula how to use them practically and also in finance how do they solve the sums using formula
    in excel how to do spreadsheet macros excel workbook charts and dashboards and in finance lecture what is price bond valuation and lots off doubts are there...etc please help me out asap
    Hi Priyanka,i have been trying to reach support to register for live classes for data science with python.nobody is responding. kindly do the needful
    hello priyanka. i am unable to read project movieline data while reading files in google colab.i am getting an error as ParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 1 fields in line 11, saw 2.I am able to open the other two data files
    Hi Priyanka,I, Sonymol member ID _19385 , am enrolled for Data Scientist
    Masters Program since january 2018. I have completed five
    modules i.e SAS , R , Big Data& Hadoop , Excel and Python. Now I was doing the last module Kafka. Today my Course shows that access is denied. I will be extremely thankful if you could kindly give me an extension so that I can complete my course,
    I, Sonymol Koshy , am enrolled for Data Scientist
    Masters Program since january 2018. I have completed five
    modules i.e SAS , R , Big Data& Hadoop , Excel and Python. Now I was doing the last module Kafka. Today my Course shows that access is denied. I will be extremely thankful if you could kindly give me an extension so that I can complete my course,
    Any idea Y i m receiving error while opening VM? it says Error relaunching VirtualBox VM process:5 Command line------------------------------"(rc =-104) Please let me know if any one can resolve this issue. Bought new laptop with 16 GB ram but with this error my new laptop is of no use. please help.
    hi, As instructed by Nimisha during session; kindly provide access for statistics essentials module my email id is ashwaghosh.d.wankhade@gmail.com
    Hi priyanka, I am not able to attempt simulation test in " R" .. after attempting 15 to 16 question, it jumps to playing the syllabus again.. Am feeling stuck.. pls help
    Hi Madam Priyanka, I am unable to register for the python classes and bag data with excel classes as in my login it shows no classes available now. I am running after the time as course duration may get over soon and i have my very busy schedule too. Kindly sort out the much needed issue. I have also raised the ticket via help and support.
    Hi Priyanka, I am stuck with last 2 questions of attrition analysis project (SAS). 1. Check MAX and MIN values for the probability of churn 2. Create new dataset to add all "churned" employees above the cut-off value .......Could you please help me in completing my project. Thanks
    Dear Priyanka I am todays class in Tableau but still not able to connect. Kindly guide me what to do the error is appearing Classes yet to start
    Hi Priyanka, I am trying to attend Tableau 7.30pm batch but since 7.33 pm its giving following message: Today's class: Completed. Please check next class.
    I am looking for jobs in the field of data science.I am currently doing the data scientist master's program. Simplilearn has promised its members to assist them with jobs.Could you please help me with this?
    Hello Priyanka... I am in June 1 start date Datascience for SAS course... Where can I find the city_parking.xlsx file used by Prateek in the SAS code. Also where is the threaded discussion forum for the June 1 start date Datascience for SAS course
    Hi Priyanka,
    I have received an e-mail from Simplilearn that I passed the project submission :).
    I have below questions in reference of this-
    1. The e-mail only says 'passed'. Do we also get some kind of rating/score for our performance in project submission?
    2. Do we get any feedback from SL team regarding our performance - like which code/inference was good or what could have been better etc..?
    hi, I'm taking the tableau associate course and I can't seem to find where to post, submit assignment, read or get he agenda the instructor uses. I started Tableau last week Sat and it concluded Jun 3. can you point me in the right direction?
    Hello Priyanka, Im registered for Masters program in Data Science. I have finished SAS, R and Big Data and Hadoop. Now I would like to attend the classes for python. I dont see any scheduled classes. When will the clases be available? Thanks! Sonymol Koshy
    Hi Priyanka, I am one of your master program students. I have finished the SAS course and I want to continue with Data Science with R. But there is no class available for me to register. Anita Khatri told me that there is a course beginning today 12th of May but I still can not see the class in my online classes to register. Can you please help me solve this problem. Thank you! -Nassir
    Hi Priyanka I am from March 29 to Apr 29 Data Science Using R batch. Have not been able to submit the coding part for the project. Need 1 weeks time to enable revise the whole course and submit the project. Please confirm if OK
    Hey Priyanka, I am following R course from 21st may, I want to have access of google drive ... can u help
    Hi Priyanka , i m Aishwarya from march 31 to 29th apr 2018 Data Science using R batch . i have some important meetings in my Office related to work next week so i have been very busy this whole week . i will not be able to attend 28th-29th Apr's class of project submission. is it ok if i submit the project later ? please let me know .
    This is Suresh from 2018 Apr 7 Data Science with SAS batch handled by Ashuthosh 1)I am not getting audio while playing downloaded classroom session videos 2) Attendance were not marked for last two session
    Hi Priyanka, I'm facing some issues in R while installing some packages. Can you provide some help?
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