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  • Hi there Rajat,

    Can you clarify something for me?

    In the Self Learning Lessons, is it mandatory to complete all the Practice Projects? Syed had similar assignments which we completed and turned in (submitted) to the forum.

    Thanks, Gremel
    Hi Gremel, No that is not mandatory, whenever in confusion, you can always check your certification criterion in the certificate tab of that course.

    The criteria which is reflecting there are the ones you have to complete and is mandatory.

    Other additional things like case studies ,assignments are for your practice.
    Hello my name s Vno Patel and am enrolled in Hadoop Spark Big Data course. I am n the process of finishing my project that s due on july-3-2021.
    am having problem startng spark-shell from my web-console. I get the following error ("setting default log level to error". I was using spark-shell all day today and it stopped workng for recently.

    My user name is vpatel7474gmail.

    Can you please help. Thank you!
    Hi Vino, I would request you to raise a case for this matter, Please follow the steps below, it will be actioned soon.

    Please follow the steps below to raise
    "Help and support" ticket.
    >Login to LMS account,
    >Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
    >Select any query example: unlocking the certificate
    >Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
    >Select "other"
    >To raise a ticket select " yes"
    I work for an IT service provider company. We give product development services for different organizations. So when filling the application form, should I write the name of my organization (Service provider)
    or the organization taking services from my company to develop their product
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