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Recent content by Rakesh Deshpande

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    DevOps | Anuj Sharma | 21st Jan

    Hello There , Please do share the steps you followed, did you go as per the document provided to you? From where did you get this IP address 3.93.*.*
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    DevOps | Anuj Sharma | 21st Jan

    What is your IP address of the VM in the labs we have provided?
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    DevOps Practitioner/NOVICE/Jan12-Feb10

    from where did you get this port number? are you referring to the Google cloud platform? The IP address should be either or when you run docker inspect mysql.
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    DevOps Practitioner/NOVICE/Jan12-Feb10

    Hello ,Hello, it's just chmod 777 runclient and not run chmod... Please try again and let me know
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    Hello Sir there is an update from Google play deve...

    Yes Ansuman, I have received an e-mail on the same. As per my knowledge, it is implement due to various changes incorporated in Oreo such as speed and efficiency. This will not be a problem because all the current android phone manufactures are supporting the upgrade option such as one plus...
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    EXIN ASM certified!

    Hello Anthony, We are happy to know your positive outcome. We always look forward for your delightful learning experience, our respective team would reach out for further assistance, if you're the best participant of the class. Apart from this, We wish you a great career ahead. Please feel...
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    Deno - Is it replacement of Node or a helping hand?

    Hello, Have you heard about deno ? No ? Yes ? . Well, I want you to go through this post which will help you get started with the understanding on deno. This is how it started: Ryan, the creator of Node.js regretted that he created node but didn't plan properly on it. Yes, you read it right...
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    Jira installation

    Hello Ayuk, You have to use JIRA cloud and not JIRA Server. JIRA Cloud works fine by just creating an account using there 7 days free trail. That would be sufficient to complete the project.
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    Could anyone please elaborate more about the "Defi...

    Hello Sridhar, DOD is the understanding set up with/by the team during the process on completing a story. Let's say the usecase/story is mobile should support online signup option. Now, this task should be completed but how do you judge it? 1. Only Sign up option with Google / Facebook...
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    Jenkins error

    Hello , The screenshot is not complete. Also, can you please brief us clearly on the issue. I am sorry but I am confused.
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    DS - R| Jun 9 - Jul 8 | Ashutosh

    Hi All , Please post your questions here. Regards, Simplilearnsupport
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    What is difference between events and function?how...

    Hello Dheeraj, It seems to be an issue while running Webpack. Can you please run the project and share the error occured in console.
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    What is difference between events and function?how...

    Hello Dheeraj, Please check the below link : https://github.com/yarnpkg/yarn/issues/2504 Also, please explain at what point you're trying to install Yarn and at what project.
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    Can't upload file

    Hello, You can share the error screenshot and the file to the help & Support team who will investigate and help you submit the project in your LMS.
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    I have completed my project and submitted it. Can ...

    H Hello Ashley, Project will reviewed in 1 -2 working days at the max. You will be notified via email about the status.