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Ravi T
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  • Hi Ravi, I have just enrolled with Data science Course and I am not able to install libraries in Practice lab.How to use Practice lab. Could you please help me with this?
    Hi Ravi, I wont' be able to open any self-learning classes for
    Microsoft Certified Expert: Azure Solution Architect (AZ-300 and AZ-301) and is always telling me this "Thank you for checking out the online classroom training preview. We do not have any pre-recorded material for this course.
    "Please register for a class to go through this course..." your help is appreciated it.
    Hi Abhinav, Please help me with email to contact for DevOps labs support. I havent yet managed to submit my project. I am getting message "You have exceeded the access limit for this lab". From Knox
    Hello Ravi T, I am new to SImplilearn program and taking part of with PMP certification; instructed by Manjunath Nagaraju. This is week 2 and he assigned homework to team last weekend March 8-9. How do we upload the homework assignments with tools?
    Hi Ravi, Due to my work and personal commitments, i will not be able to submit my project assignment on day 10 which is tomorrow. I was under the assumption that i can complete it any time before the end of my validity with the course. If my assumption is incorrect, please help me with extension of atleast 2 weeks to allow me complete the project assignment.
    Hi Ravi, although I have attended most of the live classes and today being the 9th class, My simplilearn portal is showing 0 live classes attended.Could you please help get this corrected? Thanks, Sreeja
    Hi Ravi, I have enrolled for Block chain Development course, there is some self learning which seems to a part of the course, looks like it by some other training, only 2 videos are accessible. Can we not access the pre-recorded course by other trainers that is a part of self learning videos?
    Hi Ravi, Hi Vinay,

    I am unable to unlock the certificate. 1. Completed Course -- 100% 2. Completed Simulation Test -- 2(100%), 3. Project Completed -- Finished. But Still Certification is not unlocked.
    Please look into dat ..do need full..

    Hi ravi, Could you please share sample question dump with questions and answers for Agile Scrum master on r.gayathri12@gmail.com.TIA
    Hi Ravi. I was not aware that I had to do a project to get the Scrum Certification. The Project tab does not provide much direction. Is there a coach you could recommend who could help me please? Thank you, Heather
    Hi, Ravi! I didn't get any email from batch-update... containing free pdf book of "Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum". Can you please send it to me too to the email takobachilava@yahoo.com Thanks
    Hi Ravi,

    I enrolled for the selenium training for the batch(15th September to 14th October) as a part of selenium master programme
    However I am unable to join the class, I even tried clearing cache and history still on luck
    Is the session still on or postponed
    Please help my next class begins at 7:30pm IST today(already missed the first class due to this)

    Hai ravi, I attended yesterday class but why its not showing tick mark? I attended frm 7.35 pm to 11.30 pm .. and i went for break 20 min overall .Please look into dat ..do need full..
    Hi!! I am not able to access lab in data science with R and the forum.Please help me out with this.I have raised a ticket as well.
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