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  • Hi Shohini, the gdrive link which is shared for Nov9, 2020 M.L. batch is not opening for me, can you please to help me to resolve this issue?
    Hi shohini i am doing data science course in simplilearn . Are there job oppurtunities upon course completion?Kindly respond , thanks
    Hi Shohini, I was wondering if any forum has been created for my batch. I wanted to understand that how much minimum of self learning material is required to be covered before any live class.
    Hi Shohini,Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
    could not find function "read_excel"
    Hello Shohini

    I have recently joined Simplilearn a week ago. I have been trying to cover the Python for data science elective but I am not able to open the Practice Help.

    Need Help
    Hello Shohini can u just share the feedback form u asked to fill in the live classes. I got my Laptop hang in between the session. Kindly revert.
    Hello ma'am, I am unable to see the latest document uploaded in g drive.the admission R project was discussed on 5th Jun
    Hello ma'am, I am working on a project in R. I am stuck at a point and i am unable to start a new conversation in particular with you. Kindly help me out.
    Hii shohini , I'm completing the Data Science with Capstone ,i completed python coding but after what we do i cannot understand properly please tell me what we do??
    Hi Sonal,I have few doubts in R basics,is this the place to raise my doubts.If yes please let me know i will get back with my doubts in detail
    Hi Shohini, I completed the Data Science with Python with Harish Joya yesterday and wanted to speak to you with regards to extension on my project submission. I had another class of Data Science with R Programming going on simultaneously. Working days are difficult as I have late working hours. Need time till next Saturday i.e. 22nd Feb to submit my project for Data Science with Python.
    Hi Sohini, My Python classes was completed today with Harish Joya but I am not able to open the lab can you please help me out here. I have already raised the ticket 00511162 & 00511159 but no response as of now.
    Hi Shohini, I have unlocked all the courses on my master program. How do I get Master Certificate or final certificate?
    Hi Shohini. I have completed one project and passed it for course completion. Am working on another for practice. Its a walmart project. I am stuck at the third question what is the store with maximum growth in Quarter 3 in 2012. I have found the data using proc time series, but I want to filter data by 2012:Q3. I am unable to do so as I keep getting errors. Please help me.
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