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Aug 5, 2020 at 9:40 AM
    1. Amit Rastogi_1
      Amit Rastogi_1
      - with the logic all the scores, which are appearing once in the table will have same probability, which is 1/181 = 0.005525.
      Where as in your example, the probability for each score changed & when plotted, it showed a normal distribution.

      Is there any difference in "Mathematical Probability" & "Statistical probability"? Pl advise.
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        We are using the formula for Normal Distribution here.
        Aug 2, 2020 at 3:26 AM
    2. Amit Rastogi_1
      Amit Rastogi_1
      Hi Sonal,

      I have a query from yesterday's lecture - where the scores were analysed (10-100(step0.5)- 181 records) thru NORM.DIST function.

      As per the mathematical knowledge, any event which the chance of occurrence is 1 & is equally likely to happen, the probability will be 1/(no. of events possible)
    3. Saudamini Muley
      Saudamini Muley
      Dear Madam,Plz share the Assignment to us on 25th July 2020 from Cohart 4 and tell me how to Send the Assignment to u ?
    4. Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
      Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
      Hi Sonal, Unable to locate the file in the drive, can you please suggest me the steps to send it to you.
    5. Sharath Kumar SR
      Sharath Kumar SR
      Hi, Mam. I am from Cohart 4, I have uploaded assignment. Do check and Oblige.
      1. Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
        Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
        Hi, Can you help me with the steps to submit the project?
        Jul 31, 2020 at 7:34 AM
    6. Amit Rastogi_1
      Amit Rastogi_1
      Hi Sonal, Good evening. I am part of cohort 4 - pl share the excel sheet 26072020 as well as the presentation on the google drive. Also pl share the method of the submission of the project to you.
    7. Megha Gulati_2
      Megha Gulati_2
      Hi Sonal, Could you please guide, how can I submit the mpg assignment?
    8. Sabareesh .D
      Sabareesh .D
      hi Sonal, this is Sabareesh Dilip from cohort 4 batch. my emailmid id for some strange reason, i cannot open the assignment excel sheet from the drive. Could you please help me with this? Thanks!
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        please raise a ticket for this issue.
        Aug 2, 2020 at 3:25 AM
    9. Amitendra Singh_1
      Amitendra Singh_1
      Hi Sonal, This is Amitendra and I am from 25 July batch. Can you please advise where can I get the excel sheet from which we have to do the assignment for histogram .
    10. Megha Gulati_2
      Megha Gulati_2
      Hi Sonal, Megha Gulati this side. My mail id is You had mentioned about an assignment yesterday, that we are supposed to submit by Friday 12 pm. However, I do not see any new files uploaded on the drive, neither class recording, nor the excel files. Could you please help me with this?
    11. Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
      Vijayalakshmi Padmanaban
      Hi Sonal, This is Vijayalakshmi, My email id is is Cohort 4.I have not received the yesterday's class excel sheet, assignment sheet and the presentation in the drive. Could you please help me to get it.
    12. madhu lakshminarayana
      madhu lakshminarayana
      Hi Sonal ,This is Shilpa MAdhu my attendance is not updated. Could you please look into it. Shall we upload the project?
    13. Neha Das
      Neha Das
      q6 of the project having to approach plz do help mam
    14. NITIRAJ deb
      NITIRAJ deb
      Can you please send me all statistic notes in pdf .ex statistics ,norminal disturbution,t test z test etc .Please send me the notes.

      Thank you
    15. ashish Kumar_71
      ashish Kumar_71
      Hi Sonal, I am getting variable type different in same data, when i was working with excel file variable was num and when i am using csv variable type getting int. why?. please clear confusion. code was same.
    16. Shekhar_40
      9. Return a copy of all flights flights where taxiing took longer than flying. Save it in f3.
    17. Shekhar_40
      Hi Sonal, Can you please explain Project 7 attributes and their details. In Q.4 i am facing challenge.
    18. ashish Kumar_71
      ashish Kumar_71
      Hi Sonal, i was going through data manipulation, i am little confused that why and where we need to manipulate data. what would be the condition where i need to manipulate the data.
      1. Shekhar_40 likes this.
      ERROR: failed to lock directory 'C:/Users/USER/Documents/R/win-library/4.0' for modifying
      Try removing 'C:/Users/USER/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/00LOCK-pillar'
      Warning in install.packages :
      installation of package ‘pillar’ had non-zero exit status

      The downloaded source packages are in
      I am facing a problem during install.packages("tibble",dependencies = T)

      ERROR: failed to lock directory 'C:/Users/USER/Documents/R/win-library/4.0' for modifying
      Try removing 'C:/Users/USER/Documents/R/win-library/4.0/00LOCK-pillar'.Done but not slove problem.
    21. Nagrale Nisarg Navnath
      Nagrale Nisarg Navnath
      hello mam, Did you upload 12/07/2020 file mam? because it is not showing in my drive. can you please reupload it again.
    22. Shekhar_40
      Hello Sonal, In project 7(Data Science with R) can you please explain about the race attribute, I am not able to get what exactly that attribute is specifying.
    23. Roshni_15
      i m from batch 04 jul to 2 aug i have issue (how to download r studio in my laptop?)
    24. Roshni_15
      hello maam
    25. Rahul Chaurasia_1
      Rahul Chaurasia_1
      hello mam, i m getting this problem in R studio for logical operator in vector .......#### v10 = c(0,1,'s',-20,10+0i,F,10.6)
      as.logical(v10) ############ i m getting output like that....########.v10 = c(0,1,'s',-20,10+0i,F,10.6)
      > as.logical(v10)
      [1] NA NA NA NA NA FALSE NA #### apart from 0 value it should come TRUE but showing NA. Plz correct me ....
    26. Chitra Raghunath
      Chitra Raghunath
      Hello Sonal, hope you are doing good. I am from the 4 July R batch.. was trying to check for the assignment questions that you gave but not able to see that on drive.Is it uploaded somewhere else?? Wanted to practice
    27. Harshitha Ashwath
      Harshitha Ashwath
      Hi Sonal,

      Couldn't locate the assignment in google drive/community which you discussed during the class. Where can I find it?

      Harshitha (Batch: Data Science with R July-04 Sonal)
    28. madhu lakshminarayana
      madhu lakshminarayana
      hi Sonal, this is shilpa madhu from batch july 3rd. where can we find the assignment ? its not reflecting in the google drive link.
    29. Sampa Banerjee
      Sampa Banerjee
      Hi Maam, I am Sampa Banerjee, a member of data science with R 4th july batch. I just wanted to know whether the drive is updated with 5th july session documents and assignment?
      Hi,Unable to locate assignment.Please help.
    31. Krishna_258
      Hello Sonal, I am not able to download the Rstudio in my lap ? Can u help me out with this.
    32. Rahul Chaurasia_1
      Rahul Chaurasia_1
      Is this u mam who was taking today's session of Data science with R.
    33. _48696
      Hi sonal, I am down with fever and I will not be available for the class this weekend. undergone the COVID tests thankfully it came out negative
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Oh! Please do take care.
        Jun 14, 2020
    34. Nithya Arvindan
      Nithya Arvindan
      hi Sonal is this where I submit my questions related to project?
    35. Javed Memon
      Javed Memon
      Mam, What would be last date R Programming exam?
    36. _78345
      hey Sonal, i was a member of data-science with R in the Batch 11May-5June but due to some personal issues could not attend all the live sessions but i coping up with recordings and my was doubt should i continue this batch but my project submission could be delayed by some days or should i join another batch of your teching if yes then let me know the next upcoming batch u would be teaching
    37. Ragiman Shiva Kumar
      Ragiman Shiva Kumar
      I created a datafame as shown below. I have to add another name in index and update scores; how to append it to existing data? I have to add 'Pandey' in index and Test1 = 56 and Test2 = 76

      test_score = pd.DataFrame({'Test1':[82,75,83,92,85],'Test2':[85,81,75,85,91]},
      index =['Sachin','Dravid','virat','Rohith','Dhawan'])
    38. Hardik Patil
      Hardik Patil
      Hi sonal, I have used Tibble function on Data frame. Now i want to undo it so which function i can apply to get original data set?
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        May 25, 2020
    39. Sameer Dalal
      Sameer Dalal
      How do I send project files to you?
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Start a conversation. Can share through that.
        May 25, 2020
      2. Sameer Dalal
        Sameer Dalal
        Unable to start conversation, not sure why?
        May 25, 2020
      3. Sameer Dalal
        Sameer Dalal
        Have raised a ticket. I do not have rights / access to start conversation
        May 26, 2020
    40. Javed Memon
      Javed Memon
      Hi Sonal, I am trying to add library(plotrix) but getting error "Error in library(plotrix) : there is no package called ‘plotrix’" while checking pie3D
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Yeah, i am aware of this. We are getting this installed on the Lab.
        May 25, 2020
    41. Anoo Anna Anthony
      Anoo Anna Anthony
      Mam, still not able to access your directory for the practice files etc.. where is it on the simplilearn site..I tried the link and it reached a page for forum, but where is the drive? sorry for this ..
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
      2. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        This is the link for the drive. You will need to login to your google account to access the drive.
        May 25, 2020
      3. Anoo Anna Anthony
        Anoo Anna Anthony
        Error: Sorry, there was an error connecting you to the application. Mam, this is what I am getting on the lab..when I tried to access
        Jun 5, 2020
    42. _78192
      Hi Sonal , Our class recordings are in ARF format . can we please have the same available in MP4 format .
      1. Sonal Ghanshani_1
        Sonal Ghanshani_1
        hey, You can install the player from the live classes page. top right corner. Also, please raise a ticket with this request.
        May 18, 2020
    43. Anuradha Srinivasan
      Anuradha Srinivasan
      Hi Sonal, Require time to complete the Walmart project for Data Science with R (Purdue). I had problem with wifi for past few days and also stuck with work could spend time to practice. Would like to do it with a clear understanding on the concept instead of doing it in a hurry. Request atleast one more week time.
      Hi Sonal, Data Analytics practice labs not working, Can you please look into this. i was raised a ticket but there is no response from team. Error message: Might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. It was raised 24 hours ago.
    45. Rishikesh_8
      Sonal, Good Day. Could you please kindly share the latest working.xlsx sheet in Google Drie for the R Purdue Course which covers hypothesis. Also please let me know how to send you my codes for review as a file instead of on chat during class?
    46. sharmeen kapadia
      sharmeen kapadia
      hi sonal maam. could u please share with me the dates and timings for your upcoming python, machine learning and sas sessions please?
    47. Pooja Trivedi
      Pooja Trivedi
      Hello Ma'am, I have posted my code on our thread "data science with R | Sonal Ghanshani ". Could you please check and let me know if any changes are required? Thank you so much for all your efforts ad time ma'am.
    48. iamsanjoyin
      Hi Sonal, I got stuck. can you please help?
    49. Pooja Trivedi
      Pooja Trivedi
      Error: '\U' used without hex digits in character string starting "'C:\U" getting this error while reading the csv file
    50. Arun Kumar Gupta_1
      Arun Kumar Gupta_1
      Maam Please answer my questions.
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