Sreidhar D(1820)
Sep 28, 2012
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Sreidhar D(1820)

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    1. Bidisha Chakraborty
      Bidisha Chakraborty
      Hi Sreidhar. Please share your upcoming batch schedule
    2. _36283
      test message
    3. _7804
      Hi Sreidhar, I had missed the last project session of the live classes batch 13 April. On your suggestion i also pinged to the people you referred to. Yet i am unable to get any help. Can you please help me to get it completed soon.
    4. Parichay Jain
      Parichay Jain
      Hi Sreidhar sir, hope you remember me (Parichay from 2018 Feb Batch). Just wanted to inform you that I have cleared my PMP exam with above target result. Thanks for all your guidance and teaching. They helped a lot.
    5. Arun Prasad R
      Arun Prasad R
      Hi Sridhar Sir - This is Arunprasad from PMP 17 SEP 2018 to 2 Oct 2018 batch. Happy to announce that I have cleared PMP exam on 26 Nov 2018. Very Thankful for your sessions.
    6. _36703
      Hi Sreidhar, While giving feedback at the end of the session how does it identify a participant, by his name or email ID? Reason I am asking is because probably during one of the feedbacks my auto-fill option had filled in my official email ID instead of the one with which I have registered on SimpliLearn, so how would this be counted?
    7. _15491
      Hi Sridhar, I have give a attempt on PMP 5th edition and could not get through . Now i want to have a second attempt. In this regard i need some personal suggestion and inputs . can you please share your Email / Phone number to contact you in this regard
    8. Gaurav Basra
      Gaurav Basra
    9. _15491
      Hi Sridhar, I have given a attempt to PMP recently and couldn't get through in my first attempt. I need some personal suggestions from you in this regard. Can you please share your email/ Mobile No
    10. satish.billasonti
      Hi Sridhar, I am supposed to give PMP exam on 16th Mach, Will you please share you mobile no/ mail Id to interact with you to clarify certain queries...
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