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Recent content by Sue Ince

  1. Sue Ince

    Any advice in my DMCA Journey is welcome

    I think so, if it's mentioned as being a digital marketing course. But I don't know if it's still actual. If you need only a course focused on SMM, look at the 5th one. Sounds interesting! I've seen many people coming into SMM without at least basic marketing knowledge. This course can be great...
  2. Sue Ince

    Website design

    People like this are needed! You have to start from somewhere if we are talking about responsive website design and the best time to do that is right now. After all, you have to get used to working and learning about different programs related to design. Too many people think that if they've...
  3. Sue Ince

    3D printer recommendations

    Buying a 3D printer is a very good idea. What do you plan to use it for? A 3D printer usually prints various models and crafts. I have had different 3d printers in my life, some were expensive, some were cheap, but I realized one thing that they are all the same and the biggest difference is in...