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  • Hi I need assistance logging into PMI LoChoice. I was able to register and provide access code. However, when I logged back into the site, I am asked again for access code. When I enter my access code it says I have already used the code. Can you help?
    Hi, I need assistance with updating the company name on a paid invoice for 2 of my classes and also need update documentation for one of my courses in where the dates where changed. Thanks!
    Hi, I'm Kunal Kamble. I'm facing an issue with the course progress update. My course project is not updating. Thank you
    I would like to deploye Cloud Azure Active directory, i need clarification regarding the subscription. I can subscribe the VM and in that i can configure the Azure Active Directory or i have to subscribe Azure Active Directory service. Please clarify.
    Hi, I'm new in big data course and i face this "put: Permission denied" when copy file from my local to HDFS any help please
    Hi, My Name is Satish Chandra Jha. Have enrolled for today's session - Facebook mater session scheduled at 6.00 PM 27th August. Haven't received an email invite for the same.
    How can we interact and share knowledge and contents among the batch mates? Can we include or tag our cohort participants? I was not allowed to include more than 5 when i tried to share the links that is consolidated from our class to all the batchmates. Please resolve and facilitate.
    I am not able to take the pre test in pmi lochoice because my find the digital key is not generated in simplilearn. ho can I get the digital key?
    Hi, I am not able to understand the assessment 1. Do we have to design and register our own website? In class we were told only to design. Also do we design any product/service we want or is it only retail toy store as mentioned in the assessment. Please help!!!
    Hi - Good Morning, I am facing an issue while I am doing SSH to DBServer, I gave this command ssh -i dbkey.pem ec2-user@Private IP address, it was asking passphrase key for 'dbkey.pem', I am new to this Linux, kindly help me where I can fetch this key?
    HI Simplilearn team

    As you know that we have completed our 1st course "Data Science with Python" and all 11 live classes has been finished, plz tell what is next to do
    Im unbale to connect metamask and Ganache, after going to Custom RPC, im unable to fill all the deatils and not able to see the save. Im unable to expand.
    Part 3: Now, there is som progress on that cohort which I already missed. Also, the recording available for that cohort is from 2 diff instructors which does not make sense for learning. If I can talk to someone, it will be nice. My phone is available in my account. Available to talk during 9 AM to 10 PM EST. Thank you.
    Part 2- I also contacted support phone number and they said we can't transfer to this person. Left I message for the same but no updates since couple days. Someone from support team assigned me a cohort without my consent. My all other courses are such a way I can opt-in as per my convenience. I was not aware of cohort and how it works and the cohort was already started when he assigned me that cohort.
    Part 1- Can I expect some kind of support for ticket # 00902008? I have been going through a lot and looks like the person whom I spoke regarding this issue gave me all false information and false commitment saying that he will personally look into this issue and give me call. Also, it's been almost a week but no updates from him.
    Seema Kaloria
    as of now, I am learning data science with python from recordings of RAJESH SIR Batch(23-MAY -2021). I don't have datasets and codes which she has shared on google drive. so if I get that google drive link that will be a great help so that I can practice while watching these recorded lectures.
    Hi I am unable to covert my file into pdf ( File->Export Note Book As->Export Note Book to pdf )

    I get this error nbconvert failed: index.tex.j2, can some one help me to resolve this
    Hi Is there any class going on for Data Analytics with Python for the batch PGP DA FEB 2021 Cohort 1. It was told that the course is extended for 2 more days (May 1 and 2). I cant see any Live Class link. Anyone please update?
    PGP DS MAR 2021 Cohort 1
    DATA SCIENCE WITH R | Mar 27 - May 02 | Kapil Muley (21)

    1. Due date - Assignment_R.R ? is it due on May 2, 2021?
    2. Due date - Complete 1 Project ? is it due May 2, 2021 ?
    3. Due date - Complete 1 Simulation Test with 60%. is it due May 2, 2021?

    my course will end in july and i am not able to register classes because classes are full and in some courses live classes is not there plz help me
    can somebody share the practice files from the 3/21/2021 dated live class of data science with r programming from trainer sabyasachi.
    Hi Team,

    I Have the Simplilearn access till March month end, i have only "Data Science Capstone" course which i would like to finish it off before March end and get the certificate of Data Science.

    But Now We have only One Online class is present which starts from 12th March and ends by April.
    I still tried to register but getting message as Class is full.

    Pls advise.
    hello support, whenever i try to login my commuity forum for pgAI ML it shows 'You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action' this message.pls resolve it.
    hello support as i have attended my all class of data science with python my attendance is 100% still showing 0 class attended
    Hello Support, I don't have access to the " Getting started with PGP Data Science Program" in my profile. Could you please fix this issue, thank you!
    while attending the course i can`t hear the voice from presenter. what is main issue. i check from my end audio working well.
    Hello Support, My contact asked me raise a ticket to claim my exam voucher to fill out. I have to get that sorted out asap for me to register.Please help.
    Hi, This is regarding my classes attended, even though i have attended 6 sessions it shows "0" classes completed. Kindly do the needful. Thanks & Regards
    Moreover, the certificate issued for the completed course is wrongly titled and also after repeated tickets no proper solution. It's very frustrating to keep raising the tickets with no solution from another side.
    Hello Support, As there is no solid support comes from Support team as we are facing big issues such as non-visibility of our past classes and also can't see the current classes on a desktop so will not able to see our attendance and also not able to download the recordings.
    Hi Support, I need to extend my validity for the course PG AI - AI and Machine Learning Capstone Project after 21st March. Cause of some family issue I didn't attend NLP classes on Oct 03, 2020 - Nov 22, 2020 batch.
    Hi Support.....I reached out to the person through whom I registered and she asked me to raise a support request for the profile of the LSSBB faculties' profiles....please provide the profiles of the LSSBB faculties...as there is an issue in the batch that I was registered....plz consider this urgent....thank you
    Hi! I am new here and don't know how to raise a ticket. I have a situation I'd like to submit to Support and I was told to raise a ticket.
    I was on line today going through the Tableau 10 course. When I tried to do the practice exam, I received an error, User Interface was not able to connect to my XLS Superstore file. The file is saved on my E drive and I had no issues all day. Also, I moved the file to my desk, again was not able to connect. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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