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Nov 25, 2020 at 6:18 AM
    1. Alok Kumar Sanghai
      Alok Kumar Sanghai
      Hi can you please suggest who is the faculty for live classes starting from 12th Dec
    2. Lynnorris Bryant
      Lynnorris Bryant
      Who can I contact to clear my doubts?
    3. EKTA RANI
      i unable to do project of comcast which is trend chart of dates and months and open closed categoracal variable after thatplz help
      Hi,Although i have registered for todays session it is showing the meeting is locked and session if full.What i have to do now to join the class.
    5. Harshal Rane
      Harshal Rane
      Hi ,Please suggest someone how to book CEH exam. I am almostready to give my CEH EXAM .I got my certificate id and ec exam voucher code .But when i entered the voucher code it asked me for the Proctor ID .It is becoming very confusuing .Please help me out of this.
    6. Tushar Rastogi_1
      Tushar Rastogi_1
      Hi, Please suggest way forward on how to extend my Master program course. I am out of COVID quarantine and better now. Due to health and some personal issues I could not continue my course. Request you to extend my course. I paid a huge amount for this master certificate and would be a loss if I am unable to continue. Please reach out at my registered email
    7. sneha26.chavan
      What is source code in project of Business analysis
    8. sivananthini L
      sivananthini L
      Hi all,
      I am participating in machine learning class (batch 2).can any one share google drive link where lab note are being shared.
    9. Rajeev John
      Rajeev John
      Hi, I unlocked simplilearn cert for CDS on 16th. I am still waiting for my exam voucher.I reported this 102 hours ago: The only response I have got since then: Hi Rajeev, Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ve received your request and we’re working to get back with you as quickly as possible. Your concern requires a closer look and a little more time, so thank you for your patience in the meantime. #00735294
    10. Parag Kulkarni_2
      Parag Kulkarni_2
      Hello Support Team,I am CA Parag Kulkarni from Pune, I had completed my batch but till date I am not in receipt of Q & A digital edition books of CISA as I am not able to download the same via ISACA Site. I am continuously asking for technical support every day since last 4 weeks with Puja Agrawal and Leenish Kurian. Please help me on that.Mobile No:-+919890165555
    11. yogesh kumar_5
      yogesh kumar_5
      I have generated a ticket but not used it at that time i want to use it right now can i.
      My ticket no is
    12. JAYADEEP K P
      Hi, I have completed application for PMP certification, I was advised support team would be able to help in reviweing the applicatoin before submission, as such could you please help me in how do I go about this please
    13. Vinay Tripathi_1
      Vinay Tripathi_1
      I need help with ASM project confirmation, its been 3 days now. It is still showing : Your project is under assessment. You will hear from us soon.
    14. Amar Gupta_3
      Amar Gupta_3
      Who will be clearing our doubts ?
    15. Amar Gupta_3
      Amar Gupta_3
      I need help with my az 104 autoscaling lab as it is not working . Please provide support immediately
    16. Umar Hussaini Kontagora
    17. Vinay Sathe(4570)
      Vinay Sathe(4570)
      My AWS practise lab is not working as expected. Whom should i contact for this? I need to submit project today
    18. Ahmad Adel Izmeqna
      Ahmad Adel Izmeqna
      Please look at my case, you are already added to the conversation, I need your immediate support.
    19. Rishabh_52
      Hi Support, I need some help in filling the PMI application form please. What is the best way to approach Simplilearn for that? Can someone guide me please?
    20. Akash Uppal
      Akash Uppal
      i don't see Support to raise support ticket, can anyone help?
      1. _86525 likes this.
    21. debanandamishra
      i am not able to attend the live class for today. please help me
    22. Nagesh Madigunta
      Nagesh Madigunta
      I have downloaded recordings and installed the player as well, however, i'm unable to hear any audio. Need help
    23. Surya Bangla
      Surya Bangla
      Though I didn't miss single Live class but I'm still seeing... "0 Classes completed" in my login.
    24. Shameem R Kathiwalla
      Shameem R Kathiwalla
      hello im in the week night data science with python course (May 25-June 23), we have connectivity issues with our instructor everyday. the host disappears and isn't there to help. can someone please work with our instructor Ravi to fix his issues. We get no support at all and we waste a lot of class time with an amazing instructor. please fix the issue.
    25. _54988
      I am unable to login to practice lab, it is asking for logon information, after providing the details, it says invalid data. Please help on this at the earliest.
      hi can u please support for R programming project OR any mentor any u provide for guide
    27. Jacob Oriang Jaroya
      Jacob Oriang Jaroya
      Unable to upload my exercise to my Faculty
    28. Nidhi_62
      How to use excel solver in spreadsheet to calculate I6RR and many other problems what is excel solver... i am jst not getting only how to use this simplilearn there is no live classes showing there are no mock test showing it jst a worse thing i am experiencing
    29. _41366
      Hello Sir/Madam! I have completed all 6 courses listed in Master Program Tab in my home page and also got certificates. How can I get the Master Program Certificate? Do I need to complete all the courses listed under Electives ? Please guide me. Thank You.
      1. Nidhi_62
        Will you please help me actually i have taken financial modelling with ms-excel foundation course in that how we will understand that our course is being completed because there are no live classes no mock test given ..will you please tell me ghe procedure what u have done after purchasing the course
        Jun 29, 2019
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