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  • Hi Is there any class going on for Data Analytics with Python for the batch PGP DA FEB 2021 Cohort 1. It was told that the course is extended for 2 more days (May 1 and 2). I cant see any Live Class link. Anyone please update?
    PGP DS MAR 2021 Cohort 1
    DATA SCIENCE WITH R | Mar 27 - May 02 | Kapil Muley (21)

    1. Due date - Assignment_R.R ? is it due on May 2, 2021?
    2. Due date - Complete 1 Project ? is it due May 2, 2021 ?
    3. Due date - Complete 1 Simulation Test with 60%. is it due May 2, 2021?

    my course will end in july and i am not able to register classes because classes are full and in some courses live classes is not there plz help me
    can somebody share the practice files from the 3/21/2021 dated live class of data science with r programming from trainer sabyasachi.
    Hi Team,

    I Have the Simplilearn access till March month end, i have only "Data Science Capstone" course which i would like to finish it off before March end and get the certificate of Data Science.

    But Now We have only One Online class is present which starts from 12th March and ends by April.
    I still tried to register but getting message as Class is full.

    Pls advise.
    hello support, whenever i try to login my commuity forum for pgAI ML it shows 'You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action' this message.pls resolve it.
    hello support as i have attended my all class of data science with python my attendance is 100% still showing 0 class attended
    Hello Support, I don't have access to the " Getting started with PGP Data Science Program" in my profile. Could you please fix this issue, thank you!
    while attending the course i can`t hear the voice from presenter. what is main issue. i check from my end audio working well.
    Hello Support, My contact asked me raise a ticket to claim my exam voucher to fill out. I have to get that sorted out asap for me to register.Please help.
    Hi, This is regarding my classes attended, even though i have attended 6 sessions it shows "0" classes completed. Kindly do the needful. Thanks & Regards
    Moreover, the certificate issued for the completed course is wrongly titled and also after repeated tickets no proper solution. It's very frustrating to keep raising the tickets with no solution from another side.
    Hello Support, As there is no solid support comes from Support team as we are facing big issues such as non-visibility of our past classes and also can't see the current classes on a desktop so will not able to see our attendance and also not able to download the recordings.
    Hi Support, I need to extend my validity for the course PG AI - AI and Machine Learning Capstone Project after 21st March. Cause of some family issue I didn't attend NLP classes on Oct 03, 2020 - Nov 22, 2020 batch.
    Hi Support.....I reached out to the person through whom I registered and she asked me to raise a support request for the profile of the LSSBB faculties' profiles....please provide the profiles of the LSSBB faculties...as there is an issue in the batch that I was registered....plz consider this urgent....thank you
    Hi! I am new here and don't know how to raise a ticket. I have a situation I'd like to submit to Support and I was told to raise a ticket.
    I was on line today going through the Tableau 10 course. When I tried to do the practice exam, I received an error, User Interface was not able to connect to my XLS Superstore file. The file is saved on my E drive and I had no issues all day. Also, I moved the file to my desk, again was not able to connect. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi, I attended all the classes and submitted the project to unlock "Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ:104" certificate . But the certificate has not been unlocked yet. Can you please look into it? Regards, Srinivas.
    hi im in the middle of a personal crisis and my access is ending in 16 days. I will not be able to take the course exams and complete all of the projects right now. I did complete the online class and the modules and the required 1 project. How long do I have to take the course exam to release my certification? Thank you.
    I have raised a ticket regarding registration for another live class. I am not getting any response from support team. Ticket number is 00760811.
    I attended yesterday session (29-11-2020) PG P CBAP, but till now I didn't get the tick mark of attendance. I lost connection in the last few minutes of the live class due to glitch in Webex meet. its screen stop responding and went blank. but that also for the last 10-12 mins of the session. Please check and update my attendance accordingly. You can check with teaching faculty about my presence in the class as well.
    i unable to do project of comcast which is trend chart of dates and months and open closed categoracal variable after thatplz help
    Hi,Although i have registered for todays session it is showing the meeting is locked and session if full.What i have to do now to join the class.
    Hi ,Please suggest someone how to book CEH exam. I am almostready to give my CEH EXAM .I got my certificate id and ec exam voucher code .But when i entered the voucher code it asked me for the Proctor ID .It is becoming very confusuing .Please help me out of this.
    Hi, Please suggest way forward on how to extend my Master program course. I am out of COVID quarantine and better now. Due to health and some personal issues I could not continue my course. Request you to extend my course. I paid a huge amount for this master certificate and would be a loss if I am unable to continue. Please reach out at my registered email
    Hi all,
    I am participating in machine learning class (batch 2).can any one share google drive link where lab note are being shared.
    Hi, I unlocked simplilearn cert for CDS on 16th. I am still waiting for my exam voucher.I reported this 102 hours ago: The only response I have got since then: Hi Rajeev, Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ve received your request and we’re working to get back with you as quickly as possible. Your concern requires a closer look and a little more time, so thank you for your patience in the meantime. #00735294
    Hello Support Team,I am CA Parag Kulkarni from Pune, I had completed my batch but till date I am not in receipt of Q & A digital edition books of CISA as I am not able to download the same via ISACA Site. I am continuously asking for technical support every day since last 4 weeks with Puja Agrawal and Leenish Kurian. Please help me on that.Mobile No:-+919890165555
    Hi, I have completed application for PMP certification, I was advised support team would be able to help in reviweing the applicatoin before submission, as such could you please help me in how do I go about this please
    I need help with ASM project confirmation, its been 3 days now. It is still showing : Your project is under assessment. You will hear from us soon.
    Hi Support, I need some help in filling the PMI application form please. What is the best way to approach Simplilearn for that? Can someone guide me please?
    hello im in the week night data science with python course (May 25-June 23), we have connectivity issues with our instructor everyday. the host disappears and isn't there to help. can someone please work with our instructor Ravi to fix his issues. We get no support at all and we waste a lot of class time with an amazing instructor. please fix the issue.
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