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Feb 19, 2015
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Learning is a journey, not a destination :) Apr 5, 2017

      0796506-I gave the CEH exam now i want to know which version it was exam code - 312-50 as i have paid for CEHv10 and gave Exam for CEHv11 because of which i did not passed provide me with the solution.
    2. Keyur S Pathak
      Keyur S Pathak
      Attended PMP Course(July 3 -Aug 1 Live Class),instructor was Sachin. I have successfully completed my classes (100% attendance), Submitted one project(assessed and passed) and stimulation test(not showing). Due to this my certificate is still locked. I am in the midst of my PMI appl and would like this certificate to be handy for submission upon asked.- Keyur(, #+1 204-588-4990)
    3. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      Hi can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    4. Saikat Bhattacharjee
      Saikat Bhattacharjee
      Feb. 2020 batch data science with R
    5. Saikat Bhattacharjee
      Saikat Bhattacharjee
      please help me out regarding project submission.
    6. Arindam Das_5
      Arindam Das_5
      Hi, I am Arindam Das, new to PMP certification course. Already completed self-learning courses. Can you please help me out to submit Project 1 on Automobile Industry.
    7. Parveen Kumar Bunkar
      Parveen Kumar Bunkar
      Hi i am parveen kumar bunkar Batch 2 DS withPython with Aayushi.
      i have not received my recording of last session that was on 1st and 2nd june 2019
    8. _37252
      Hi, I am unable to copy simplilearn image to GCP. Getting errror. Please help
    9. _54414
      6th Jan recording is not available
      Please provide link..AWS solution architect
    10. _36831
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    11. _32737
      please share the doc of devops very first session for project work.
      1. The Novice
        The Novice
        They are available in your LMS account itself.
        Jul 19, 2018
    12. _29024
      Hi this is zaheer, plz share me the doc of GCP project creation task which we discussed on Devops first session..thanks
    13. Griselda Demassey
      Griselda Demassey
      I am working on Advanced Content Marketing modules and Projects 1-5. Having issues and would like some feedback on what I'm doing before I submit them. Are the submitted projects considered final? Or are they DRAFTS with an opportunity for feedback? I am a novice at this and struggling to put all this together.
      1. The Novice
        The Novice
        Please contact your respective Simplilearn SPOC for it.
        Nov 6, 2017
    14. The Novice
      The Novice
      Learning is a journey, not a destination :)
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