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Jan 27, 2021 at 10:49 AM
    1. Derek Hellmann
      Derek Hellmann
      Hello Tim, which lesson are you schedule to deliver next? are you still at Simplielearn?
      0796506-I gave the CEH exam now i want to know which version it was exam code - 312-50 as i have paid for CEHv10 and gave Exam for CEHv11 because of which i did not passed provide me with the solution.
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    3. inas hussain
      inas hussain
      Tim is an Amazing Instructor I am PMP certified and I really appreciate his time with us
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      Dear Sir, i have taken simplilearn master course by ms poorva gupta but she is not picking call and also no help please help me sir .......
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    5. Pradyuman Singh Rawat
      Pradyuman Singh Rawat
      Good Morning Tim. Wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam. Thank you for the notes. They were really useful.
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    6. Thomas Yang_1
      Thomas Yang_1
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      2. Thomas Yang_1
        Thomas Yang_1
        cool, never mind. I've already taken my test.
        Dec 29, 2020
    7. Thomas Yang_1
      Thomas Yang_1
    8. Sankar J Vikram
      Sankar J Vikram
      Hi Tim, I've attended today's live session. How to download the materials
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    9. Prasanna K_1
      Prasanna K_1
      Tim I just completed my Live Session on Nov 28 in which you were my instructor. I am planning to take up the certification exam next week. Should we focus on Agile. I am not aware of Agile concepts. Will this affect my passing grade
    10. Raj kumar_5
      Raj kumar_5
      Hi Tim, I have joined with you from 28th June -4th july session. I have completed my PMP certification. Whom to update this info as you asked us to do during session
    11. Paul Peterson_1
      Paul Peterson_1
      Hi Tim, I completed PMP course this summer and you were my instructor. You encouraged us to inform Simplilerarn when we have passed the PMP exam to help with the announcement. I'm sorry to bother and ask you, who should I inform that I passed the exam? I was unable to identify the correct resource from the call support tree. Thanks.
    12. Ishwaryameena Shanmugavel
      Ishwaryameena Shanmugavel
      Hi Tim, This is Meena. I am taking the PMP exam in the new format which starts next year. Will you be discussing that in the upcoming classes?
    13. Mohaseen Nisar Hoble
      Mohaseen Nisar Hoble
      Hello Tim,

      With the recent change in the PMP content, can you advise whether Rita Mulchay's Prep book is going to help for reference? I asked same thing during my session but there was no response on the same or may be my question was missed. Many thanks in advance!
    14. sureeti prakash
      sureeti prakash
      The Project Manager has discovered that two team members have a disagreement over the procurement of the project component. The Project Manager suggests that the team members compromise. The team members are also willing to resolve the conflict. Who should decide the best course of action?
      a) Sponsor
      b) Customer
      c) Project Manager
      d) Team members
      1. N.k.keshava prasanna
        N.k.keshava prasanna
        team members
        Jan 27, 2021 at 8:04 AM
    15. Mohammad Hefazat Karim
      Mohammad Hefazat Karim
      Good Day Mr.Tim I was unable to download the session notes,exercises and dashboard on 28th November if you are having please send me. Mohammad Hefazat Karim(Batch 24 Oct-28 Nov)
    16. Ritesh Kinage(3475)
      Ritesh Kinage(3475)
      A hospital is installing a new hospital management system to enable IT hospital functioning. For this purpose, representatives from several departments are selected to create a task force assigned to implement the project. What is this organization structure called?

      Functional Organization
      Projectized Organization
      Composite Organization
      Balanced Matrix Organization
      1. N.k.keshava prasanna
        N.k.keshava prasanna
        composite organization
        Jan 27, 2021 at 8:09 AM
    17. Anirudh Thakur
      Anirudh Thakur
      Hi Tim, I am currently enrolled in the PG Program in Data Science from Purdue University. Just wanted to know how to get the transcript for this course?
    18. Michael F. Vallez
      Michael F. Vallez
      Tim, Mike V. from the current even PMP class at least on me EST. I am having trouble with the Project and would see if we could discuss in session tonight, 11/22/2020? Thank you, Mike.
    19. Ritesh Kinage(3475)
      Ritesh Kinage(3475)
      You are managing a complex project which requires some highly skilled resources on embedded design. You obtain these resources from the organization pool. You specify the duration for which they would be required. Once your project activity is complete, you need to free these resources for reassignment. You are working in which kind of organization structure?... what is a answer for this question??
    20. prathyusha R Kudumula
      prathyusha R Kudumula
      Hi Tim, I was in the PMP session last evening Nov 21st (10:30 to 3 AM) But it says I missed the session? I was in the chat participating if that helps to mark my attendance. (Its Prathyusha R Kudumula or Patty Reddy).Simplilearn confused my profile name. Not sure if that's the reason. thanks for your help in advance. - Patty
    21. _42375

      I have Completed the Master's Course on Python with Data Science from Simplilearn . As a Customer I would like to Opt for Placement Services with the same .

      1. Position to be Applied for : Sr. Consultant / Architect .

      Note : PLACEMENT SERVICES POST CERTIFICATION needs to have a 3 way Handshake with Corporate Firms as per Initial Commitment.

      Contact No : subhadipdas2008@gmail.com
    22. Cheng Chang Zhang
      Cheng Chang Zhang
      Hi Tim, I am currently preparing the PMP exam on December 7, could you please tell me where to get more exercises and simulation exams ? Thank you.
    23. sureeti prakash
      sureeti prakash
      Hi Tim,

      1) Business Case - how is it used to build benefits into deliverables? Work is done based on Project management plan once it is finalized and benefits are handed over with deliverable during closure? what does this mean. please explain.
      2) can you give an example of PM and FM roles being performed by one person.....can a manager from a delivery department be considered as performing both roles??
    24. sureeti prakash
      sureeti prakash
      Hi Tim,

      Please provide your valuable understanding on below queries from session today:
      1) In self assessment material - in section - project management framework ( slide 6 or 7) it says projects do fail and its reasons- i remember we discussed projects never fail. Maybe i understood wrong, please can you explain the right thing again?
      2) how is authorizing a project different from work authorization system?
    25. Vijayakanth C
      Vijayakanth C
      Hello TIM this is Vijayakanth from Tamilnadu Thanks for the classes . all the classes are went very well.
    26. Bashar Anees Amin Abbaas
      Bashar Anees Amin Abbaas
      Hi Tim, If I am studying on daily basis more than two hours , can I apply for the exam directly after 11th of Nov after the last session with you ? or I have to wait from 4 to 8 weeks ?
    27. Panna patel
      Panna patel
      Hi Tim, If question says what PM do ,what PM do next , what PM do first and if available options has one option raise change request or update change log or issue log . How do we answer for particular question ?
    28. Mythili Murthy
      Mythili Murthy
      Hi Tim, this is Micky from the batch that got over yesterday, appreicate your efforts in training, Thank You!
    29. Sonali Kale_1
      Sonali Kale_1
      I work for an IT service provider company. We give product development services to different organizations. So when filling the application form, should I write the name of my organization (Service provider)
      or the organization taking services from my company to develop their product
    30. _90872
      Hi Tim, Are the e-books available for the course( R-programming in Data science)?. Please share the location. I can't see any.
    31. Jessica M Laracuente
      Jessica M Laracuente
      Hi Tim, I am from the Aug 29-Sept26 class. I cannot find the forum related to our class. Please advise.
    32. Shweta Chadha
      Shweta Chadha
      Hello Tim, I am from the August 17, 2020 batch. I have one simple question for you, please reply to me when your time permits. I just want to know that do we need to go through only those topics for PMP cert which you shared in the sessions or do we need to go through the entire PMBOK? Thanks, Shweta
    33. Michael Babines
      Michael Babines
      Hello Tim. I received notice that I have "passed" Software Project 2,...thanks to you. I would however like to know if there is an evaluation of the submission as I would benefit from knowing which responses were incorrect, incomplete, or over-stated. Kindly let me know if/how to access the evaluation if there is one available or, if there would be an opportunity to schedule a review with you or a simplilearn SME.
    34. _89485
      Hi Tim , Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
      could not find function "read_excel"
    35. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      hi tim can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    36. Anjali Sasidharan
      Anjali Sasidharan
      Hi Tim, how to submit the project . I don't have PMBOK access.
    37. Ilanthiraiyan S
      Ilanthiraiyan S
      Hi Tim, I have cleared the PMP exam yesterday and PMP certified now. Thanks a lot for your training and guidance!!
    38. _37211
      Hi Tim, In today's PMI Class you did mention regarding the PMBOK 6th Edition , you let me know how can i get the same
      1. Anjali Sasidharan likes this.
    39. akhlaq
      Hi Tim,I did not unlock my certificate due to the requirement of at least one simulation test passed. Please guide me how to memorize ITTO and to understand sceniros for the right answers. Is it really tough or am I missing or skipped something.Thanks
    40. _40385
      Hi Tim....I am having a hard time sorting out these notes....you said you have cleaned them up...where can I find these notes...please advise
    41. Sivaram B
      Sivaram B
      Hi Tim. I want to change my course which I was elected earlier as the course does not find to be useful for my carrier. I have chosen Business analytics. Any possibility to change the course that is relevant to my experience? I have Retail Banking sales experience. What is the suitable course I can change?
    42. Rajeev Mathur
      Rajeev Mathur
      Hi TIM From project Initiation context Can you please explain how example factors could align with one or more of the fundamental factor categories
    43. Ricardo d trevino
      Ricardo d trevino
      Hi Tim, I took my test on Thursday and failed to achieve a passing score by 1 or 2 questions. What are my next steps?
    44. Shaurav Gairola
      Shaurav Gairola
      Hi Tim, is it possible to get medium and high in domain performance and still score below target ?
    45. Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Hi Tim,I cant able access practice labs since last week.Could you please help me to solve this problem with my account.
    46. Arushi_4
      Hello Tim, I completed PMP Certification training with you last month. I need to submit my PMP exam application by this weekend. I have prepared the draft and would be grateful if you could review it please. Any guiding points will be helpful. I'm sorry to request for help on such short notice. (I do not see the option of attaching my application here). Maybe, I can mail you if respond please ?
    47. Aaditya Jain
      Aaditya Jain
      I am having dual boot pc for kali and windows so how to use webex and simplilearn live classes on kali? My PC is unable to use virtualisation option
    48. shashi nagpal
      shashi nagpal
      Hi Tim I currently working of Project 2 of the PMP training. I have a few questions. Firstly does the subsidiary plan in the Plan quality Management process refer to the quality management plan itself? Secondly for answer 1b. I am looking at quality metrics - does that refer to PV, AC etc. or something else? I request you to please answer urgently. Thank you
    49. Loay_2
      Hi Tim, can you please explain to me the difference between Strong Matrix Organisation and Projectized Organisation ?
    50. Loay_2
      Hi Tim. I have my exam in approx 10 days, and I am a little bit confused about it because i will attend the exam online from Home. I need to know the Criteria like ( Calculator, note and pen, and ID Verification). Can you please explain to me a little regarding that.
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