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Viewing thread TIM need your support :Mock test 7 Qestion clarification, Feb 23, 2019 at 6:28 PM
    1. _32310
      Hi Tim, I'm enrolled in your Sun-Thur (4.30-7.30 PM PT) class. I've completed the PMI application and am hoping you might be able to give it a quick check before I submit. Is there a way to get this to you for a quick review? Thanks!
    2. _43407
      Tim good day. I am sorry but I lost the link for the recommended PMP simulation tests and for some reason I was searching the PMI site?
    3. _20102
      Hi Tim I'm having a problem on answering the projects I think I don't understand please help.Thank you
    4. _51252
      Hi Tim, Wanted to check regarding Project 4 - if answers should be moulded in the specific environment given or we can describe it in the general way, the way we read and understood it. Thanks & Regards, Deepti
    5. _52854
      Hello Tim, Just wanted to understand how without any number in Project 4 or 2 how we can calculate SPI and CPI..
    6. _48790
      Hello Tim, how are you?.I am working on project 4, and I have some doubts:
      Can I include data for to calculate the SPI and CPI of this project ?, and also, additional information, if I justify the reason?. Thank you and best regards
    7. _43407
      Tim good day. Slow learner and just finding my way round the system. Where can I download the PMP guide? Can you also give me the forum link as guidance to submitting my test application. I believe this was well laid out format with the hours laid out across the top?
    8. _51252
      Hi Tim, am unable to download Session 3 and Session 4 recording . Need to go through Integration and Scope Management. Please suggest the alternatives to prepare for quiz apart from the listed videos. Thanks.
    9. _35907
      Hi Tim, My PMP application got picked for PMI audit. Is there any specific format for verification of the audit which my manager can sign. Kindly guide me through this.
    10. Bandesh Mishra
      Bandesh Mishra
      hello Tim, need your urgent help to complete the projects...is there antthing that's available and I could refer to please.
    11. Bill Hyland
      Bill Hyland
      Hey Tim, I am having difficulty locating the online PMP quiz that you recommended to use for review. Also I was wondering where I could find the CAPM outline that you had mentioned in the courses. I found the one on PMI but I was hoping to dive in even more detail to ensure I had a complete understanding. Could you help me out?
      1. _43407
        Bill I have been searching as well, did you get the link?
        Feb 7, 2019
    12. _48921
      Hi Tim. I've been looking for some clue on project 3 especially on part E. can you help me here? What does this question really ask me to do?

      "Trace this to the update of the Project Management Plan to adjust your estimates, and the impact to the other change management processes"
    13. _52860
      Hello Sir, I have missed to download the recordings after 12 hrs , Is it possible to send me the recordings or has any other way to get the recordings?
    14. Paul Murphy
      Paul Murphy
      Hi Tim, How can I get the notes and mainly the home work for tomorrow. I think I'm in batch 3 you call it Thanks Paul Murphy
    15. hill_zhang(4060173)
      Tim, PMBOK P542 considers RISK as a category of project constraints. Is it for the case that the risk is accepted. (I have seen other materials differentiate RISK from constraint and I think they are right. In this case I think I just need to memorize this for the exam. )
    16. Ajish George
      Ajish George
      Tim, Could you please guide me on ITTOs, Do we need to memorize all?
    17. _38657
      HI Tim, I joined your batch on a weekends that started 1st September 2018, but did not complete the last 2 classes, I have joined other training batches but just didn't like their way of teaching. When is your next session? I would definitely join. Please advise. Thanks
    18. Deeksha_7
      Hi Tim, Is there any deadline for submitting simulation test ? i got my project approved . attended your session from 1oct to 16th oct .
    19. _24763
      Hello TIM, Hope you are doing good ! , please let me know your immediate next batch - THANK YOU
    20. Lalitha P
      Lalitha P
      Hi Tim, I completed my certification from Simplilearn and now intend to submit my application for PMP. Can you please help me with reviewing my application? The mails are bouncing. Pls lemme know the email ID. thanks!
    21. Patient
      Hi Tim, I just enrolled for your PMP class and wish to take the exam on the 1st of december which is actually my last day for taking the exam within the 1year cycle. I've never taken the exam before...Can I be ready before 1st of december if I go via the whole course and exam tests ?
    22. _39918
      Hi Tim, I'm currently in your PMP class . it has been awesome for the most part, but I am considering dropping the program as I find the calculations part too technical and I'm not following. What happens if I am not able to do my project? Who do I need to talk to about the possibilities of either dropping or retailoring my program?
    23. Natesh Pai
      Natesh Pai
      Hi Tim, Can you kindly let me know when is your next training classes starting? I would like to join !!
    24. Ajish George
      Ajish George
      Tim, In a IT project, can be the project sponsor from client side or service provide side or both?
    25. _31850
      Hi Tim, What is the difference between 'Perform Integrated Change Control' and 'Get an approval from Change Control Board' -Question 113 - Simulation Test 3. Thanks for your help.
    26. Bipin kumar jha
      Bipin kumar jha
      can we go with Rita's book
    27. Bipin kumar jha
      Bipin kumar jha
      hi TIM can you please tell me the name of book which will help us to do more and more practice for PMP exam
    28. _35137
      I am currently attending your classes. As suggested, i have started with the PMP application in PMI. I may request your review on the experience part of it.
    29. _25217
      Hi Tim! My course profile (PMP) has an "update" tab. What does that mean? Is it mandatory? What are the implications?
      Leason Learned are best completed by

      A) The Project Manager
      B) The team
      C) The Sponsor
      D) The stakeholders
      1. _25217
        I would go with B. But let's wait for Tim's input.
        Jun 9, 2018
    31. _15491
      Hi Tim I have given a attempt of PMP on March 15 and failed, NOw i want give a retry next month. Need your suggestion should i have to purchase Rita Mulcahy 9th edition or 8th edition will be sufficient?
    32. Girish_72
      when will be the PMP 6th edition classes going to start? Need to join the classes.
      1. _30306 likes this.
    33. Kai Lee
      Kai Lee
      Hi Tim,I was in the March 5-15th 630 pm cst -930 pm cst class. You took a large set of notes over the course of the class. Can you direct where to where I can download that? Or share it with me in some way? Let me know what you'd need from me to do that. Thank you, Kai
    34. M M Tariqul Hasan
      M M Tariqul Hasan
      Hi Tim, I was taking too much of your time during class and was asking too many questions. Well I guess it paid off. I scored Above Expectation on IN, PL and Cl; Meet Expectation on Ex but Below Expectation on M&C. Well I pass the exam. Thanks a lot for providing a very good training and be patient with me. As usual, more question!!! :>) How I improve my lagging on M&C?
    35. _20838
      Hi Tim, I am little bit confused about "Change log" and "Issue Log". please explain little bit.
    36. debbie_14
      Hi Tim, I sent a message directly to you. Need to hear back as I only have 14 more days to complete project and pass simulation before contract with Simplilearn expires. Thank you, Debbie
    37. Arunkumar D_2
      Arunkumar D_2
      Hi Tim Today i cleared my PMP ,Special thanks to you
    38. Nahid_2
      Hi Mr. Tim I would like to submit my application today( at PMI ) , but I need help.I afraid to make mistake . kindly try to help me pls .Thank You
    39. _22051
      Hi Tim! Need some clarification on the Project submission requirements for the Digital Marketing Specialist Master’s Program I'm currently enrolled in. if we choose NOT to complete our Project by way of creating a live website, etc., we do have the option of using Stukent Mimic Pro to complete our project instead, correct? 5 rounds, 5 screenshots, and submit under the Project 1 submission tab - Yes?
    40. Shanna Gray
      Shanna Gray
      Hi Tim! I have submitted my application for review to getcertified@simplilearn.com. I sent it in on Friday morning and then resent today. Is there a different way for me to request a review?
    41. _19921
      Hi Tim, if we have taken the PMP course in Jan 2018 with 5th edition @ simplilearn and wish to take 6th edition PMP certification exam, can we still use the pdu certificate for 6th or 5th edition...thanks
      Hi Tim Hope you are well . I got my PMP certification thanks for your guidance Now my query was Is it possible for me to claim 35 PDUs what is received from Simplillearn on 28th August 2017 . Where i got my PMP certification on 29th December 2017?
    43. Duaa Mouawad
      Duaa Mouawad
      Hi, How are you ... I open ticket and I mention your name to check my application for PMP exam but they did not respond until now there is any another way to send you my application
      Hi Tim, I am pursuing PMP V5 and would have a logistic question wise question in case you can help. Considering current time constraints: if I take the first intent and do not pass until March 18, do you happen to know if I can take the remaining 2 intends under V6 or I would loose that privilege and have to apply again and pay again the exam fee? Many thanks in advance!! Teodora
    45. Piyush Nahar
      Piyush Nahar
      Hi Tim, can you explain Predictive & Adoptive life cycle with couple of examples.
    46. Carolyn_9
      Tim - Sorry I forgot to mention that I am on travel until Thursday morning so I may not be able to get back online until then. My goal is to re-engage fully Thursday - Sunday in order to get back on track.
    47. Carolyn_9
      Hi Tim! I attended a set of classes that ended Sunday, November 19th and that day was called into a proposal for my company. This has put me behind in getting my projects and membership set-up in order to get ready to test. Can you assist on who I could speak to on obtaining an extension or the best way to be able to pick up where I left off? Thanks! Carol Wood
    48. parshav
      Post-3 (continue)

      My questions:

      1)Shall I refer Rita's book and its question ?
      2)PMP question are at the same level of dificulty as in RITA'S book
      3) What to do next for better preparation, I can find 3 hours only in working days, 8-10 hours in weekends and planning to appear in exam 2nd week of january ?

    49. parshav
      Post-2 (continue)

      Now I have started to review Rita's Q&A (without referring RITA book),My confidence loose because of the level of RITA questions are too high also when I try to go through the RITA's book I found some topic not even cover in PMBOK but cover in RITA and RITA Q&A based on that.

      I am planning to give headfirst and simplilearn simulation test to evaluate my overall knowledge and try to find gap.
    50. parshav
      Hi Tim

      I am putting my question in three post.

      Post 1

      I need guidance, I have done my preparation with headfirst ( theory + chapter Q&A ), simplilearn pdf (theory + chapter Q&A )and with PMBOK (theory ). I am planning to seat in exam in January 2nd week.

      I have write down all chapters process T&T essence and make them sequence wise in hard copy and get good confidence on Q&A chapter wise.
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