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Sep 23, 2020 at 10:41 PM
    1. Jessica M Laracuente
      Jessica M Laracuente
      Hi Tim, I am from the Aug 29-Sept26 class. I cannot find the forum related to our class. Please advise.
    2. Shweta Chadha
      Shweta Chadha
      Hello Tim, I am from the August 17, 2020 batch. I have one simple question for you, please reply to me when your time permits. I just want to know that do we need to go through only those topics for PMP cert which you shared in the sessions or do we need to go through the entire PMBOK? Thanks, Shweta
    3. Michael Babines
      Michael Babines
      Hello Tim. I received notice that I have "passed" Software Project 2,...thanks to you. I would however like to know if there is an evaluation of the submission as I would benefit from knowing which responses were incorrect, incomplete, or over-stated. Kindly let me know if/how to access the evaluation if there is one available or, if there would be an opportunity to schedule a review with you or a simplilearn SME.
    4. _89485
      Hi Tim , Can you please help me in getting .xlsx and csv files in R studio as am unable to get them showing error messge as Error in read_excel("Demo 1_Identifying_Data_Structures.xlsm") :
      could not find function "read_excel"
    5. gyanendra ojha
      gyanendra ojha
      hi tim can you please tell me like what need to attached in source code and writeup field and how much time they will take to check my assignment which i submitted
    6. Anjali Sasidharan
      Anjali Sasidharan
      Hi Tim, how to submit the project . I don't have PMBOK access.
    7. Ilanthiraiyan S
      Ilanthiraiyan S
      Hi Tim, I have cleared the PMP exam yesterday and PMP certified now. Thanks a lot for your training and guidance!!
    8. _37211
      Hi Tim, In today's PMI Class you did mention regarding the PMBOK 6th Edition , you let me know how can i get the same
      1. Anjali Sasidharan likes this.
    9. akhlaq
      Hi Tim,I did not unlock my certificate due to the requirement of at least one simulation test passed. Please guide me how to memorize ITTO and to understand sceniros for the right answers. Is it really tough or am I missing or skipped something.Thanks
    10. _40385
      Hi Tim....I am having a hard time sorting out these notes....you said you have cleaned them up...where can I find these notes...please advise
    11. Sivaram B
      Sivaram B
      Hi Tim. I want to change my course which I was elected earlier as the course does not find to be useful for my carrier. I have chosen Business analytics. Any possibility to change the course that is relevant to my experience? I have Retail Banking sales experience. What is the suitable course I can change?
    12. Rajeev Mathur
      Rajeev Mathur
      Hi TIM From project Initiation context Can you please explain how example factors could align with one or more of the fundamental factor categories
    13. Ricardo d trevino
      Ricardo d trevino
      Hi Tim, I took my test on Thursday and failed to achieve a passing score by 1 or 2 questions. What are my next steps?
    14. Shaurav Gairola
      Shaurav Gairola
      Hi Tim, is it possible to get medium and high in domain performance and still score below target ?
    15. Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Chintakayala Sunil Kumar
      Hi Tim,I cant able access practice labs since last week.Could you please help me to solve this problem with my account.
    16. Arushi_4
      Hello Tim, I completed PMP Certification training with you last month. I need to submit my PMP exam application by this weekend. I have prepared the draft and would be grateful if you could review it please. Any guiding points will be helpful. I'm sorry to request for help on such short notice. (I do not see the option of attaching my application here). Maybe, I can mail you if respond please ?
    17. Aaditya Jain
      Aaditya Jain
      I am having dual boot pc for kali and windows so how to use webex and simplilearn live classes on kali? My PC is unable to use virtualisation option
    18. shashi nagpal
      shashi nagpal
      Hi Tim I currently working of Project 2 of the PMP training. I have a few questions. Firstly does the subsidiary plan in the Plan quality Management process refer to the quality management plan itself? Secondly for answer 1b. I am looking at quality metrics - does that refer to PV, AC etc. or something else? I request you to please answer urgently. Thank you
    19. Loay_2
      Hi Tim, can you please explain to me the difference between Strong Matrix Organisation and Projectized Organisation ?
    20. Loay_2
      Hi Tim. I have my exam in approx 10 days, and I am a little bit confused about it because i will attend the exam online from Home. I need to know the Criteria like ( Calculator, note and pen, and ID Verification). Can you please explain to me a little regarding that.
    21. Abosede
      Hello Tim, pls i am stuck on the decision tree tool on the assignment given. Need help pls
    22. Amit Chander
      Amit Chander
      Where can I find the notes and the slides of your classes?
    23. Naveen Kumar Mor
      Naveen Kumar Mor
      Hello Tim, Looking your help to clarify - Which activity deserve our most immediate attention - having CPI less than 1 or more than 1. In Test 3, Q No. 131, they had select right answer with CPI higher whereas I think we need to focus first on having CPI less than one, as we are spending more than expected.
    24. shashi nagpal
      shashi nagpal
      Hello Tim. I attended the first session of the PMP. Could you please tell me where to find your session notes?
    25. Abdulrahman_11
      Hi.. I'm attending PMP Course. Where can I find samples of quality metrics?
    26. Abdul Hameed jeelani
      Abdul Hameed jeelani
      Hi, I attended(partially) your sep 9-24 classes ,I have down loaded your videos , where can I down load your class notes now.
    27. Prashant Ijare
      Prashant Ijare
      Hi Tim, I have recently joined PMP courses with SimpliLearn. I have joined your 11th April batch. but as I missed 1st 3 classed. I would like o know where I can find the number of PDUs I have?
    28. Marc Fairgray
      Marc Fairgray
      Hi Tim, just reviewing our notes from yesterdays class on PM Framework and have a question, "What are the differences between objective(s) and deliverables or what is the relationship between them"?
      Which of the following is also known as failure costs?

      Cost of poor quality
      Internal costs
      Prevention costs
      Cost of defects
      Correct Option:A
      Why option D cost of defect is wrong?
        cost of defects also comes under poor quality.
        Jun 24, 2020
      Hi, Please help me for completing the application form in PMI, I took membership and completed 35PDUs. Still showing error in the requirements.
    31. John B Misquith
      John B Misquith
      Online Classroom related - CSTM_2F4M9DX44XC
      The audio of The downloaded recordings of live class could is not audible. My laptop's audio is working fine as I have tested with the earlier live class recording. I have raised the ticket on 24th Feb. So far the issue is not resolved. I have missed the previous live class and so I have to study the contents before my next live class day after tomorrow
    32. Shilpa Shah
      Shilpa Shah
      Hi Team, The project submitted received the feedback Your project has not been accepted as it was not right,request you to resubmit the project with reference to "Project for submission" by answering all the questions involved in it. Would request you to help me understand the feedback and the project need to be submitted
    33. Meeta RamChandani
      Meeta RamChandani
      Hi Tim, I would like to attend your sessions as I have received very positive feedback from my colleagues and friends on your training methods...please help me
    34. Nicole Morris
      Nicole Morris
      Hi Tim, I was in your recent PMP Course that completed on Jan 4th 2020. I have my application ready to submit but thought you had mentioned some of your people were willing to review it for me. Please let me know if that is the case. Thank you!
    35. Iquo
      Hi Tim, I am pleased to share with you that I passed my PMP Certification exam at first attempt. I was your student, class July 8-23, 2019. THANK YOU for being so patient and encouraging during these classes. Being in Canada, I stayed up late nights to attend the classes but it was worth it. Thank you Tim and God bless you.
      1. _49350 and Lusmerlin Lantigua like this.
    36. _42066
      Hi Tim, I am very happy to share with you that I passed my PMP certification examination. I attended your class sessions of Dec 18 - Jan 2019. Thank you for educating me on each and every concepts and principles of PMP. Thank you Sir.
    37. Madhava Rao(3770)
      Madhava Rao(3770)
      Hi, I am trying to submit my application for PMI SP and I would like to know if there is any particular training which is related to only SP which will give me the required 30 PDU's to submit my application. There are many cources which are giving required PDU's for PMP,ACP and RMP in both simplilearn and Udemy but I am searching something specific for PMI SP with PDU's credit mandate. Please suggest.
    38. Harikrishna Patel
    39. Harikrishna Patel
      Harikrishna Patel
      Hello Tim, i was on your last batch of PMP (pmpr_batch_6_dec_2-3-4-5-6-9-10-11-12-13-16-17_2019). How can i access the session notes and excel which you always shared at end of the lesson. It was pleasure to part of your session, really great experience.
    40. Anit Kumar Dikshit
      Anit Kumar Dikshit
      hi Tim, I am working on smart city project, further i want to capture all parameters of multiple companies with different scope & stake holders in ms project for auto tracking and summary, however i am not able to do successfully, please suggest
    41. Dharunya K
      Dharunya K
      Can u please download PMBOK guide for us
    42. Dharunya K
    43. Carol Petersen
      Carol Petersen
      Hi Tim, preparing for the project submission, working on the Software Service Industry example. Battling with question 3 - not sure how to draw the control chart what the axis should be and the interpretation thereof. If you could guide me on the critical points Thank you Carol
    44. _57306
      Hello Tim, I am your student of PMP B-14( 18 Nov to 11 Dec), and really like your unique way of explanation. Because of time difference I am not attending live classes, though following you from recordings. You have mentioned about practicing 20-50 random questions daily frm a source. Appreciate if I can get the details of that source. I was looking for this in your session notes also but did not get.Regards
      Hi tim presently which classes/batch you are taking, i want to take your classes.
    46. Navneet Choudhary
      Navneet Choudhary
      Hello Tim, Application Fee payment is compusory to become PMI member ?
    47. Debjyoti khastgir
      Debjyoti khastgir
      Hi Tim , I am unable to get the online question at PMI , pls share how shpuld i get the online question in PMI portal ....
    48. Kavita_44
      Hi Tim, please explain the below scenario.You are a Project Manager for an infrastructure project, and the project involves building a multi-storey building. You have submitted your project estimates for cost and duration to the client. You also inform the buyer that the estimates would be true provided there is an 8ft foundation built on the site already.
      why this is assumption and not a mandatory dependency?
      1. Kavita_44
        Hi Tim, waiting for your response....Thanks!
        Oct 25, 2019
    49. Natasha Arora
      Natasha Arora
      Hi Tim, Please guide me about the projects so that i can submit them on time. I am not able to analyse the projects properly.
    50. _42499
      Hi Tim. I/m preparing for my pmp exam that is scheduled on Dec 16. I went over your recorded sessions and the notes I prepared. However whenever i take an exam I don't seem to score more than 70%. Need your guidance to the best way to start preparing for the exam.
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