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  1. Richard Raju

    Anybody clear CISSP ?

    Hi Sandeep, Could you share some exam tips, it would help others. Thanks
  2. Richard Raju

    Unable to attend today's class from mobile. It sho...

    Hi, It could be due to webex / browser compatibility issue. Please try using any other browser. Thanks
  3. Richard Raju

    When I get my access code and training key ??? It ...

    Hi, Thank you for reaching us, we will send the codes to you by tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Richard Raju

    Lightning Vs Classic - Check it out here

    What’s new in the Lightning Experience? With Lightning Experience, Salesforce now has many new cloud-based features and a new UI. Sales accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads, opportunities, personal accounts, price books and products have been re-organized and given a modern, visual appeal. The...
  5. Richard Raju

    ITIL Foundation certification Dumps

    Check out this link, have some good and latest questionaries, could be of help http://www.teachertube.com/document/33374 Examples Which of the following BEST describes an operational level agreement (OLA)? A. It contains targets that underpin those within an SLA to ensure that targets will...
  6. Richard Raju

    Exam online or class or paper based

    The exam is online. It can be taken from any desired location (at home or at work). Log in or create an account using - www.eccexam.com and register Check out the system requirements which is very important, you can do the checking by visiting this page https://test-it-out.proctoru.com/...
  7. Richard Raju

    Things - should know on Ilab access

    The access is active for 6 months from the date you register • Getting acquainted with iLabs – you will be spending a significant amount of time in our lab environment as you progress through your course of study. To get the most out of your time and your purchase, we strongly recommend you...
  8. Richard Raju

    Instructions for Downloading your Electronic Courseware, Lab Manuals, and Tools.

    Step 1: Visit: https://aspen.eccouncil.org. If you have an account already, skip to Step 4. Step 2: Click Register and fill out the registration form. Click Register button. Step 3: Using the email you provided in step 2, follow the instructions in the auto-generated email to activate your...
  9. Richard Raju

    Email templates? in Salesforce

    Text HTML (with letter head) Custom HTML (without letter head) Visual Force
  10. Richard Raju

    Custom settings

    types of custom settings - List Custom Settings Hierarchy Custom Settings List custom settings - List Custom Settings are like custom objects. We can create the fields and we can store the records. List Custom Settings records will store in Application Cache memory. To access List Custom...
  11. Richard Raju

    controllers available for the visualforce page

    Standard Controller Custom Controller Other supported attributes for the controllers - extensions Standard List Controller Custom List Controller
  12. Richard Raju

    Test Classes

    After developing an apex class or apex trigger we should write the unit tests and ensure that we are able to execute at least 75% of the lines of code. If you are moving the code from sandbox to sandbox regarding code coverage you won't face any issue. If you are moving the code from sandbox...
  13. Richard Raju

    SOSL in Salesforce

    SOSL: Salesforce Object Search Language SOSL Purpose: We can search for a value in multiple objects (no need of any relationship). Results of SOSL query can be stored in List of List. SOSL queries per transaction: 20 SOSL query rows returned: 2000
  14. Richard Raju

    SOQL in Salesforce

    SOQL: Salesforce Object Query Language SOQL Purpose: To fetch info. from an object and related objects. We can write the query on one object while querying on those objects we can fetch the child object info. or parent object info. (we cannot capture unrelated objects info.) SOQL queries per...
  15. Richard Raju

    DML statements in Apex

    Insert Update Delete Undelete Upsert (Combination of insert and update) Merge (Combination of update and delete)
  16. Richard Raju

    Collections in Apex

    List (ordered and allow duplicates) Set (unordered and won't allow duplicates) Map (Key and value pair)
  17. Richard Raju

    Before & After triggers

    Before Triggers To perform the validations we should use before triggers. If you are updating any field on the same object on which you are writing the trigger and no need to explicitly include the DML statements (already due to DML operation only trigger fire and it is still in progress at...
  18. Richard Raju

    What is the order of execution in salesforce?

    Prepare the record for insert/update operation. It will replace all the old field values with new field values. If the request is coming from UI all the system validations will execute - DataType Length Required unique page layout level validations before triggers Custom Validations and again...
  19. Richard Raju

    Unable to download or view recording from previous...

    Hi, We are still not there yet and our product team is working on it so soon we will able to have this access live. Thanks
  20. Richard Raju

    Unable to load online video...

    Hi, Could be a technical error or browser issue. please try using an other browser and keep us posted. Thanks