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    Study material for ACP <PMI ACP Exam Prep book>

    Hello, I have recently enrolled for PMI ACP certification and wanted to check if there are additional books or study material that needs to be referred in addition to simplilearn material and PMI agile guide. I have heard PMI ACP exam prep (Mike Griffith) book is great for preparing for ACP...
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    PMP Exam experience December 2020

    Hello All, I had scheduled my pmp exam for today and was able to successfully clear it on my first attempt. I had scheduled the exam at the exam center. From my experience, I can say that the exam was not difficult but certainly had a number of tricky questions. If you've prepared well, you...
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    <Please help> Control cost query

    Hello, I have read in multiple books and forums that in order to control costs on a project (bring the CPI back on track), eliminating risks is a good option that must be explored. My question is, since identified risks have a contingency reserves associated with them in the cost baseline, if...
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    Question on critical path

    Hello, I have a question regarding the critical path (schedule management). Does the critical path contain and takes into account leads and lags & discretionary dependencies? In other words, are leads and lags present in the critical path? If yes, how does that happen considering critical...
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    Basic concept clarity regarding project changes

    Hello, I have a small query regarding project changes which might help me clear my concept here. If a client requests for a change, does the project manager need to assess the impact of the change before submitting a written change request, or should the project manager ask the client to...
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    Need assistance with these test questions

    Hello, I recently completed the third practice test and needed some clarifications with below questions : 1. You are managing an accounting project when a new CFO is hired at your company. He will be affected by all of the accounting projects in your company. What's the BEST thing for you to...
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    PMBOK v/s simplilearn content

    Hello, While browsing through the PMBOK, I noticed that there are additional 100-150 pages under "Agile practice guide". I did not see this content in the simplilearn course and the ebook handouts. Can someone please confirm if the "agile practice guide" is relevant to PMP at this time or not...
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    PMP Application Submission Query

    Hello, I have completed my application with all the details on the website and had a couple of questions. 1. The number of hours spent on each phase of each project were not asked, only duration was asked. Is this a new format? 2. As mentioned in the sample application, I did not find any...
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    PMP application query

    Hello, In case I have experience in leading / managing projects for 5-6 years, Do I need to mention all of the projects? Or do I only need to mention the latest projects going back for 3 years? Do they have to be completed projects or ongoing projects can also be mentioned? Appreciate any help!
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    PMP exam from Jan, 2021

    Hello, I just enrolled for PMP exam course a few days ago and I can see that from Jan 2021 there would be a new edition of PMBOK issued. Does it mean I only have till Dec 31, 2020 to prepare and enroll for the exam? Is it possible to prepare, enroll and pass the exam in this time span? I'm...