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    CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins | Aug 14,15,21,22,28 | Trainer - Vaseem

    Hi All, Please feel free to post any of your course-related queries and we will be happy to answer the same. Thanks & Regards Team Simplilearn
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    Core Java : Employee Management System

    Hi Nishikanta, We have forwarded one project mentoring link to you over an email. Please check the same for your reference as it will really help you. Wish you a very safe and happy week ahead. Thanks & Regards Team Simplilearn
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    Phase-1: Implement OOPS using JAVA with Data Structures and Beyond | Nisha Waikar | 8th May 2021 Batch

    Hi Vikram, This one is for everyone though. As some of you have joined the Cohort late and you couldn't attend the Welcome Class, your attendance won't be an issue. However, please make sure that once you complete and unlock certificates for all the other modules, you raise a separate ticket...
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    Phase-1: Implement OOPS using JAVA with Data Structures and Beyond | Nisha Waikar | 8th May 2021 Batch

    Yes sure Bibin, you can do that. FYI to all, shift key should be used in the labs for the upper case as caps lock can not be enabled. Thanks & Regards Deepanshu Kachhwaha Sr. Global Teaching Assistant Simplilearn
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    Phase-1: Implement OOPS using JAVA with Data Structures and Beyond | Nisha Waikar | 8th May 2021 Batch

    Hi All, You can use this forum for all the productive discussions regarding your learning journey. Happy Learning!! Thanks & Regards Team Simplielarn
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    Phase-2: Become a back-end expert | May 1 - May 29 | Dhruvik Parikh

    Hi All, This is your batch thread for this Phase. Feel free to use it for any discussion purpose with the trainer and amongst yourselves. Happy Learning!! Simplilearn Team
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    Phase -1 project thread.......Java Full Stack Developer MSD FSD March 2021 Cohort 1

    Hi Reema, The batch will be extended. The exact number of extended sessions will be reflecting in your LMS portal within a week's time. Whichever is the final date of the batch, you would have 7 days from that date to submit your project.
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    Tableau | Feb 1 - Feb 22 | Trainer - Preethi

    Hi Learners, This thread is for you to discuss the queries related to the course Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate. Thanks & Regards Team Simplilearn
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    CBAP | Trainer-Sirish Nambiar | Feb 15 - Mar 8

    Hi All, You can use this thread for your discussion purpose. Thanks & Regards Team Simplilearn
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    Capstone Project | Automation Test Engineer | Nov 21,28, Dec 5,12 | Trainer - Santosh Uttamchandani

    Hi All, Please use this forum to discuss regarding the project.
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    Contest HOw to get list of elements

    Hi Srikanth, Please check our detailed response on your query in your ticket - 00737752 Feel free to reply to that email in case the issue still persists.
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    Project review timeline

    Hi Kaushik, Your course end projects are generally evaluated within 2-5 business days. Please check the Assessments tab for the same.
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    For SQL training course- in data science, after restoring the supermart-DB .tar file found empty

    Hi Giridhar, Hope you are doing well. We got the files checked by the concerned teams. It seems as if the file that is available may not work on the newer version of the pgadmin. In such a scenario, we can use the other backup files which he shared with us. We have attached the files under...
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    React.js Certification Training-Aug 22-Sep 12-Kiran Kumar

    Hi Satish, Your project will get evaluated within next 2-5 business days.
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    EXIN Agile Scrum Master Janmejay Rai (Jay) Batch 2 Sept 19,20,26,27,3rdOct 2020

    Hi Vinay, Project evaluation generally takes 2-5 business days. And the certificate gets unlocked automatically as soon as you complete all the criteria mentioned in your certificate tab. Please check the certificate tab to check your current status.
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    EXIN Agile Scrum Master Janmejay Rai (Jay) Batch 2 Sept 19,20,26,27,3rdOct 2020

    Hi Karthik, You can submit the screenshots of the JIRA interface that you work on for your project.
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    Need ASM Exam dumps and references!

    Hi Jose, As per your concern, we would like to inform you that we do not share any of the exam dumps or related material for the last one year as per the new policies update. This is an older thread created at the time when we used to follow that process. We would suggest you please check out...
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    CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins-Sep-26-Oct-10-Divang Sharma

    Hi P.Baskar, The LMS issue has been fixed and the same is launching correctly. Let us know if the issue still persists and we will get it resolved at the earliest.
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    Unable to loign to lab sessions

    Hi Sujatha, Please try reloading the lab as the issue has been fixed and it should work fine now. In case it still persists. Please raise a ticket with screenshot and we will surely get it resolved.
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    Contest Regarding practice projects

    Hi Visarg, You can submit the unassisted practice projects only. For them you will find the Submit button in the right bottom corner. However, the assisted practice projects are not for submission. They have the solution also linked their only.