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  1. Sripooja Mahavadi

    How to view my sysout in Mapred java code

    hi silvia all the input/output will be received and printed in terms of key value pairs. and it is done with help of context dataoutput have to be serialized. .and for that they need to be in text/ longwritable etc format I guess. that is y I guess u dont c those sysout statements.
  2. Sripooja Mahavadi

    Cant wait to be a data scientist!!!!

    Cant wait to be a data scientist!!!!
  3. Sripooja Mahavadi

    VI EDITOR in Hadoop installation lesson 3.9

    once you open vi editor u need to enter i to enter any next command. i,e to enter into insert mode. and to come out you need to enter esc then :wq! hope this helps.
  4. Sripooja Mahavadi

    how do i create MR programs with eclipse in local machine for uploading jar to cloudlab

    I want to practise mapreduce for hadoop in cloudlab.(I have only 6gb ram) I understand i need to install ecipse in local machine and create MR programms and upload jar file to cloud lab. But how do i get all apache MR classes and packages to my eclipse. Sorry if it was naive .m new to...
  5. Sripooja Mahavadi

    Hi , I have enrolled for Data science with SAS ba...

    Hi Yatendra I did the same n liked it at first but was exhausted after few weekends.n then i started viewing recordings of SAS classes :( Big data n hadoop require lot of after class practice , so if you can work your way in weekdays and can spend 8 hours in weekends purely for classes (you...
  6. Sripooja Mahavadi

    can I install hadoop with cloudera and run smoothly on 6gb ram?

    I have 6gb ram in my laptop.is it sufficient for hadoip installation and practise ? or I need 8gb?