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    Why is continuing education not required for all CompTIA certification holders?

    Actually, your employer might still require you to undergo continuing education courses even if you have the 'lifetime certification' for a CompTIA designation. So even when not required by the certifying company, it can still be a condition of employment.
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    This 12 year old child becomes youngest to receive CompTIA certification

    Here's inspiration for anyone thinking about taking a CompTIA certification. If he can do it, you can too. http://certification.comptia.org/news/2014/12/03/how-12-year-old-mark-botros-became-comptia-a-s-youngest-certificant
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    How much money for a mobile app?

    According to one source, you will get around 1% to 2% of paying customers. This is especially true if you offer a free trial option. So let's say for instance, that you have created a web app that allows your customers/app users to convert any web page into a pdf. Your free plan allows one...
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    What's the first step in building a web or mobile app?

    Once you know what your app is going to be about, you should decide what language it will be written in. For instance, you might decide you are going to create your app in Django. If so, you will want to install that software to begin the process. It will be useful if you have experience...
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    Which one of these CompTIA certifications did you choose?

    I chose CompTIA A+, as I am planning to be self employed in the similar area. Also, I received this course training under GroupOn deal frm simplilearn at $29 along with Microsoft office bundle!
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    How long does a CompTIA certification last?

    The requirements for renewal of your CompTIA certification will vary. For instance, with the CompTIA Cloud+ certifications you will need to renew once every three years.
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    Is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) right for a beginner?

    Would you say that the MTA is more appropriate for the beginner or seasoned professional looking for advancement in career? And, who is most likely to want to obtain the Microsoft Technology Associate certification?