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    Post Q&A for Sreyasshi
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    ASM-16th Jan class

    Lets get Q&A
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    Nov2020 Batch ASM Q&A

    Please post Q&A regarding ASM
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    ASM 20th June

    Post questions
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    ASM 9th May Batch

    For Q&A
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    ASM April 19th 2020

    ASM April 19th 2020 Questions and Answer thread
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    ASM-April 11

    ASM Aprill 11th Bactch Q&A
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    ASM Jan 2020 Batch

    Questions to ask
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    ASM December 2019

    Please post your questions.
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    ASM Training 28th Sept 2019

    Discussion forum for 28th Sept batch
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    ASM-August 10 Batch- Sreyashi

    Hi Biswajit, I have attached few screenshots to help you to start with JIRA. Please note during training , I gave a small demo , so you can refer the recording. Also I would like to know your requirement which you want to do with JIRA so that specific help can be given.
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    ASM-August 10 Batch- Sreyashi

    Hi Surendra, Regarding JIRA: Please create a free account with atlassian. You will be able to create your own Backlog/sprints/User stories. You can refer the link below once you get your account, Reference...
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    ASM-August 10 Batch- Sreyashi

    Hello All, Let us use this thread to communicate all our queries and answers regarding Agile.