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    Data Science with Python | Kanth

    Sunny, In Project 2 Customer Service Requests Analysis, the below step is confusing to me. Can you explain what is expected 4. Order the complaint types based on the average ‘Request_Closing_Time’, grouping them for different locations.
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    Exceed limit to use Practice labs in middle of course

    Exceed limit to use Practice labs in middle of course. No longer able to access labs and I have all my practice scripts within it that I need to download. I thought we have umlimited access to Labs for Masters Program
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    Need instructions on how to access Online labs for practice

    Hi, I was told that AI Engineer course enrollment gives you access to Online Practice Labs. I haven't got any instructions since my enrollment so far on how to access this and get started. I have started on electives and need instructions how to proceed on Python, Scala, Spark and R programming...