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    You'll find a lot of really useful information on the LinkedIn RMP exam groups. These groups contain a mix of graduates/professionals as well as exam candidates. You will be able to ask the questions you want there about this specific exam and get links to useful study guides including flash...
  2. J

    How difficult is PMP Exam

    Most people who take the PMP exam say that it's one of the most difficult they've ever encountered, if only because the actual test differs so drastically from all the practice exams you take in preparation. You can study as hard as you like for this exam, but at some point you have to be ready...
  3. J

    Most common cause of an 'unrealistic schedule'?

    There are all kinds of internal and external pressures that can unfairly bias a project manager's schedule. For instance, a stakeholder might insist that a project be done weeks earlier than humanly possible. Or, the lack of a certain key resource at the start of a project may dictate the...
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    What is the difference between PMP and CAPM certification?

    And, that's exactly why CAPM is so perfect, as it is for the person who is already working in this field. Obviously, a recent college graduate isn't going to be taking this type of certification unless they had a few summers internship to obtain the 1500 hours of project experience.
  5. J

    Concerns about PMP Exam Update after 1 Nov 2015

    Simplilearn was instrumental in helping me to pass the PMP exam on the first try. I am sure that I could not have done it without them. All the study guides and course materials were broken down in easy to understand format, making the study process a breeze. For anyone worried about the next...
  6. J

    Tips for Procurment Management questions in PMP

    Here is one link that I found which has many examples of procurement based questions that you might find on the PMP exam. There are many other such pages online which will show you examples to practice on. http://preparepm.com/pmp/procurement.html
  7. J

    Failed PMP Exam Today 08/05/2015

    They are likely to randomize the test for each candidate, so there won't be any predictability. And, this will stop candidates from gaming the results, such as by cramming facts. You can expect lots of situational and scenario based questions on the exam, that's a standard and of course, those...