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  1. Duaa Mouawad

    Application ACP

    Hi, I am Duaa, I am attending the ACP-PMI and I need the instructor ACP-PMI, check my application before I submit the application Kindly check the attachment and feel free to share any comment My email Duaa.m.mouawad@gmail.com Mobile: +966544006063 Location KSA, Riyadh Thanks
  2. Duaa Mouawad


    ou are creating a network diagram for your project. Activity A (6 day) and Activity B (4 days) can start immediately. Activity C (5 days) can start after Activity B is complete. Activity D (4 days) and Activity F (2 days) can start after Activity A is complete. Activity E (4 days) can start...
  3. Duaa Mouawad


    I had questions I hope someone can help : First : A Project Manager is in the planning stage and is evaluating risks in the project. He wants to improve the project's chances of success by evaluating all possible risks. As a part of risk management planning and identification, he has used a...
  4. Duaa Mouawad

    Sharing ratio

    how they calculate the Sharing ratio can any body help 12-6 The buyer has negotiated a cost plus incentive fee contract with the seller. The contract has a target cost $300,000, a target fee of $40,000, a sharing ratio of 80/20, a maximum fee of $60,000 and a minimum fee of $10,000. If the...