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  1. J

    question of project in big data Hadoop

    in 4.30, i created flume.conf, created topic, producer following the steps. However, there was no data written into HDFS. After i ran flume.conf, there gave me error code. i attached it and hope someone can help me to figure out. thanks.
  2. J

    huge problem of project in big data Hadoop

    Is there anyone will tell me what is wrong with project 4.30? i followed the each step, created topic, created flume.conf, ran kafka-producer. However, there is no result created under the folder which i set up. I created the ticket more than 6 times, and explain what was going on in there every...
  3. J

    project issue

    Hi, in the project 2 of big data hadoop and spark developer, can someone give me some hints to understand what is the trends of 25%,50%, 75%? i am confused and do not know what the percentage means. thank you for your help
  4. J

    question of project in big data Hadoop

    i am doing project 2 in Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer. Can someone give me some hints, in the question,what does trend 25%,50%,75% mean? i am confused by this question. thank you for your help
  5. J

    update issue

    in the version hive, i can not use update function when i learn the courses. Is there any way to solve the problem? thank you
  6. J

    project on 4.30

    Hi, i tried to finish project 4.30. However, i can not. when i tried to create the new topic, the system showed"unable to connect cdhserver:2181" The commend is: kafka-topics --create --zookeeper cdhserver:2181 --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --topic target thank you for help...