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  1. Akshay Kumar_10

    AWS Kinesis "refer to this source as: SOURCE_SQL_STREAM_001"

    Hi Team, I am using the Kinesis data stream and connected to "SOURCE_SQL_STREAM_001" trying to discover the schema but getting the issue . Region : N-Virginia & Ohio in both tried Generating the data from the "amazon-kinesis-data-generator" and its working fine which i saw in Data Streams...
  2. Akshay Kumar_10


    I have given exam for this course which includes in my Master Program "Big Data For Data Engineering" with the IBM collaboration certificate but i can't able to see me score card or certificate in my console .
  3. Akshay Kumar_10

    Jira lesson is missing from ASM module.

    Hi Team, Jira lesson is missing from my ASM (Agile Scrum Master) course .Previously i can able to veiw that lesson but suddenly i recognised that its missing.